Top 5 Best Mechanical Keyboards on AliExpress

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Leading online retail store AliExpress takes pride in offering a wide range of mechanical keyboards from the best Chinese brands. Of all its collections, here are some of the best ones you can give a try.

1. Renault 104/87 Keys Mechanical Keyboard

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Renault’s blue switch rainbow keyboard is the first preference of all gamers. With a specialised LED backlight and customised mechanical switches, it enhances the gaming experience. Its LED backlight consists of 6 different colours. Backlight is highly flexible allowing users to adjust the lighting according to their convenience. The keyboard also has a gold-plated USB connector, which has been specifically designed for hardcore gamers.

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There are 4 variants, which are priced between US $29-$42.

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2. Lingabo Jiguanshi 87/104 Keys

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Backlit metal panels and Russian stickers are the key features of the Lingabo Jiguanshi-produced keyboard model. The standard and multifunctional keyboard specifically targets the enthusiastic gamers and revolutionises their overall gaming experience. It has 2 switches- blue switch for crisp and clear paragraphs whereas black switch for linear actions along with strong user control on input shafts. The keyboard comes with a professional gaming chip, which further enhances the efficiency. Above all, there are 11 types of lighting. Lingabo Jiguanshi offers quite a number of variants of this keyboard with the price ranging between US $29-$48.

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3. One-Up G300 87-Key Blacklit Mechanical Keyboard

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Another excellent mechanical keyboard model, the One-Up G300 mesmerises users with its anti-ghosting keys, blue switch and full N-key rollover. Its standard style and good multimedia support makes it among the first choices of every professional gamer. The anti-ghosting 87 keys work simultaneously. The specialised blue switches offer wide compatibility and high durability; thus making it a concrete structure. With two variants, the keyboard price ranges between US $30-$44.

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4. ZERO Mechanical Keyboard87/104 Keys


With best-in-class Russian stickers, the ZERO keyboard is best suited for tablet desktops. Its professional gaming chip, sleek and stylish floating keypad design and the authentic injection moulding technology make it a flexible, comfortable and user-friendly keyboard especially for the gamers. Its anti-interference magnetic ring cable accounts for a stable data transmission. Furthermore, its excellent FN key combination allows users to enjoy its multimedia features.

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Just like Lingabo Jiguanshi, it has large number of models where the price ranges between US $29-$42.


5. Aluminium Alloy 104 LED Mechanical Keyboard

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The ergonomics mechanical keyboard with its cutting-edge technology and dynamic features takes users to an ultimate level of gaming. The high-quality aluminium alloy makes it a strong, long-lasting and highly durable keyboard. Its macro recording functions is an added advantage. The keyboard also has a five core strong anti-interference ring with braided wire. Besides these, it has 3 different kinds of mechanical models; each costing about US $38.

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To conclude

With this, these are the top 5 keyboards that you can grab from AliExpress. No more waiting to change your old and outdated keyboard. Look in to your choices, compare the features and performances and weight them against the costs to find your ideal mechanical keyboard from AliExpress.