2020 New Fashion Trends for Girls

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The excitement of being in loop with the latest fashion trends for girls is unmatchable. The talks are center around the newest clothes that are going to be a part of your wardrobe, and this chatter never seems to get old for us girls. So, to get you started on a wardrobe makeover, we have brought to you some new fashion trends for girls for 2020.

I could not choose one out of these, and I am sure you will want to try out each of the following. So, shall we get started on this fashionable excursion?

The Latest in the world of Girls Fashion!

Slip Dress

A slip dress is the easiest way to get on the fashion tracks. It is subtle, but at the same time, it screams glam. Apart from being comfortable, a slip dress allows you to look exceptionally gorgeous without going over the top. It brings out the grunge vibe in you. The dress is usually a V-line neck with spaghetti straps. You can wear it alone or you can pair it with a basic tee underneath for a casual vibe. It really is all the rage amongst girls around the world.

Here are a few options that will make you drool and click that buy button –

girl fashion trend

This checkered slips dress gives such pretty vibes. It has button detail on the skirt that compliments the pattern well. You can wear this on its own, however, it would look great with a lace top underneath. Do you love this too?

You can get it here.

new fashion trends for girls

Here is yet another slip dress that you can get in black as well. The dress looks chic and perfect for your outings. You can wear this alone or top it off with a denim jacket. Do not forget to wear your best smile with this. Do you want to walk to your brunch in style?

Check this dress out here.

Suede Skirt

Suede skirts are back in full swing. These skirts come in varying lengths, colors, and designs, giving you a wide pool of choices. What I love the most about suede skirts is that they can be dressed up and down. You can easily go for a chic look or a more cool cowboy-ish look just by changing up the shoes and top-wear to go with it. This is one of the most versatile fashion trends for girls that will instantly make you a star.

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Here are some wonderful options that have been catching eyes all around –

latest fashion trends for girls

This is suede with pleats – that’s two trends in one, which means you have a winner with you. The pleated suede skirt is flowy and comes in a variety of colors. This is just the right length to look chic with everything. You could even make the skirt work for the office.

Can you not tear your eyes away?

Get it here.

latest fashion trends

Here’s yet another beautiful suede skirt for you. This one is a pencil skirt that hugs your curves and looks quite flattering. This is the perfect skirt that works so well as office wear. However, you do not have to stick it to the formal look; it looks just as well at a party or brunch. I cannot stop goggling at this. Also, it comes in so many different shades.

You can check it out here.

Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves are effortless and comfortable, and this trend is definitely picking up real fast. The dramatic sleeves add an oomph factor to your otherwise boring outfit. You could pick up this detail in dresses or tops and pair them as you like. You can go subtle and cool or chic and dressy. It is so easy to create a style statement with this latest fashion trend.

Here are some trendy options you will not be able to resist –

fashion style trends for women

Are you new to the puffy sleeves trend and do not want to grab a lot of attention? I get you. In that case, this is the perfect dress for you. It has puffy sleeves but that does not look over the top so you will be able to carry it effortlessly.

Also, the color looks very pretty and vibrant. This is the ultimate outfit for those days when you feel too lazy to pick out outfits. Do you love this subtle hint of puffy sleeves?

Check it out here.

fashion trend for her

Do you want to give your basic white button-down a makeover? Opt for this white shirt with puffy sleeves. This looks very trendy and gives you a simple way to look chic and glam. I am so in love with this shirt and I am sure you are eyeing it too.

Why not check it out here?

Polka Dots

Another trend that is storming the fashion world yet again is the classic polka dots print. I think this trend has been around forever and is not going anywhere. This is a subtle pattern perfect for those who need some pep and zest in their outfits without going over the top. You can get the polka dots trend in dresses, tops, tights, or bottom wear.

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Here are some irresistible options for you –

latest girl fashion trends

I love this simple and casual polka dot print dress. It looks uber cool and chic. The buttons on the front and the V-neck design give this dress the oomph factor.

The summer dress is going to keep you comfortable, breezy, and quite dapper. The polka dot pattern is not too loud and blends in perfectly. It is available in two other colors – navy blue and classic black. Want to get it for your summer wardrobe?

You can get it here.

fashion trends ladies

Here’s another one that caught my attention and left me drooling for quite some time. The dress looks so elegant and flattering that it’s difficult to say no to it. It has so many beauty elements sewed into one – the sleeves are slightly puffy, it has polka dots, slit, and is a wrap-around dress. See? There are so many factors at play here.

You will fall in love with this dress. You are sure to get compliments once you walk out wearing it. It is also available in a pretty blue shade.

You can check it out here.


Yet another fashion trend that is loved by girls all across the planet are clothes with pleats. It is a fashionable way to create a trendy OOTD that will have the comments rolling in. You can go sweet, chic, and subtle or completely badass with this trend – it all boils down to how you want to embrace the trend.

Here are some wonderful options to get you started on the polka dots trend

spring 2020 women fashion trends

Do you want to try out something other than your LBD to the next party? This is a lovely alternative. The pleated skirt is metallic, which makes it the perfect party skirt. It is a midi skirt that would look fabulous with heels. You can also opt for a casual look for your everyday look with sneakers and T-shirts.

Want to get your hands on it?

Check it out here.

new fashion trends for girls 2020

This top has elegance written all over it. The color is subtle and absolutely gorgeous. Also, the pleats have made an ingenious appearance. It is effortless to carry. The pleated sleeves are what add the oomph factor to this top. This top can easily become your favorite. Do you love it just as much as I do?

You should get it here.

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are something you would want to be in all the time. They are super comfortable, but with a glam vibe to it. You can make these shorts a part of your everyday life with the right pairings. Girls all around are rooting for this easy-breezy trend.

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Here are some glamorous Bermuda shorts to sway you over –

latest trendy skirt for girls

Let’s admit it! Black just makes everything look perfect. This black Bermuda looks so chic and glamorous that I could wear it everywhere, every day. The color is versatile, allowing you to wear it to different settings, whether formal or casual. You can also get this in gray.

Do you want to experiment with your look?

Get this here.

fashion trends with shorts for girls

Bermuda shorts and leather? The ultimate combination that is going to win hearts. This Bermuda shorts really catches your eye and wants you to keep checking yourself out in the mirror.

Can you feel the vibe already?

You can get it here.

Bra Top

Yes, you read that right. Bras are the new shirts, especially when you pair them right. If you are brave, you can wear the bra top on its own. Some of the most common ways to wear this amazing and chic trend are with high-waisted pants, shorts, jeans, oversize blazers, and more. It is a perfect summer trend to make you look stylish and glam.

Here are some excellent options to keep you right on top of the fashion game –

bra top for girls trendy

Looking for a bra top that steals the show because of its gorgeousness? This is the one. The lace bra top looks elegant and chic. You can wear this alone with a high waisted skirt or jeans for the most dashing look.

And there are so many colors to choose from. Are you excited about this?

You can get it here.

trendy girl fashion

Here’s another design that you will love. If you do not want to wear it alone, you can pair this with a gorgeous blazer or denim jacket. It looks flattering and graceful, exactly what we are looking for in our bra tops.

You can get it here.

With this, we come to an end of our exciting fashion journey. I hope you found a lot of inspiration and are itching to update your wardrobe with the latest trends. Happy styling, ladies!


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