Best Swimming Goggles For Beginners

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Swimming is a super exciting activity which becomes all the more fun when you are equipped with the right swimming accessories. Swim goggles are one such equipment which is an absolute necessity whenever you want to take a dip. They can be worn indoor or in low light conditions for enhanced visibility.

A pair of quality swim goggles would let you see clearly underwater thus enhancing the pleasure of swimming. Clear visibility under water is a very important factor which can greatly improve the performance of the competitive swimmer.

Ideas for Best Swim Goggles for Beginners 

  • Mask

The swim masks which are usually available for less than $30 would give the swimmer a real cool look. It also gives you enhanced visibility and peripheral eyesight when you are under water, thus making it a better option than the regular goggles. It would allow you to keep an eye on your competitor swimming on the next lane.

Swim Mask for Beginners $13.99

swim mask for beginner Product – Brand New Polarized Swim Goggles Swimming Glasses Anti-Fog UV Large Wide men women adults Sport Waterproof Silicone Mirrored

They are also extremely helpful when it comes to ocean swimming since the ordinary swim goggles tends to fall off when there is a crashing wave.

  • Anti Fog

If you want to keep those goggles from fogging up then you surely need to invest on those foggle wipes. All you need to do is rub the wipes over the lenses and there’d be no trace of haze on your goggles. Most of these googles we curated come with UV protection.

#1 – 2019 UV Protected Cool Swim Goggle $9.90 (Recommended)

swim goggle for beginners Product – Brand New Professional Anti-Fog/Breaking UV Adjustable Swimming Goggles men women Waterproof silicone glasses adult Eyewear

#2 – Men/Women Swim Glasses $4.10

anti fog swimming goggle under 5 Product – Men Women Swim Eyewear Anti Fog UV Protection Swimming Goggles Professional Electroplate Waterproof Swim Glasses

#3 – Myopia Swimming Goggles suitable for beginners $4.99

cheap swim goggle Product – Professional Silicone myopia Swimming Goggles Anti-fog UV Swimming Glasses With Earplug for Men Women diopter Sports Eyewear

These affordable and effective foggle wipes would give you a totally fog free swim session. You can also purchase anti-fog goggles above from Aliexpress which ships worldwide.


What to look for in the best swim goggles?

    • Always look out for a goggle with a watertight seal or else the leaking water will end up inside your eyes, making it impossible for you to enjoy your swim. Moreover a leaking goggle can be really distracting for the professional swimmer.
    • A good swimming goggle should come in a soft, comfortable and hypoallergenic material. This type of material doesn’t just come with the perfect fit but also keep any chances of allergic reactions at bay. Therefore the next time you buy a pair of swim goggles always be mindful of the material out of which it is crafted.
    • Let us now come to the most important part of the goggle viz. the lens. The lens of your swim goggle should ideally be scratch-proof and anti-fog so as to provide you with maximum visibility during your time underwater. A well coated lens would keep your goggles functional regardless of the weather and even make them look like new for a long time.
    • A fine pair of swim goggles should have a hassle-free buckle change system. This feature would provide you with the chance of getting just the right fit so that your swim glasses are kept in the right position which is most comfortable for you. An easy buckle change system would allow you to have an easy time while making simple adjustments even with the goggles on.
    • Another essential feature of a good pair of goggles is a secured and comfy nose bridge. The nose bridge of goggles can be rather irritating since the goggles sit onto it during your entire swim time. Therefore the comfort level of the nose bridge is an important factor which comes to play whenever you are trying to find a pair of professional swim goggles.


Types of Swimming Goggles

The best swim goggles have a very important role to play in protecting the eyes every time you get under water. The lens and the gasket of the goggles are the two component which gives you the much needed protection. Some of the most popular types of swimming goggles are mentioned below:

  • Swedish Swim Goggles

A favoured swim goggle among professional swimmers the popularity of the Swedish goggles is fast growing. One of the most striking feature about the Swedish goggles is that they don’t come with the typical gasket and sits comfortably on your eye socket. This feature allows the swimmer to experience less water drag. The Swedish goggles don’t come assembled which is why you’d be able to personalize them according to your own taste.


  • Gasket

Gaskets come in a number of materials, the most popular ones being foam and silicon. Silicone gaskets are the most popular kind which can be found easily. If you conduct a thorough research you’d surely come across the foam goggles available in a number of sizes and colours.


  • Swim Face Masks

If you are looking forward to having an unique appearance during your swim time then make sure to get a swim face mask. The major advantage of this unit is that it would comfortably sit around your eyes without making your feel uncomfortable. Moreover they would provide you with a larger field of view which can be a great advantage for competitive swimmers. They are available in a number of shapes, sizes and lens colour and can be adjusted without a hitch. Being extremely easy to use, they can be worn even by kids.


  • Tinted

If you regularly participate in outdoor swimming then this unit is a must buy for you. Tinted goggles protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays and also helps in lowering the reflected light underwater.


  • Doctor Prescribed

Individuals with eye problems often resort to prescription swim goggles. They are usually installed with prescription lenses so that you can clearly see under water in spite of your eye problems. Some of the doctor prescribed swim goggles come configured with replacement lenses allow you to select a different dioptre for each eye.


Cleaning the Goggles

Every swimmer needs to keep his goggles clean by rinsing it after every swim. If you want your goggles to last for a long time then make sure to clean them regularly. All you need to do is soak them in a little bit of water and pour a drop of baby shampoo and clean it thoroughly. This should be done at least once every two weeks so as to keep the goggles sparkling clean. The foggle wipes can also be used to prevent the appearance of mildew around the plastic.

Hopefully the tips we have provided in this article would help you select the best swimming goggles which is particularly suited to your requirements.

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