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Bored of gifting earrings and jewelry sets ? In the era of modernization and technology surrounded living, women require a lot of tech stuff apart from their fashion accessories. Men on the other hand want beauty products than gadgets.

In fact, deciding fashion accessories and clothing for gifting purposes is pretty tough making one confused about what they would like and what not. If you plan to gift something unique for him or her, it has to be useful and affordable.

2020 Aliexpress Gift Ideas

Here you go…

#1 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones

The latest Bluedio Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are here to break the ice. Be it while cooking, working, walking or work out, the Bluetooth headphones are the best buddies for entertainment. Along with a USB connector, various other features like the shock resistance, balanced audio experience and super comfortable ear fit help the product standout in the market. Besides, women are always seen in a rush with responsibilities round the clock.

bluedio headset as gifts

They may not get time to charge the headphones often. The Wireless Bluetooth Headphones allow the user to enjoy up to 14 hours of continuous music and 20 hours of talking. Furthermore, it barely takes 2.5 hours to charge itself completely. Heading to perfection, it’s a perfect choice to gift a woman no matter where they work.

Buy for $34.99

#2 Universal desktop Cable Organiser

Nowadays, a working desk at home or office has either a PC or a Laptop. This comes with a series of cables that stay hanging around the table. Managing these cables gets pretty tough. Wires being a soft material, they can get damaged easily. Hence getting a cable manager thus makes it easier to handle them. The Universal desktop Cable Organiser allows the user to efficiently manage the cables not letting them hang around and get damaged.  It has a managing capability of 3 wires while you can also get one with higher capacity. Gifting this to a working woman is always a great option in the tech category and different from the fashion related gifts that we often end up giving.

women organiser cable gift

Buy this for $2.01

#3 iPhone Cases

fancy iphone cases

Does your woman own an iPhone? Wondering what you could give her that’s different and something that’s really cute too? This transparent vintage patterned iPhone X Ice cream sprinkles case is a perfect choice to make. While the mobile back covers are primarily to protect your phone from unnecessary damages, women like shopping for fancy back covers to enhance the look of the phone. This fitted case that will stay with her for long and make your love worthwhile to her.

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Buy this from $2.34

#4 Laptop Carry Case

best gift for girl who loves tech

Generally, women do not prefer carrying laptop backpacks and prefer a handbag while traveling. However, holding a laptop becomes an issue since these handbags are usually small in size. AliExpress has brought you a fantastic notebook carry case handbag with robust handles. The grey color with brown handles makes this bag look a professional case apt for carrying while traveling as well as to the office. However, you can buy the pink or the blue variant per the choice of your friend. This hand case again is unique in itself that you can write down on your list for gifting purposes.

Buy this for $23.22

lap top bag for women

Buy this for $23.22

#5 Travel Organiser

aliexpress gift idea

This storage allows one to store all the cosmetic stuff you may be carrying while traveling. You can also store your data cable, pens, earphones or even your keys and other small things that are likely to be mismanaged in the bag. Once you’ve inserted your stuff, you just need to roll it and put it in the bag. It is an innovative product you may want to gift women making their travels much more comfortable!

Buy this for $19.99

#6 Anker Sound Core Mini

electronic gift for women

This mini, super portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is a fantastic gadget to gift women who love music or watch a lot of shows online. Connecting your phone or your laptop is easy, and all you get is an amazing voice enhancing your fun with the music. It has playback functions like MP3 and radio. Charge it for a while and use it for long. It is an apt choice to make if you wonder what the best tech gift for a woman would be.

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Buy this for $23.94

#7 IPX5 Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones  

aliexpress earphone gift idea

These are the wireless headphones with mic huge in trend nowadays. With the emergence of the Bluetooth headphones, no one prefers a wired pair. However, being new in the market, you are likely to be the first one to gift her these fancy waterproof Bluetooth headphones. Available in black and blue color, get them today at affordable rates from AliExpress.

Buy this for $15.99

#8 Intone P6 Folding Bluetooth Headphones

These are again wireless Bluetooth headphones but a better choice in case you travel a lot. The folding features make them one of the best selection for travelers who love music and prefer carrying their headset everywhere. Available in a variety of colors, these are the perfect gifting option for women.

Buy this for $21.26

#9 Bluetooth Joystick Controller

gift idea aliexpress 2020

This device is a gamepad joystick wireless Bluetooth remote control for Android as well as iPhones, tablets and PCs. It is an apt device for anyone who hates triggering the buttons and playing games using the annoying touchscreen. All you do is connect the device through Bluetooth and have a smooth game experience using this controller. Affordable in price, it is a sure choice to make for women who love gaming.

Buy this for $11.50

#10 Baseus Wireless Charge Doc

cheap budget gift idea

This is a wireless charger, model 1 being compatible with iPhone X, 8, Samsung S6, S7, S8, S9 and Edge Note 8. It has a fast charging capacity, and you do not require searching out for a socket anymore. While we talk about the model one regarding compatibility, you can choose from the other models too based on what phone you have. Planning to gift it to your friend? Definitely, it is a sure shot gifting option affordable in price and apt for anyone. Just make sure to have a look at the model compatibility before opting for one.

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Trending Gift Ideas on Aliexpress

The vastly risen technology has become an excellent gifting option. While in the olden times, it is tough to decide what fashion stuff you could gift women along with no assurance if the size would fit them or not, the tech gifts have evaded these hassles. Choose one for your loved ones. Make their day a special one!

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