Top Trusted Jewelry Vendors on Aliexpress 2023 – With Real Reviews

by Felicia Tan

I have been an avid shopper on AliExpress for several years now, and I have always been curious about the quality of their jewelry. After all, AliExpress is known for its affordable prices and wide selection, but does this extend to their jewelry offerings? In this article, I will explore whether AliExpress is a good option for those in search of high-quality, affordable jewelry.

Love for jewelry can never go out of fashion. This is one of the industries that always follows a persistent growth rate. So, if you are considering investing in the jewelry business to enjoy the potential grand profit then there is nothing better than buying wholesale jewelry from China. Best place to look for will be on Aliexpress.

You can find the best store options at the Chinese portal. Launched in 2010, Aliexpress has become one of the most trustworthy name in the online retail business. It brings together businesses from China, Singapore, Malaysia and many other places to the doorstep of the international buyer.

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Quality of Jewelry on AliExpress

When it comes to jewelry on AliExpress, the quality can vary greatly depending on the seller. As a frequent shopper on AliExpress, I have purchased a variety of jewelry items ranging from necklaces to earrings, and have had mixed experiences with the quality.

Some sellers offer high-quality jewelry that looks just as good as items from more expensive brands, while others offer poorly made items that may fall apart after just a few wears. It’s important to carefully read reviews and examine the product photos before making a purchase.

best jewelry aliexpress

One thing to keep in mind is that many sellers on AliExpress offer “fashion jewelry,” which is typically made with lower quality materials such as alloy or plastic. While these items may be affordable and trendy, they may not last as long as higher quality jewelry made with materials such as gold or sterling silver.

Overall, I would say that the quality of jewelry on AliExpress can be hit or miss. It’s important to do your research and choose sellers with a good reputation for quality products.

Price Comparison of Aliexpress Jewelry

When it comes to buying jewelry, price is always a major consideration. AliExpress is known for its low prices, but is it really the best place to buy jewelry? In this section, I will compare the prices of jewelry on AliExpress with those of other popular online retailers.

To make the comparison fair, I selected similar items from each retailer. I looked for sterling silver earrings with a similar design and size. Here’s what I found:

RetailerPrice (USD)

As you can see, AliExpress offers the lowest price for similar jewelry. Amazon and Etsy also offer affordable options, but Zales is significantly more expensive.

Of course, price isn’t the only factor to consider when buying jewelry. Quality, customer service, and shipping times are also important. However, if you’re looking for affordable jewelry, AliExpress is definitely worth considering.

Top Jewelry Sellers on Aliexpress

AliExpress offers several payment methods, including credit cards and PayPal. However, it is important to note that some sellers may only accept certain payment methods.

Overall, AliExpress can be a good option for purchasing jewelry, but it is important to do your research and make sure you are buying from a reputable seller.

Here we curate some top jewelry sellers you can trust.

#1 – Bamoer

9 years as a premium brand on Aliexpress. This seller practically set up their shop when Aliexpress existed. You can mostly find Pandora knock-offs like charms and bracelets.

Unlike regular stores, they offer high quality jewelry that you can use for long periods of time. Their products are made from 100% 925 Sterling Silver that you can always rely on for its durability.

You can also find rings, necklaces and earrings from this store. Check out what the customers have said about their stores.

Check out store here

They carry such a huge range of jewelry that I feel was overwhemed!

What buyers said:

  • The ring is wonderful, it came to Vladivostok within a month. together with chanterelle earrings makes an excellent set! daughter is very happy. adjustable ring. Thank you very much for the seller!
  • Beautiful floral beads, I recommend, Reliable company, shipment arrived in 3 weeks
  • Very fast shipping has taken a week just to arrive. The rings are very nice the same as in the photo and they seem of good quality, I have not used them yet, I hope they do not get ugly with use. I will buy again if they are not damaged. Thank you very much.

Check out store here

#2 – Yanhui – 925 silver specialist

Certified Silvers by certified sellers. They usually sell rings that are perfect as engagement rings! So, if you’re a man who’s looking for a stunning ring without breaking the bank, the Yanhui store is here for you.

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Necklaces, earrings, and even 18-karat gold rings are available at this store. No wonder it has been very popular in AliExpress!

best silver aliexpress
best jewelry silvers china

What other buyers said:

  • Good quality goods. Well done. Well packed. Certificate and cleaning cloth included. It took a long time.
  • The assessment for the entire order is 10, for its speed, packaging, and product
  • The departure is fast. The seller shipped the item without delay. Tracked until received by the addressee. Came without damage. Everything is perfectly packed in a gift box. Exact match with the seller’s photo. The pebble is in place. The pendant is very beautiful, the pebble shimmers with a delicate lilac color. It looks elegant and neat. The product is made with high quality. Looks prettier than the seller’s photo. Delicate small chain. I am delighted! I am very happy with the product. Thank you very much to the seller. I recommend everyone an excellent product and a seller. Order, you will not regret it. I will also order other goods from this seller.

Check store out

#3 – Kiss Wife

They curate the best jewelry that are not just trending but are also super affordable. You can splurge into the wide variety of engagement rings offered by them.

From a solitaire to a single row, the engagement rings are sure to take your breath away. Under their new arrival section, be sure to find only the latest in fashion.

best seller for jewelry on aliexpress
Visit the store

The tassel earrings are available in wide range of color and designs to choose from. The stud earring sets are the bargain buys that everyone is looking for. The necklaces that they offer are extremely sophisticated just like the other products like the earrings.

best jewelry vendor

Be it a fashion bangle or a fashion anklet, you will find all types of fashionable jewelry from this store. The price and the design make the combination of this store simply irresistible.


  • Item as described. Very nice. It gives the impression of good quality. I recommend.
  • Perfect! I would recommend this seller if you’re purchasing in bulk. The items are good quality compared to other stores I’ve tried, and they package everything well. 
  • Super cute and good quality! It looks just like the pictures and it can go with almost any outfit! 

Visit the store

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#4 – GR Jewelry Store

This is the jewelry store that sells exquisite pieces of jewelry that you can only dream of. One of their best-selling products are the charm bracelets. The variety offered by this store is simply amazing.

best jewelry on aliexpress
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If you consider buying the crystal earrings or any jewelry with crystals from this store, then be rest assured, the product will simply dazzle you. The necklace sets are the best buys. With delightful packaging, they make the ideal gifts. If you present it to someone for wedding or anniversary like occasions, then surely your gift will be a great hit.

wholesale jewelry china

They also have a good collection for kids or the budding fashionistas. They even have section dedicated to high-end fashion watches which are in themselves a great piece of jewelry.


  • Brought this a birthday gift for my friend she was very happy with it
  • Excellent product, meets the description and looks pretty good although a bit late.
  • The order came very quickly, well packed and not damaged. Earrings are very beautiful, large, thought they would be smaller. The order is very satisfied, thanks to the seller for the beautiful and quality goods, thanks Ali Express for the fast delivery.

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#5 – Enfashion Jewelry (Preferred jewelry shop Aliexpress)

If you are a fan of over the top fashion accessories or simply prefer the minimalist look, this store has it all. Browse through their products and you will be super-impressed.

enfashion jewlery
Visit the Store

From guiding you to the latest trends to having allocated sections to help you choose from, this store has best prices as well to offer. The most eye-catching jewelry they offer are the ones with geometric designs, which is highly popular among the trendy youngsters, setting foot on the fashion scene.

best gold plated jewelry

Don’t forget to check out their new arrivals section to avail offers on the latest trend. The bohemian tassel earrings are meant for the hep trend-setters of the fashion world. The gold plated accessories are very-well crafted for a posh look on an evening out.

One of our preferred jewelry store on Aliexpress definitely.


  • Beautiful bracelet in blue. Light enough. Beautiful blue color. On a small wrist. I bought it as a gift, now I myself want such a bracelet.
  • It’s perfect, the quality is amazing, the packing etc is already the second necklace I order, it never changes color. Always intact its color, silver and gold as well. Thanks
  • Feminine and fashionable earrings. Very beautiful. Cast metal droplet. The weight of one earring is 3.40 grams. The lobe is a little weighted, but personally this weight does not bother me.
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When scouting for the best available jewelry do look out for these trendsetters.

Korean Fashion Jewelries

Korean fashion is all about being dainty and delicate. This fashion industry is for the sophisticated soul. K-Dramas have most definitely set the trends. The beautiful actresses of the world of K-Drama adorn marvelous jewelry that dos not overshadow but bring out their best features.

They are the ones who have brought into prominence the zirconia necklace to the amazing sun shaped pendant necklace.

korean style jewelry

From the celestial-inspired jewellery pieces, Korean fashion has given the world subtle jewellery that sets a standard of its own.

Check this store out

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Tiffany Lookalikes

What better way can be to declare your love for fashion than sporting a Tiffany’s design. Tiffany had made its name for jewelry making all thanks to its exquisite designs. They use expensive metals making jewelry unavailable to many jewelry lovers all around the world.

tiffany jewelry look alike

Luckily, the much-loved designs from Tiffany are inspiring jewelry makers to make lookalikes. Explore the top stores at Aliexpress to find your Tiffany design at an amazing price.

Now you can enjoy the delicate designs offered by Tiffany at an unbelievable price.

Check the store

Look for the crystal finishes and the slender necklaces that Tiffany is most known for apart from their collection of engagement rings. You can be rest assured the designs are not compromised in the lookalikes only a cheaper metal is used to carve the jewelry to make the pieces budget friendly.

Pandora Lookalikes on Aliexpress

What makes Pandora jewelry stand out is its attention to details. These exquisite pieces of bracelets, rings, pendants, charms, necklaces. At Aliexpress you find the best sellers who offer you this range of jewelry to replicate the Pandora style.

This store sells an amazing collection of Pandora charms which will charm you! You can find hundreds of charms that you can mix and match to have your personalized bracelets.

The charms are very affordable too, only costing at around $3 to $4, compared to the expensive ones from Pandora. You get the same look and style, without breaking the bank!

pandora charm aliexpress

Reviews by Real Buyers

  • Far more beautiful than in the picture! I definitely recommend it!
  • This looks way better in the photo than in real life. Smaller than average. You can barely even see the pink stone in the middle
  • I loved, think are silver. Took 2 months to southern Brazil. Will buy more.
  • Like on the pictures! It had s925 stamp! High quality ! Thank you !
  • Very fast delivery! only 11 days to Romania – best time until now! the charm has 925 stamp and looks nice! I recommend the seller. 

Check the store out

pandora style charms

You can create your own style of a Pandora charm bracelet by simply choosing a chain and clips, definitely choose two clips, you can even choose a third one if you like. Carefully pick out your favorite charms and finish off this amazing bracelet with an elegant safety-pin.

Visit the store

As you know, there is nothing better than online shopping when you are searching for a complete range of Jewellery items for your style and appeal.

There are so many Aliexpress sellers available where they offer a complete range of these products to add to your style and personality. Scroll down to access these awesome sellers for your supply.

Pandora Style Charm Bracelet

Aliexpress Store – INBEAUT


INBEAUT Jewelry has our own factory using fine grade technology, quality assurance to produce whatever jewelry you like at factory price.

They offer 925 Sterling Silver on all their Pandora-like charms and bracelets, so every customer is assured that their jewelry will never tarnish.

You can even have personalized letters for your charms once you shop at this store!

brands like pandora aliexpress

Feedbacks from Buyers

  • Beautiful! With the 925 stamp, it’s more beautiful in hand than in the photo, worth the wait, it took 23 days to Spain.
  • Delivery was pretty fast. Just over three weeks. The track was tracked all the way. Packing: Postal package, glued “puffy”, velvet pouch, and the sharmik itself was in cellophane zipbag. Quality: Looks like silver, the sample is worth. The only thing that confused: very, well, very small.
  • Very friendly seller, great service! The seahorse was out of stock so they asked me wich one I wanted and they sent me the dolphin. The quality is amazing, 10/10 would reccomend!!

Check the store out

Is it Worth buying Jewelry on Aliexpress?

You will find a complete collection of the latest trends and color options when buying Pandora alternatives. Also, you would have much more affordable options. These alternatives are usually made with Sterling Silver 925, so they are very durable even for years too.

Price-wise and quality-wise, these jewelry from Aliexpress are truly worth it! If you are one of the people who cannot afford to buy 14-karat gold charms from Pandora, switching to affordable ones would never be too bad.

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Jewelry Variety on Aliexpress

AliExpress offers a wide range of jewelry options for customers to choose from. From earrings to necklaces, bracelets, and rings, there is something for everyone. The website has a vast collection of jewelry pieces, ranging from simple and elegant to bold and unique designs.

One of the best things about shopping for jewelry on AliExpress is the variety of materials used. Customers can find jewelry made of gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals, as well as pieces made of more affordable materials like stainless steel, titanium, and copper.

In addition to traditional jewelry materials, AliExpress also offers jewelry made from unique materials like wood, leather, and even recycled materials. This variety of materials allows customers to find jewelry that fits their personal style and budget.

Another great feature of AliExpress is the option to filter search results based on specific criteria. Customers can refine their search by material, style, price range, and more, making it easier to find the perfect piece of jewelry.

Overall, the variety of jewelry available on AliExpress is impressive. Whether you are looking for a simple piece to wear every day or a statement piece for a special occasion, there is something for everyone on the website.

Aliexpress Shipping and Delivery

When it comes to shipping and delivery, AliExpress offers a variety of options to choose from. The shipping time and cost can vary depending on the seller, the product, and the shipping method selected.

One thing to keep in mind is that AliExpress is an international marketplace, so shipping times can be longer than what you may be used to when shopping locally. However, many sellers offer free shipping options, which can help offset the longer shipping times.

It’s important to read the product description carefully to understand the estimated shipping time and any additional fees that may apply. Some sellers may also offer expedited shipping options for an additional cost.

AliExpress also offers a tracking system, so you can keep an eye on your order as it makes its way to you. The tracking information can be found in your account under “My Orders.”

Difference between Sterling Silver 925 vs Silver Plated

Price tells the difference. We prefer you to buy from top jewelry shops as reviewed above. Cheap jewelry that cost less than $2usd and below are usually silver plated which will not last long.

Choose 925 plated ones like below.

By getting some of the most beautiful and trendy designs, you can add it with some of the stylish casual and formal outfits to enhance your looks in the perfect way.

Seller Ratings and Reviews

When shopping for jewelry on AliExpress, it’s important to pay attention to seller ratings and reviews. Every seller on the platform has a rating based on their performance, and buyers can leave reviews to share their experiences.

I always make sure to check the seller’s rating before making a purchase. A high rating is a good sign that the seller is reliable and has a track record of providing quality products and good customer service.

In addition to the overall rating, I also read through the reviews to get a better sense of what other buyers have experienced. I look for reviews that mention the quality of the jewelry, the accuracy of the product description, and the shipping time.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all reviews are created equal. Some reviews may be biased or fake, so it’s important to read through a variety of reviews to get a well-rounded understanding of the seller’s performance.

Made in China Jewelry Wholesale

best jewelry wholesale china

Wholesale would prove to be the best idea you ever had. Only the best vendors showcase their products at Aliexpress and buying from top vendors here is an assurance in itself. Gone are the days when jewelry was seen as an investment.

Another incentive to buy wholesale at Aliexpress is that the products are tested and meet quality standards. The top stores take special care in ensuring that only the best products reach the customer.

For today’s fashionistas it is all about here and now. If you can offer them the latest designs for a cheaper price, then you can easily gain a niche market of jewelry buyers.


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