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1 dollar items with free shipping
Aliexpress under $1 Store
aliexpress under 1 store

Store Name: Luimall

Store Description: This store specialises in stationary. Cute stuffs at affordable prices not to be missed!

Price range: $0.5 - $10

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Aliexpress under $1 with FREE SHIPPING this 2020 curated for you!

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WHAT? We all know there are plenty of products less than 1 buck items on Aliexpress. What if I am telling you now these items come with FREE SHIPPING from the suppliers.

How true is that? Let’s find out.

Aliexpress under $1 Dollar

Most of these products you can find on other seller listing at a mark up of 200%! Be it on Amazon or WISH, sellers would have purchased these items and resold to you on a much higher prices.

So here are some amazing products you can get for a dollar online.

1. Elastic Bands for Fitness – $0.80

cheap elastic bands aliexpress
elastic bands under 1 aliexpress
aliexpress items under 1 dollar

These elastic bands are great for fitness workout. This is definitely one of the tool for a low cost choice to paying gym memberships. Stretched and exercise with product under $1! What a way to save money while working out.

Other Features:

  • Comes in various thickness
  • Different resistance according to color

Price: From $0.59

2. Cute Cartoon Charger Cable Protector – $0.77

best aliexpress items under 1 dollar
cable protector aliexpress

This is a perfect fit for your cable by reinforcing the plug. This is a beautiful decoration for your USB cable. Good for those who cant resist cute little things. These products are nothing but a candy eye on your working desk.

Other Features:

  • Applicable for Android and iOS chargers
  • Can also be used for laptop chargers
  • Made from silicone
  • About 3 to 4 cm

From $0.30

3. Lens Protection Phone Case

top 10 aliexpress items under 1 dollar

Less than a $1 with FREE Shipping, this is a must get collectable for any iPhone user. There are a lot of sellers on Wish we found are selling these at a price more than triple of this. Buy on Aliexpress under $1.

This soft silicone case can be used for iPhone 6s to iPhone 12 Pro Max. The best feature of this silicone case is that it protects the precious camera of your iPhones.

Due to the cheap price, it can only be delivered with China ordinary post. If you need a tracking code, extra to be fork out for ePACKET delivery.

Other Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Made from silicone

Price: $0.01

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4. Baby Yoda Toy Star Wars

Less than a buck, you can accumulate and collect these different baby Yoda collectables. Free shipping is available too. Do not miss this deal if you are a great Star Wars fan.

Other Features:

  • About 5 to 6 cm
  • Made from PVC
  • With OPP Bag Packaging

Price: $0.80

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5. Mini Table Lamp Light

aliexpress under 1
under 1 cheap aliexpress

Easy to use and carry. This flexible MINI USB LED light enabled you to read and study at night without disturbing your loved ones or your roommates. Good for those who mug their studies burning midnight oil.

Other Features:

  • Flexible and adjustable neck
  • Compact and lightweight
  • USB connection

Price: $0.32

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6. Swan Modeling Gel Pen (2pcs)

aliexpress gifts below 1
aliexpress below 1 dollar

What a great gift for students. 2 pcs for only 20 cents. This under $1 is a great gift idea not to be missed. If you are looking for gifts to give kids, you can consider these beautiful pens. This works as inexpensive gifts for the little ones.

Other Features:

  • Gel-type pen
  • About 18cm

Price: $0.20

7. Cute Pencil Bag

Ever wonder why some products are so expensive on Amazon? People love to do dropshipping where they will mark up items that cost a lot of money. This is one particular product that allows you to dropship a product at a very good margin. Good product, cute design and cheap price. What more can you expect.

Ahhhh…such amazing cute pencil case. Wait…that is less than a buck? Yes and it comes with free shipping. What more can you expect. What are you waiting for? Hit buy now!

Price: $0.01

8. Beautiful Long Earrings

beautiful earring less than $1

We pick this set of earring due to its unique design. This earring is an awesome product for those who love to do dropshipping. At just $1, you can resell this easily for $9.99 at a whopping 800% margin. For yourself, even if you drop this earring, it does not matter since you can buy again at such a good price.

Other Features:

  • Made from zinc alloy

Price: $0.74

9. Beautiful Balloons 10 pcs/lot – 5 pcs

party supply aliexpress
cheap balloon aliexpress
beautiful balloons

This is a perfect setup for a birthday or any celebrations. You do not need to spend so much trying to get something that last less than a day. Cheap party supplies only on Aliexpress.

Other Features:

  • Sequin balloon
  • Made from latex
  • 12 inches

Price: From $0.47

10. Door Cushion Shock Pad

aliexpress cheap product below 1
product under 1 dollar

There are so many uses for this small rubber product. These pads are designed to protect your home furniture from damage. Also, it us a shockproof product and also children safe. Very useful product at just a price you cannot resist!

Price: $0.35

Bonus Aliexpress Product worth your Dollar

500D Curved Edge Protective Glass is the newest tempered protective glass that has a full coverage of the screen, that also looks elegant once you put it on your mobile gadget because of its curved effect. It embosses the screen more which gives it a little more curvy screen. It will fit people who want their phones to look a bit more dramatic.

aliexpress $1 item

When you use it with the screen it makes it feel newer and more expensive because of the curvy sensation. Yes, with our newest iPhone series we do have the curved screen but adding this tampered gives it more flavor to the curve effect of the phone. And for the old iPhone series, it gives a great effect on the curved screen.

We know it cost more than $1, but this is really a good item and we put this as the bONUS product to get!

Price: $1.57

Cheapest Aliexpress Items below $1

The above products are definitely not the cheapest but they are the most practical. We curate these products as they fits the under $1 dollar criteria and more so these products are lovely and definitely the best gifts.

We will continue to populate this page with more products. So stay tuned and please support us by clicking our links so we can continue to serve you better by curating more great deals for you.

Happy Shopping!


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