Aliexpress vs Tmall

by Felicia Tan

Prepare your wallets and better make sure there’s money in it! Because it will make you want to add items in your cart and shop again and again till you drop! But spending money online shopping can be so much more convenient and cheaper with their discounted offers and affordable low prices that have high quality products, isn’t it great? 

Spending money in shopping sure does sound great, but since there are so many difficulties encountered online shopping, we can help you prevent that by reading this article and find out which can be the ideal choice for you!

Comparison Aliexpress and Tmall

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to have your shopping spree online!

Flexibility. The sheer variety of goods that AliExpress truly has to offer, for both companies and customers, is one of its main benefits.Shipping issues. Since you’re buying products from another country, there’s no assurance that they’ll arrive quickly. Receiving your internet purchases might sometimes take months as opposed to merely days or weeks.
Minimal cost of launchingbusinesses may start selling things online quickly and affordably with AliExpress. A variety of prospective things are available for you to pick from for your consumers. There is really little risk because there is no requirement to invest anything until your consumers begin placing orders as well.Lack of control. Whether either customers and entrepreneurs have much authority on the individuals they will be dealing with. Even if you get to pick your supplier, if deliveries aren’t happening on time, there is little you can do to force them to hurry up. Your vendors’ methods for order fulfillment and packaging are also outside your control.
It is affordable, simple to use, and diversified, offering a huge selection of excellent items.Complicated refunds and returns. The return procedure is really challenging. Before you can return an item to a supplier, it may take months. Then, it may take even longer to receive your refund.
You may get help from Tmall’s partners regarding anything from trade regulations to translation.While some products’ prices are a bit high, others provide great reductions.
Chinese consumers are familiar with the name Tmall, so using the site to sell your goods might help you rapidly win some of their trust in your own company.You wouldn’t have a shop of your own on the platform. Instead, you use a Tmall store to market your products.
Safe and secure transactions.High delivery cost for the customers.


One of the most well-known marketplaces worldwide, not just for customers but also for entrepreneurs, is AliExpress. Business owners may build profitable firms selling goods in a wide range of markets using AliExpress.

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Moreover, AliExpress plays a key role in many cutting-edge businesses’ comprehensive dropshipping strategies. It is diversified, inexpensive, simple to use, and offers a huge selection of excellent items. How can you tell if using AliExpress is the best option for you?

An enormous variety of goods are available on AliExpress from all around the world. You have the option of buying things in bulk or individual items at a time. You frequently get really competitive rates on AliExpress because the majority of its merchants are foreign producers. For businesses that wish to carry enormous quantities of merchandise, there is also Alibaba.

When clients wish to purchase brand-new items at a reasonable price, AliExpress might be an excellent substitute for online stores like eBay and Amazon. Everything from women’s jewelry and apparel to gadgets and home furnishings is available.

I’m sure you’ve heard of this name and yet AliExpress is coming in your way! Alibaba is a big Chinese multinational firm that specializes in e-commerce and computers, making it one of the largest World Wide Web corporations in the world. It is the owner of the 2010-founded AliExpress. AliExpress is a great site for business owners to find products to sell online. In order to sell items when order completion is handled by a third party, a practice known as dropshipping, one must use as their go-to resource.

Due to its low prices, simplicity of use, and convenience, AliExpress stands out from all the other customers and company owners. Not everyone will find it to be the greatest option, though.

Aside from this, individual consumers make up the bulk of AliExpress’s target market. This implies that you can just order one pair of shoes from AliExpress without getting in touch with any sellers. On AliExpress, there is no set order minimum requirement.

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However, this does not stop you from ordering sizable, affordable items from AliExpress. You can use AliExpress to contact marketplace vendors to arrange transactions. How frequently does your delivery arrive when you choose AliExpress Shipping? Depending on your decision, yes. In contrast to AliExpress Standard Shipping, which typically forecasts a delivery window of 15 to 45 working days, AliExpress Premium Shipping frequently projects a delivery window of 7 to 15 working days.

Standard delivery is among your most economical options on AliExpress when compared to some other shipping options. Most deliveries are free. If you choose not to pay, it will cost you between $1 and $3. Typically, it is possible to find sellers who provide free standard shipping and tracking. However, since the majority of AliExpress’s warehouses are located in China, goods ordered on the website are delivered to customers’ respective countries from China. 

With AliExpress’s affordable products, here is an example of their prices based on their website. Coming off with the women’s clothes category, the tops prices start off with $2.56 up to $10.58 as the price goes higher with plain t-shirts to printed styles . There are a lot to choose from since there are so many given variations of tops.


Tmall is one of the biggest Business-to-Customer (B2C) platforms in Asia, according to its website. Tmall is an online store that was first created with China’s enormous client base in mind. Tmall Global was however introduced as a result of its widespread success, giving foreign companies a chance to promote their goods to the Chinese consumer market. Tmall is one of the main players among online selling platforms since Alibaba Group owns and controls Tmall China and Tmall Global.

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By letting companies open their own storefronts, Tmall differs from many other online selling platforms in that it enables them to provide customers with a more customizable and personalized user experience. The infrastructure and all the tools are provided by Tmall China and Global to host your storefront and expose your goods in front of hundreds of millions of buyers.

Here are some of the prices of Tmall’s low-cost products taken directly from their website. Starting with the women’s clothing category, tops range in price from $0.29 to $3.41 (39.0 to 458.0 yen), with plain t-shirts to patterned ones. Given the wide variety of tops for women available, there are many options to browse and pick from.

Parcels coming from different countries do take such a long time for it to arrive, after placing your order, everything depends on where the product is from. Tmall delivery can take 7 to 40 working days to get to you after the order is sent. The average time for an overseas package to arrive at your country’s borders is three weeks or longer. 

After then, it can take a further week for it to pass through all the regional customs and arrive at your door. Tmall delivery is a drawn-out process that can take three to five weeks. However, you can also pay more to achieve a shipment time that is significantly quicker. Your Tmall order can be delivered by 5 to 10 days depending on how far by air, ocean or land.

In speaking of delivery through land or ocean– how much is the shipping fee? Check it out! 

Air: Collect & Collect (might available within metropolitan areas only): Maximum 20 kg, $8.70 for every 0.5 kg. No more than 90cm for each length, width or height and no more than 160 cm for the sum of the length, width and height.

Deliver to door:  $9.11 for every 0.5 kg, same size and weight limits with C&C (Using the hybrid e-commerce approach known as “click and collect,” customers may order or choose things online, pick them up in-store, or have them delivered to a central location).

Tmall Ocean Delivery:

Small items (fees based on weight): Total weight of all items together no more than 20kg, the total volume after packing all items to one package no more than 0.1m3, no more than 160 cm for the sum of the length, width and height after packing all items to one package, no more than 90cm for each length, width or height for each item in the package

Big items (fees based on volume): All other items that do not belong to the small item. $36.02 for each 0.1cm3 volume if the total volume is less than 0.5cm3, and $33.16  for each 0.1cm3 volume if the total volume is greater than 0.5cm3. Additional $13.59 for operational fee applies for each order.

Tmall Direct Delivery:

Currently not available and can’t find the price on the website, based on my previous experience, the costs are slightly more than Air, and last time took 10 days to arrive

Which is better?

After reading this article and comparing it to other online shopping options, I assume it has been helpful to you and made it a lot easier for you to decide where to buy conveniently at affordable prices with a variety of options in different types of items.

Choose your shopping platform and see it for yourself!


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