Where Does Hair Weave Come from

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Weaves are loved all around the world for their gorgeousness and for the hair varieties available. Who wouldn’t love the idea of adding some extra length to your hair for a special night, or event? There are certain varieties of hair weave that you can get wet, and there are some that you cannot. While some weaves cost you a fortune, there are some that you can get for as low as USD 20. Even with all these differences and varieties, weaves are widely used.

Have you ever wondered that where does the weave that you pat so lovingly come from? Pretty much everyone has seen Chris Rock’s Good Hair, but still, there are several questions that remain unanswered as to the origins of your luscious and beautiful locks.

Here are the most common places from where we get our weaves made. Let’s take a look and find answers to the questions that have been nagging us for long:

Truth about Hair Extensions

hair extensions before and after
Hair extensions before and after

Real Human Hair

Now, this is not a real shocker. Hair is taken from an individual; the piece of hair taken from them gets categorized into categories such as Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, and so on. The list is too long. The USA alone imports about 1,000 tons of human hair. Isn’t this figure good enough to tell you how vastly human hair is used to make weaves?

A majority of this hair comes from India’s Hindus (People following the Hinduism) due to the Venkateshwara Temple Celebration. Thousands of Hindus visit the temple each day in order to cut their hair for religious purposes and offer it to Lord Venkateshwara. The temple then exports this hair, which gives them a whopping USD 18 million a year.

It is also believed that the best quality hair comes from Asian or Eastern European countries where poverty is very high, and any kind of work does not have a decent payment. The women in these countries often find selling their hair to be the best way to make some extra money in order to feed their families. The hair factories bind the women into strict contracts that specify the length of hair to be grown and the conditions under which the hair must grow.

human vs synthetic hair


Facts about human hair weaves that you absolutely must know

  • The human hair industry is one of the most profitable industries

In fact, the human hair industry is a multibillion-dollar market. Human hair is extremely prized, so much that there has been an extreme case of a woman’s hair being literally cut off by a gang. The hair on a human’s head goes toward the making of wigs, hair extensions, as well as fake eyelashes. If it was not known to you, it is also used to make fertilizers and amino acids used to make dough for pizzas and bagels.

  • Most of the hair that goes into making weaves come from India and China

As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of religious Hindu pilgrims who travel to Venkateshwara Temple in Tirumala, India to shave off their heads. This is a part of a ritual that shows their devotion. Hundred of barbers shave a new person’s head every five minutes. The temple takes these strands of hair and sells them at an auction, making almost a whopping USD 18 million.

  • Hair from the temple is sold at extremely high prices

The price of the hair from the temple is huge, but when it is purchased at the auction, it is not really in a good shape. The hair is mixed with sweat, blood, and lice. The hair is treated and brought to shape in warehouses.

  • The process of making high-end weaves from hair takes days

First, when human hair arrives, it does not look very appealing and requires treatment before it can be shaped up. It is first untangled and sorted. Then, if there are any lice, it needs to be picked out of the hair very carefully so as not to leave any chance of it infecting the hair any further. After this process comes washing, drying, and dyeing. Once all of this gets done, it finally gets made into a wig.

  • You cannot untangle the history

It is quite evident from history that the movement of hair always goes from the poor to the rich. The strata have remained the same and even today, we can see this movement happening. The poor in certain nations have found that selling their hair is one of the best ways to earn money and feed their families. So, hair from these women is taken and sold to the United States, Europe, as well as Africa.

  • Certain types of hair get paid more than the rest

If you have hair that is naturally blonde and luscious, you can get a very good price on selling it. The wig made from these types of hair is extremely expensive.

  • Short hair also gets collected and sold

Short hair is not as in-demand as long hair and is also not very pricey or desirable, however, they too are collected and sold for industrial purposes.

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Types of Synthetic hair

Although human hair is the most common way of making wigs, it is not the only one. Considering the high prices of human hair weaves, manufacturers have come up with a cheaper alternative – synthetic weaves. Synthetic weaves use materials such as Silk and Silicone, and they are made in such a manner so as to resemble real hair.

Looking at the extremely high cost of weaves made from real human hair, manufacturers devised this method to make weaves affordable for everyone.

The weaves are cheaper. They are also made of high quality. In many cases, the texture and look of the hair feels very real, and they are also easy to style.

It is also believed that horse hair is also used to make weaves, but this is not very common and there is not much evidence to prove it.

Buying Humar Hair vs Synthetic Hair

Now you know a lot about where weaves come from and the above clearing states the difference of Human vs Synethetic hair.

Wouldn’t you pat and style your weave more lovingly after all this information now?

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