How to Find Trending Products on Alibaba

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The Internet is a different world in itself and its presence today is undying and superlative. It has managed to overcome the tangible boundaries made by humans in the world and connected people on a global scale, which was once a distant dream. It has enabled people to make the most of this opportunity in terms of expanding their businesses and earning enormous profits. A number of players have emerged in the e-commerce sector and are currently dominating the global market. They have made everything available on their platforms ranging from clothes, footwear, make-up products, games, and sports equipment, to countless other products.

One of the most well-known and reputed online eCommerce platforms is Alibaba. It is a great website where buyers can meet sellers. The biggest plus point that Alibaba offers is the ability to interact directly with the manufacturer. You will find a lot of trending products on Alibaba, if you know how to look for it. So today, I am here to show you how you can find trending products on Alibaba so you can stay right on trend.

What is Alibaba?

Before we know how to find trending items on Alibaba, it is important to know exactly what Alibaba is. This eCommerce giant is a great platform that lets you connect with manufacturers and buy directly from them. You can buy products in bulk on this online platform for your personal business. Thanks to the fact that you can directly get in touch with manufacturers, you also get good discounts and offers.

The eCommerce website has a range of products that you can choose from at the lowest wholesale rate per product. So, if you are an entrepreneur looking for trendy and awesome products at unbelievable rates, head over to Alibaba. I am sure you will love the sheer variety and options available here.

Is It Safe to Shop from Alibaba? Let’s clear the air!

If you ask me, Alibaba is one of the safest and the cheapest places there is to build up your inventory without hassles. It is an eCommerce website that helps bring together manufacturers and buyers. You can contact the manufacturer directly and earn discounts and offers on the products. The merchants all over the world are dependent upon Alibaba in one way or another for hoarding goods for their warehouses at wholesale rates, which the suppliers on Alibaba have to offer.

Because so many buyers and sellers come together, Alibaba has taken measures to ensure smooth functioning and safety for its buyers. The stringent rules need to be followed by the suppliers, failing which they can be barred from the platform.

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Alibaba also provides a chat room facility wherein the buyers can negotiate with the sellers and avail some handsome discounts. The chat room is also a great place to contact the sellers in case of doubts or questions. The buyers at Alibaba can also seek negotiation on other factors like shipping fees, sturdy packaging, etc.

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Benefits of using Alibaba

Alibaba is a great place to buy from. However, do you know the various benefits you get when you shop from this online eCommerce platform? Here are a few that might entice you to get shopping –

  • The platform has a huge range of products in a variety of niches that you can choose from. You can find almost everything on this platform.
  • Do you need something that is unique for you? You can get designing with Alibaba, right from scratch. Create your own custom designs and get something that defines you exclusively.
  • The wholesale cost per product is very low.
  • It is an excellent place for entrepreneurs who want to sell custom products at the lowest prices. The products from Alibaba give you a competitive edge, thanks to the sheer variety and costs.
  • The low costs of products on Alibaba lets you earn more profit.

How to find the Trending Products on Alibaba?

Look for ‘Trending Deals’ in the Search Bar

Alibaba offers products of various kinds at cheap and negotiable prices with free shipping. There are several categories that you can choose from – apparel, electronics, makeup, footwear, and more. It is quick to update itself with the products that have just been introduced in the market and are simply picking pace amongst the buyers. You can check the latest trending products in demand on Alibaba by simply visiting its online site.

alibaba search bar

Once you have opened their homepage, you can type the keyword ‘trending’ along with the current year in the search tab.

how to search for best selling products alibaba

Click enter and voila! You will be blessed with all the trending products that are in massive demand amongst the masses. Explore all the products and decide on the ones that you want to buy.

Rationalize your Options

You can further narrow down the choices you get by using filters to look for particular types and options. Let’s say you are looking for trending dresses for women.

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You can choose from the various options available to get the type that you need. You can also add filters such as ‘Fabric Type’, ‘Dress Type’, and ‘Age Group’. This will help you find trending products of your need.

way to search for trending alibaba products

Once the filter has been applied, you will be shown the best selling variants of only that category from which you wish to shop.

alibaba filter search

You will also find categories like this that you can select when looking for particular trending products without having to gro through thousands of items. This makes your shopping experience smooth and at the same time, you get to choose from the best options available.

Google Trends

You can check for trending products using Google Trends. It is an excellent way of knowing which product is currently the mass favorite. You can go to Google Trends by using the Google Search Bar. Type ‘Google Trends’ and you will find the website.

google trend on alibaba

To know what people all over the world are looking for, you can use the Search Bar on Google Trends

google trend search

For instance, if I want to find the trending fashion accessories, you can type that in the Search Bar. When you hit enter, you will be able to see how on trend these accessories are.

trendy products search on google

You can also see all related topics and find out what are the other trending products that people are looking for.

topic search for products

This is a great way to know your niche. You can then search for those products on Alibaba and get going on the trend wagon.

You can also niche down a bit by being particular. So, instead of searching for a broad term (fashion accessories), you can look at the trends for rings, anklets, or earrings to know which market is doing better.

how to search from google trends

Once you type in a particular keyword, you will be able to see the various related trends that are loved by people. This helps narrow down your search and you will easily be able to find the trending products on Alibaba.

alibaba search

For instance, Google Trends shows that Toilet Paper Earrings are highly searched by people, which makes it a trending item. You can search for the same on Alibaba, and you get all the trending “Toilet Paper Earrings” without any hassle.

trendy products on alibaba search

Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter is yet another place that lets you see the upcoming trends. While it specifically features products from specific brands, you will still be able to see a range of products that will give you a fair idea about what is trending.

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trend hunter

You can check the various categories to know what is trending.

For instance, if I want to check what is trending in “Fashion”, I can hover over the tab and check out the sub-categories.

trend searching

You can also run custom research to look for particular trends.

ways to search for trend

For example,if you want to know the latest trends in ‘Jewelry’, you can simply click on the tab or hover over it to know what’s selling. You can easily know what particular jewelry pieces are in trend and then search for the same on Alibaba. Here, you can see that jewelry with pearls is in. So, simply go to Alibaba and then look for pearl jewelry pieces.

alibaba best selling products search

Product Lists

Yet another way to know the trending products on Alibaba is to use search terms such as “Trending products 2020”. When you do that, you will find a niche of products that you can look out for.

google search for trending products

You can use these lists to find out what’s hot and then find them on Alibaba.

Alibaba – The Place to Look-Out For!

Alibaba is a trustworthy company which has achieved monstrous success over a period of time. It is one of the best platforms to get cheap deals and great quality. The sheer variety of items available on the platform will surely blow away your mind. And that’s not all! It is the place that lets you follow all the trends in various niches.

Millions of people across the planet are attracted to this eCommerce platform, thanks to the various benefits it offers. Alibaba’s triumph is a great anecdote and it is continuing to achieve new eminent heights. It has shattered its own records with the passage of each year and has managed to multiply its venues. So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey with Alibaba today!


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