What Not to Buy on AliExpress!

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AliExpress is one of the major e-commerce giants in the world today. It is a massive platform that brings buyers and sellers together. Despite its tremendous success, you will find people warning you against buying certain products from AliExpress. I have heard people recounting their experiences about products that they wish were never ordered. 

Do you feel queasy after knowing this AliExpress can have products that you should avoid buying at all costs? Or, are you intrigued to find out what these products are? 

what not to buy aliexpress

Do Not Buy on Aliexpress

I have assembled a list of products that you would do better than to buy. The products range from weird to disgusting, and some are not worth it for its poor quality. While some of you might regard the items as intriguing, others would agree that they are better off without them.   

Whether you want to steer clear of these products, or you wish to check them out for yourself, I have them here for you. Brace yourselves for here are the products that you should not buy from AliExpress –

#1 – Severed Arms and Legs

The first item on the list comes in the category of weird products. There was once a time when Halloween meant pulling a few tricks with innocent costumes and getting treats on the way. However, it seems like those days are long gone, and it is the time of extra scary Halloween props. 

severed arms and legs.JPG

The severed arms, feet, fingers are available on AliExpress, and they are enough to gross anyone out. I am speaking for myself here, but I am sure many of you feel the same way. Some people have ordered these severed body parts and seem to have loved them. But my question is, how can you? 

These body parts have an uncanny resemblance to real parts, and honestly, I am too creeped out to try and order them. 

For the love of sweet Halloween, you must stay away from purchasing these products. 

You can get severed arms and fingers from this store, if you are into such products.

#2 – Batteries

Batteries are something that I would recommend you not to buy from AliExpress. The possibility of the described capacity being true is well, too true to be true. In most cases, the batteries do not stand up to the mark. There is also the possibility that the thermal sensor is not installed correctly or is missing altogether. 


The missing or improperly installed thermal sensor does not detect overheating in the batteries that can cause problems. It is not worth putting you and your house at risk by buying these batteries. Instead, add a few more bucks and get reliable batteries from your local shop. 

You can check it out here.

Here’s what the customers have to say –

#3 – Flash Memory

When buying flash memories, you must run a thorough check on the store selling them. If you have to buy, buy only from stores that have good ratings and feedback. The reason? Knock off flash memories often do not have the capacity endorsed in the description. There are also chances of facing missing data, which none of us want to go through. 

flash memory.JPG

If you do want to get flash memories, you can check out the Kingston Store. 

You should avoid this.

Here’s what the customers have to say –

#4 – Cables

Just like with flash memories, you must only buy cables from recognized stores. The best way to know if the cable is worth it is by checking out the feedback left by other customers. You should not purchase from stores with low ratings. You will not receive the cables you were hoping to get. 


Look for resistance tests that you can see are measured in A or Ampere; this will be able to tell you if the cables are worth buying. Or, stick to known brands like UGreen and Baseus. 

You should avoid buying this.

Here’s what the customer had to say –

#5 – Things that are way too cheap

Have you ever come across a product on AliExpress that usually costs a bomb but is available at dirt cheap rates? Yes, I see those all the time. In most cases, such too-cheap-to-be-true items are not good finds. You will most often than not receive products that are low in quality and unusable. 

You may seem like you are saving a ton by choosing these products, but that is not the case. Cheap cables take a lot of time to transmit data or charge your phone. Also, they are not like the original cables; they tend to break easily. 

Cheap cables are bad for the environment as well; they create more trash. Instead, invest in a cable that will last you a long time. 

Also, micro SD cards that are sold in bulk must be avoided, like this one. It says you get 100 pieces of micro SD cards. Isn’t it too good to be true, especially when you look at the price?

Here’s what the customers have to say –

Also, sneakers that look pretty and are cheap make them desirable. But do not go just by the cheapness and good looks. Avoid buying this one. As per the customers, the quality is terrible and will not last you long.

Here’s what the customers have to say –

#6 – LED eyelashes

I honestly see no point in LED eyelashes. Like, what purpose do they solve? They will not even help you look for your phone inside your purse in a dark lane. Also, the risk of having LEDs in the most delicate area of your face is unnerving. Why would you want to expose your eyes to these LED eyelashes that may not be safe? Even though there are claims that it is medically safe, would you still want to try?

LED eyelashes.JPG

If you wish to buy the LED eyelashes, you can get them here.

I think the only time you may want to try out these LED eyelashes is when you go to concerts and festivals. Otherwise, it is pointless to expose the delicate eye area to it. Stick to the good old eyelashes.

#7 – Very cheap titanium items

Titanium does not come cheap, and you probably know this. So, when you come across an item on AliExpress that is dirt cheap and is made of Titanium, does it not seem strange to you? Chances are that the product does not have real Titanium. Avoid buying anything that says it is made of Titanium. Go ahead with the purchase only if you do not care whether you are getting real Titanium or not. 

Avoid this titanium hair straightener; you would not want to damage your hair.

Here’s what a customer has to say –

#8 – Replacement Razor Heads

Razors are an essential part of our lives, and for that role, they need to be the best. However, the cheap replacement razor heads on AliExpress are just not worth it. Their blades are dull, and would probably only last you for about two to three times. 

Take a look at this razor head. You must avoid it. The quality is pretty bad and will hardly last you a couple of shaves.

Here’s what the customers felts about this razor head –

This one disappoints us too.

#9 – Motorcycle Helmets 

Helmets are meant to save you during crucial and life-threatening situations. And helmets, no matter where they are sold, must follow safety standards like DOT in North America and ECE in Europe. You may come across a very cheap motorcycle helmet, or you think it is durable by looking at the pictures, but steer clear of it. Do not buy such knock off helmets, if nothing, then for your safety. 


You should avoid buying this helmet.

Here’s what the customers have to say about this helmet –

#10 – Safety equipment

Just like motorcycle helmets, safety equipment is meant for your safety. Things like harnesses should be strong and trustworthy. You must not buy them from AliExpress because there is no way of knowing whether they will keep you protected in a dire situation. It is better to visit your local store and look for safety equipment there.

safety equipment.JPG

You must avoid buying this rope. Also, I would not trust any safety equipment case either. Like this one, which looks fragile and is not made of good quality material.

Here’s what the customers have to say about the quality of this case –

So, are you ready to let go of these products and choose a better alternative?

I know it is difficult (near impossible) to stop yourself from buying most of the products mentioned above. However, it is of utmost importance that you tear your eyes away from these products and instead, buy things on AliExpress that are amazing. There are tons of products on AliExpress that are worth every penny you spend on them.

So, with your newly gained knowledge, are you ready to steer clear of these products?  

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