2020 Cheap Summer Dresses Under $20

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Summer may not be everyone’s favorite season for obvious reasons. Sweat, heat, and the urge to stay indoors are some of the common issues faced during this season. However, everything comes with a cheery side, right? Summers have their own sunshine too! You should get cheap summer dresses!

This is the perfect season to flaunt all those lovely dresses. Ditch those body-hugging jeans and tights and go for dresses that are flowy. There are so many colors, designs, and patterns to choose from. You will find a perfect match for every mood and every occasion. So, what are you waiting for? We have put together some of the best dresses that you can flaunt this summer season.

Top Cheap Summer Dresses on Aliexpress

Read on to find some of the best Summer Dresses that are all under $20.

#1 – Short and smart patterned dress

summer dress cheap

This short and well-designed dress is all you need for a hot brunch day. The beautiful patterns set against the classy black color will make you the center of everyone’s conversation. Whether you are heading out for a brunch with friends or to lunch with colleagues, this dress shall not let you down. You can also pair this up with distressed shorts to give it a casual and fun look. Accessorize it will golden hoop earrings and a clutch.

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#2 – Stripes for the Season

Stripes have always been the symbol of class and grace. Take two colors and stripe them together; that’s all you need to stand out. This pretty dress has hues perfect for those summer days, whether you decide to go to the beach or for a day out with friends. The subtle colors and the striped patterns give you a very laid-back look. Pair this up with a nice watch and Lennon glasses for the perfect look. Pair it up with Summer hats!

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#3 – T-shirt Dress? Oh yes!

black summer dress

Do you ever have those days when all you want to do is stay comfortable in your t-shirt but you need to dress up because you are meeting friends for lunch? Yes, we get that. For those days, here is the perfect solution. The beautiful back piece mixes the comfort of a t-shirt and the chicness of a dress, making you perfect for any occasion.

The beautiful sheer border right above the knee gives this dress a refined look. Wear this anywhere and you are sure to attract a lot of compliments. Pair this up with golden hoops and a glittery sling bag for the perfect night look.

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#4 – Neon Fever

colorful summer dress

Did you think neon was only for kids? Think again. These beautiful neon dresses prove that they are the coolest and the prettiest things to flaunt during a day out at the beach. The beautiful crochet neck work enhances the look. If you are heading out to the beach, pair it with a sunhat and sunglasses. For your day/night outs, add a pair of heels, a long neck piece, and a clutch.

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#5 – Go Boho this Summer Season

cheap summer dress from aliexpress

Boho is the answer to the summer woes. This beautiful boho dress makes summer fun and bearable. The deep V-neck and the buttons in the front make the dress give you a graceful look. It hugs your body and gives it a nice shape. How to pair this up? Wear pretty sandals, a watch and maybe some earrings and you are good to go!

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#6 – Trendy Ruffles

summer dress affordable

Looking for a dress to wear to the office or for a formal event? Try out this simple dress that has all the right elements to give it a chic look. The off-shoulder along with the ruffled neckline gives the dress a chic look. The tie-it-around belt helps the dress give your figure the nice shape. Pair this up with a gold choker and high heels. Instead of the gold choker, you can also opt for hoops to give it a classy twist.

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#7 – Floral Flow

trendy summer dress

Nothing speaks summer more than florals. This beautiful boho-type dress is perfect for a sightseeing trip with friends, or brunch. The deep neck gives the dress a feel of classiness. It hugs your curves and makes you look very attractive and laid-back. The floral pattern gives it a playful look. The flowy material is perfect for summers for that fun look. Pair this up with gladiators and layer some chokers and necklaces.

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#8 – Pastel Hues

long summer dress

The softness of pastels mixed with some flowers is perfect for this hot time of the year. This long dress has so many elements working together to give you that perfectness. The deep and plunging neckline lets you layer necklaces without looking too flashy. The slits are just enough to let your legs peek out a bit without looking too showy. The subtle shade of colors brings the entire look together. Wear it with toned down heels in shades of brown and beige.

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#9 – Calm Color for the Beach

cheap awesome summer dress

White is the color of summer. Nothing describes summer more than a white dress and a sun hat. This perfect little dress makes that possible. It looks so subtle and pretty that you just cannot let it go. The back stripes on white just add on to the beauty of it. Top this off with a nice hat and sunglasses. In this case, minimalism is what accentuates the look.

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#10 – Mesh to the Rescue

see through summer dress

Mesh is the sexiest look today. You can wear this with almost anything and it just ups the entire look. This mesh dress is perfect for those hot days. You can wear it to a party, night out, and even to the beach. All you have to do to achieve the perfect look is to accessorize it well.

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Wear a bralette or a spaghetti top underneath along with short shorts. For a party, wear chunky boots of combat boots along with a necklace and bracelet. If you are heading out to the beach, simply wear slippers, a sun hat, and sunglasses.

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#11 – Simplicity at its Best

black white summer dress

The basic colors of black and white can never go wrong, no matter what you choose and for what occasion. This simple yet elegant dress is perfect for those hot and sunny days. It is neither too simple nor too dressy. The neckline enhances the look and makes it very sexy. Pair this up with heels, boots, or slippers – anything goes with it.

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#12 – Classy and Sassy

budget summer dress

Again, we cannot emphasize more on the importance of these two basic colors of black and white. They add so much of modishness to a dress. This flowy dress is perfect for office, beach, or lunches. In fact, you can carry it very well to a party as well.

The simplicity of the dress makes it perfect for any kind of place and occasion. The deep neck is not very flashy. You can wear sandals or heels with this dress. Wear a nice watch or bracelet to amp up the look.

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#13 – Floral Everywhere

red summer dress

Here is another dress that takes the floral print to a whole new level. This spaghetti dress follows the cold shoulder trend in bold and beautiful colors. The material is flowy and keeps you cool on a warm day. The entire design of the dress has a very laid-back look that makes you look and feel comfortable. Try this with a boho necklace and bag along with gladiators for the perfect look.

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#14 – Simple yet Classy

sleeveless summer dress

This soft pastel dress is perfect for a day out with your friends. It has a floral pattern that compliments the base pastel color. It hugs your curves at just the right places. You can also wear this dress for an informal work event. Pair this up with a subtle bag and a watch.

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#15 – Body-hugging Dress

body clad summer dress

This lovely dress hugs your body at all the right places and gives your silhouette a sexy look. This is perfect for date nights, night out, as well as any events during the day. The way it clings to your figure completely adds on to its beauty and grace. Pair this up with sneakers for a comfortable look. Also, do not forget a watch to glamorize it even more.

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#16 – Backless Beauty

sexy summer dress

This pretty dress gives serious beach goals. It is everything that you would want for your trip to the beach. The flowy material, the design and the tassels at the bottom make the dress very pretty with happy vibes. This backless dress will go really well with large sunglasses and a nice hat.

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#17 – Spaghetti Summer Dress

beach summer dress cheap

This summer dress comes in pretty summer hues and is perfect for the beach as well as for a brunch with friends and family. You will find some crochet-like work that gives the dress an air of style. The halter back with a cute bow adds on to the cuteness. Gladiators and hoop earrings will go very well with this dress.

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#18 – Long Floral Dress

long floral dress for summer

Florals really are the thing of the summer season. It is due to this reason that we see a lot of florals around. This beautiful long dress also follows the floral pattern. It even has a pocket that does not look out of the place. The entire design of the dress right from the neckline to sleeves and skirt make it perfect for all kinds of occasion.

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#19 – Long Floral Dress for Heels

elegant white dress for heels

This beautiful dress gives out such pretty vibes that this will surely become your next favorite dress of all times. This dress, again, has a floral print that makes summers a lot less dreary and a lot more fun. It is also perfect for the office if you do not have strict dress codes. Pair this up with heels and a watch to complete the look.

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#20 – Leopard Print

sexy leopard print dress

Go wild this summer with this leopard print side-slit dress. It is a great option to bring out the fierceness in you without looking too out of the place. It is a perfect summer dress that goes very well with heels and gold hoop earrings.

You can wear this for a brunch with your girlfriends, or to a party. Be creative and experiment with different looks for different occasions.

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Buying Summer Dresses from Aliexpress

These were some of the best summer dresses that you can get for under $20. Get these gorgeous pieces without burning a hole in your pocket. Although cheap, they are absolutely gorgeous and will make your summer moments your most memorable ones.

Happy summers to you, sunshine!

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