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Every baby’s growing up milestone is exciting for everyone in the household; and when signs that the first tooth is showing, all that drooling, fussing and cranky long nights are sure to follow. It is always painful for parents to see their child in pain and as much as possible they want to have a solution to counter the feeling and remove discomfort during their baby’s teething journey.

One of the best thing right now in the market are teething beads necklaces. Teething beads and necklaces have become the perfect pain reliever that can provide soothing relief to your baby’s tired and achy gums.

Silicon Teething Necklaces Review

best baby teethers aliexpress

This guide is created to help parents choose quality teething necklaces for your baby.

#1 – Baby Silicone Teething Necklace

This silicone necklace has a soft, stimulating texture that soothes the pain of teething. This stylish necklace can go well with any mom’s outfit and can keep the baby distracted and engaged while in their arms.

silicone teething necklace for baby

Suitable for babies 3 months old and above, this necklace can provide a closer bond between you and your baby while looking like hip and stylish mom. This adjustable necklace is made from food grade silicone material that is BPA free and nontoxic.

Price: from $1.48

#2 – Bite Bites Baby Teething Necklace

Help alleviate your baby’s pain and discomfort using this brightly colored teething necklace. If you want to lessen you child’s drooling, nonstop crying and avoid them biting onto something unhygienic, then this teething necklace is the one you need. This 100% FDA approved silicone grade teether is BPA free, has no lead and has no PVCs.

best cheap baby teething necklace

You can also easily wash it by using warm water to make sure that it is clean and safe to use for your baby.

Price: $3.49

#3 – Silicone Building Blocks Teether

Train your child’s chewing ability with this baby silicone blocks. This 100% food grade silicone that is free from BPA, latex, lead and other metals are completely healthy and safe.

baby teether aliexpress

This teething necklace comes with an easy to break clasp which makes biting safer and prevents your kids from choking. The back of the necklace has tiny raised bumps while the front features large prominent ones to address different sensory needs. This tear resistant necklace is really a great chewing item for your baby.

Price: $1.54

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#4 – Feather Chewbeads Necklace

The search for a natural teething remedy is over. This feather designed teething necklace is made from food grade silicone materials that are BPA free and FDA approved. This is the perfect toy you can wear every day to soothe your teething baby. This necklace measures at 16 inches in length that can be adjustable to your preference.

teething necklace aliexpress

Price: $2.66

5. Star Teething Necklace

This handmade star teething necklace has food grade quality chewable silicone with different textures. It also has a breakaway clasp for safety, easy to bend, resistant to bite and does not fade.

This oral sensory teething pendant is available in 6 variants and is easy to clean, just use warm soap and water and they are good for another use. You may also put this in your dishwasher to save some time.

teething necklace for baby

Price: $1.70

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#6 – Arrowhead Sensory Chewing Necklace

This arrowhead designed chewing necklace adopts a silicone grade material that is nontoxic, odorless and harmless which makes it a safe chewing toy for your baby. It is available in different vibrant colors that are made to be gender neutral which making it appropriate for both boys and girls.

best quality baby chewing necklace

It can also be used by children with sensory needs such as oral fixation, thumb sucking or for kids that is having trouble focusing on things. It is available in black, white, blue coffee, and camouflage color.

Price: $2.28

#7 – Gem Necklace

If you are tired of your kids gnawing and chewing on their fingers and other items such as pencils, and t shirts to help them calm down and focus, then this gem necklace is suitable for you. It is 100% made from food grade silicone, nontoxic, and free from BPA, lead, latex and phthalates.

Phthalates are plasticized chemical that may cause liver, kidney, lungs damage over time. This necklace is washable and dishwasher safe.

teethers on aliexpress

Price: $11.93/lot

8. Drop Ring Teething Necklace

This adjustable high quality handmade necklace has soft and chewy pendant that provide natural teething pain relief and gum massage. With its simple and colorful design, it can stimulate visual, motor, and sensory development.

It can also be frozen or placed in the freezer to give your little ones a cool, soothing feeling when they chew on the pendant. It is made premium quality chewable silicone BPA Free, phthalates free, cadmium free, lead free, metal free and environment friendly.

cheap teething toy

This is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and care. It can also be boiled for sterilization purposes. Another good thing about this drop ring necklace is that it is very convenient to wear and will never off even when your carrying your child. It has easily-pulled apart best quality clasp which ensures that you won’t get hurt when your baby is tugging on the necklace.

Price: $1.75

#9 – DIY Teething Necklace

Show your creativity with this necklace set that you can build on your own. This includes a string and breakaway clasp that can help you personalized and decide the length and style of your necklace.

It also has chewable and high quality silicone beads that may help your soothe and calm your baby. This DIY teething necklace can be the perfect baby shower give away or gift to newborn moms.

teethers for babies

Price: $2.49

10. Starlight Teething Necklace

teething necklace

This colorful teething necklace will definitely capture your baby’s attention from chewing on their fingers, shirt or any unnecessary items found at home. It is made from materials that are safe for your child and will surely help them reduce the itchiness of their gums.

top teething baby accessories

It is durable and easy to clean either by dishwasher or by hand wash/rinse. This soft teething necklace soothes the pain of teething and keeps you baby distracted and engaged while in your arms.

best baby teethers
baby teethers aliexpress

Price: $3.97

Buying Baby Teethers on Aliexpress

Teething necklaces are marketed to help relieve teething pain and are also sometimes used to provide sensory stimulation for children with special needs. Parents are advised to have their kids supervised at all times while using these types of necklaces to avoid choking and strangulation hazards.

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