Aliexpress Size Charts for Clothings and Shoes

by Felicia Tan

Most American shoppers and customers worldwide are aware of the benefits of the Aliexpress marketplace: there are many options, prices are reasonable, and there are exclusive Asian products that can only be obtained there. However, choosing apparel can be confusing because Chinese sizes on Aliexpress are very different from American ones.

Because it can be challenging to return an item for the incorrect size on AliExpress, it is crucial to be cautious while selecting a size. You cannot request a refund if the item’s description was accurate and the mistake was your fault.

Shoe sizing chart from AliExpress

There is no uniform shoe size format on AliExpress; different sellers utilize the American, European, and Chinese systems, respectively.

As they refer to entirely different sizes while using very similar numbers, this can cause a lot of misunderstanding.

Let’s examine the conversion chart below:

aliexpress size chart

Source from Aliexpress Chart

  • Where can I get the centimeter conversion table?

The table above provides a clear explanation of how the sizes differ so you can choose the best pair for your foot.

It’s not the only way to select the size, though. On AliExpress, a built-in system of sizes is available (but only if a seller downloaded it into the system); you may tap on the size you require to bring up a small conversion window.

If merchants don’t upload the conversion chart, they at least make an effort to include a separate photo of the chart in the gallery of images for a certain item.

finding aliexpress sizes

Source from Shein

  • Measure your foot correctly

You must position your foot comfortably and measure the distance between the heel and the tip of the big toe. When you place your foot on a surface and make marks on it, you may also measure the distance between the marks by taking your foot off the surface.

Size guide for clothing on AliExpress

Buyers can get a lot of assistance from the product specifications in the AliExpress product description. Using these figures, you can determine the actual size of the item if the seller uses generally accepted European or American designations (occasionally the seller takes this into account).

Take measures on your body using a tailor’s meter or by measuring a comparable item from your closet if you are unsure about your exact size in order to be more precise.

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Every product on AliExpress has a dimensions grid with the letters S, XS, L, and so forth, with the exception of the Free size or One size format. Although it is entirely possible for Chinese clothing to be one to three sizes smaller than American clothing with the identical labels. Pay attention to the notes on the table to determine which system the seller has used to show the measurements.

size chart for aliexpress clothings

Just like with shoes, hovering your cursor over a size on AliExpress will display the equivalent size in cm. We advise you to select “Size Info” to view the differences between different sizes if you need to double-check any measurements.

When a seller says something fits true to size or to “take your normal size,” it indicates they have already tested how it fits to people who are not Chinese and have an updated and modified version of the Aliexpress size chart for anyone from anywhere.

Clothing is measured in inches or centimeters.

Therefore, using centimeters as a unit of measurement is most convenient for China. Centimeters will therefore be more accurate than any other unit of measurement for this reason.

Check out the chart below for a conversion of all the previously listed sizes to centimeters:

finding right size on aliexpress

How to take a body measurement

The best advise on how to accurately measure your body to select the appropriate clothes size is to do it yourself, record the results, and, if at all possible, provide them to the seller so that he can determine whether your expectations and reality line up.

Let’s examine the most popular methods of measurement:

  • Measure the circumference of the shoulders while keeping the arms at your sides.
  • Pass a centimeter across the back, the widest area of the chest, and under the armpits while measuring the bust.
  • Vertical clothing length is determined by measuring the item from shoulder to desired length to waist.
  • With the arms down, measure the sleeve starting at the sharpest angle of the shoulder.
  • Measure the circumference of your waist where your jeans normally sit. It’s best to do this “with a finger” so that you have room to breathe.
  • Thigh: Measure across the area of the thigh that is the broadest.
  • Hip: Gauge the width of the hip at its widest point.
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men size chart aliexpress

Source from Google

Children’s Size Chart on AliExpress

Customers may more easily choose their child’s size thanks to Aliexpress, which also provides extra information such as the child’s weight, height, and age. Months, or the child’s age in months, is represented by the letter M. Children between the ages of two and five are classified as toddlers and are denoted by the letter T.

Important information: Frequently, a disclaimer will be included in the table or product description, stating that the values are approximate and that the size must be specified in the store. It’s also important to note that Asian nations adore 7/8 short sleeves and ultra-mini skirts. Consequently, using the tables will only make navigation easier.

Toddlers’ and children’s shoes

Because children’s feet grow so quickly in their first few years of life, choosing shoes for them is the most difficult task. Because of this, it’s crucial to take precise measurements. A little tip from the parents: always opt for a slightly larger size when purchasing.

aliexpress kids shoe size chart

Source from Aliexpress

Baby and children’s clothing

Here is a very complete chart with clothing sizes (in inches) for infants and children of all ages:

aliexpress shoe size chart

Different sizes on Aliexpress

While the sizes of clothing and shoes are fairly clear, there are a variety of other accessories that we use on a daily basis, and it’s important to know how to measure them as well.

Take your body measurements immediately under your bust as well as over the widest part of your bust to determine the proper bra size. To put it another way, just like you always do.

You may read more about how to accurately estimate the bra size on AliExpress in a different article. When ordering pants, measure your waist and hips first. Weighing yourself might also be useful.

Don’t forget to take hip measurements before purchasing a belt. Given that belts can also greatly differ in design and length, not everyone is aware that belt sizing charts exist.

How to Pick the Right Size of Underwear

Underwear comprises bras, panties, socks, and briefs.

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Simply follow the guidelines in the clothes sizing section to measure underwear.

Similar to how shoes are measured, socks also have a range; for instance, an EU size between 39 and 42 is a Chinese M.

The truth is that if a customer does not determine his size beforehand and carefully review the site’s characteristics, he faces the chance of obtaining a pair of shoes or a pair of garments that are not his size.

First of all, hardly everyone can withstand the spell of this website because it is so potent. Second, we regularly see examples of successful purchases on social media platforms and in niche forums, so we are aware that we can get used to these characteristics.

Size conversions and charts on AliExpress

The majority of the time, merchants will provide you with a sizing chart on the product page. You’ll need to scroll down to the center of the page, where you’ll also find the product’s sizes and conversions, in order to get to it. These artworks frequently go unseen, so you have to be quite cautious. Let’s now examine the many tables you will find.

The fact that there is no standard sizing system on AliExpress and that a size M in one retailer can be a size S in another is crucial to keep in mind (this reflection also applies to the different products offered. by the seller). So ALWAYS check the sizes and conversion tables before you buy! Spending a minute to double-check the size is preferable to wasting 30 minutes attempting to get in touch with AliExpress to try and return the item because it is either too big or too tiny.


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