Best Ombre Hair Extensions – Weft, Tape in, Clip in and Braids

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Changing hairstyle can easily transform your entire look. Getting a makeover is one of the most satisfying feelings. It can instantly make you happy. If you have been considering getting hair extensions, then ombre is the trend to follow.

You can choose from a wide variety of ombre hair extensions that are affordable and easy to use. Convenience of application is of utmost importance when you are choosing a hair extension.

Ombre Hair Extensions

Clip in Ombre Hair Extension

#Clip In Hair Extension Ombre Bayalage

If you are seeking a longer hairstyle look, try this hair extension. Being 24 inch in length, styling the extension is very easy. All the classic buns, braids, fishtails are ideal. If you are seeking a balayage look, this hair extension will certainly not disappoint you. It adds amazing volume to your hair. Even if you have shorter hair, then achieving a right look can be done by trimming the sides and getting a step or layered hair-style.

Price: $7.99

Clip In Hair Extension Ombre
Long Straight Flase Hair Pieces For Women 24" 5clips

#SARLA 24″ 170g U-Part Clip in Hair Extension

This hair extension is about 24 inches long and can be applied with the help of only 5 clips. It weighs only 170g, so you will not feel any extra pressure of hair to burden your head. The fiber gives a completely natural look. You can style it any way you please. Being heat friendly, the curls can be kept intact for longer. Wear it straight or wavy as according to your wish. It also lends pour hair a great volume.

Price: $11.19

hair clip extension cheap
best way to extend your hair

What other buyers say about this store

  • The parcel was 2 months and 10 days .. very satisfied with the hair .. Soft to the touch .. Nice… Looks like a natural .. No smell. Attach easily .. Thick and good .. Seller recommend
  • Hair is good, similar to natural, the color is good, slightly different from the photo (the effect of militia in real life) but I really like it!!! Thank you. Your hair is short, a great option to transform in a couple of minutes
  • The color approached my light-brown. Only very heavy! Looks like natural. I liked it! Their money is worth it. Two spare clips are included.

Ombre Hair Extensions Braids

#Jamaican Bounce Crochet Hair

A perfect hair extension for anyone looking for bouncy and fuller hair. It has a very thick texture. But it is quite detangled and hence easy to comb through. There are many colors to choose from. Each strand is roughly 8 inches long quite light to carry. There are about 22 strands per pack. Each curl appears distinctly and is very well-defined. It has amazing shine as well. It definitely gives your face an amazing cascading look.

Price: $4.30

Jamaican Bounce Crochet Hair
Crochet Hair extension cheap

#Spring Sunshine Crochet Hair Extensions

If you are looking for a bohemian, carefree look then this is the hair extension to go for. It is made of superior quality Kanekalon material. It has a versatile styling option due to the branded pattern. It can be arranged and styled in any way you please. Though it gives a fuller and voluminous look, it is quite light in weight. It has a very natural look and feels as well. You can put in hair clips and ribbons to have a more decorated look.

Price: $5.02

 Synthetic Hair Ombre Braids
Crochet Hair Extensions aliexpress

#Spring sunshine Jumbo Braid Hair Kanekalon Hair

This is a truly unique hair extension that comes in funky braid style to suit your changing moods. Easy to use, even kids can experiments with a fun hairstyle. The length of the braids would be about 24 inches and it weighs only 100gm. The extension being light weight, you can easily add on other hair accessories to enhance the look. The braids are made of high quality Kanekalon material and can easily match with original hair and cause no discomfort.

Price: $2.94

ombre hair extension cheap
Ombre Crochet Braiding

Ombre Hair Extensions Hightlight

#3 – Leeons Colored Highlight Synthetic Hair Extensions

Beautifully colored hair extension that makes you have a spunky new look. Highly light weight, about 15gm per piece. Mix and match any color combination and you can have an edgy new look. Can be cleaned also quite easily. You can easily trim it to match your hair length or style need. This hair extension instantly adds much oomph to an ordinary hairstyle. Perfect for party wear. You can also easily twirl it or leave it straight styled depending on your mood.

Price: $0.48

 Synthetic Hair Extensions Clip
One Piece Color Strips 20" Long Straight Hairpiece

Why others recommend this store

  • Wow!!! My daughter loves it! Very soft feels real! We will be ordering more! Colors are exactly like the pictures. Thank you for the free hair tie.
  • Excellent product, beautiful colour. Thank you lovely seller.
  • Really nice! I don’t know much about fake hair, but it feels nice and silky and looks like real hair. I have not worn it yet though, as I have no idea what I’m doing lol, but it matches my hair exactly. If I learn more after wearing it and my opinion changes for any reason, I will update

#Spring sunshine Goddess Faux Dreads Locs

The detailing of this hair extension is amazing and is nothing short of being simply awe-inspiring. It allows you great movement due to its elastic nature. It feels amazingly soft to touch. Applying the extension is absolutely hassle-free. You will be able to do it yourself and no extra professional help is required to arrange it. Though they are locs, you can be assured they come with no tangle. Depending on how much of a fuller look you wish to achieve, order for the number of pieces.

Price: $4.83

 Synthetic Hair Extension 24 Strands/Pack
Crochet Braids Soft Natural hair extension

Ombre Hair Extension Tape in

#JOY&BEAUTY Hair Long Wavy Ombre Extension

It is highly recommended for people who want a natural look. The wavy finishing makes it irresistible. Touching the hair extension will give you a very silky and soft feel. It is very lightweight, arranging hair clips and bands are also hassle-free. It does not easily get tangled. Cleaning is very easily done by normal shampoo. It is heat-resistant as well. Being about 20 inch in length, you can style and cut as might be your requirement.

Price: $7.63

Long Wavy Ombre 20" Clip On Hair Extensions
Synthetic Hairpiece Heat Resistant Ponytail

What buyers say

  • I’m sooooo pleased with order totally love it hair is thick and looks very natural I recommend this seller
  • The color approached, the quality is not the best, strongly confused, but this is expected, as artificial hair. Before the first toe had to cut off a whole Klock of hair, which was impossible to untangle, unfortunately
  • Very good, quality tail The product is fully consistent with the description, the parcel came very quickly, track tracked, hair like natural, the tail is very long. Thanks to the seller. 

Price: $7.63

#Soowee Long Straight Black to Gray Natural Color Women

A perfect hair extension that can be styled in any way you please. It is heat resistant making your hair styling needs as easy as possible. It is about 10 inches in length and comes with 5 clips for easy application. It has a feel of real hair and can be combed through easily. It can be cleaned easily with shampoo and conditioner. It has a good lustrous texture.

Price: $6.56

Natural Color Women Ombre Hair
Synthetic Hairpiece Clip in Hair Extensions

Reviews of Hair

  • The hair is soft, smooth, the color is even better than in the photo) to the Irkutsk region came in a month. Convenient, and strong fastening. Ordered immediately 2 pieces, heavy to wear) length 60 cm) very satisfied
  • Thanks to the seller, the parcel came in 20 days before Volgograd. The product is satisfied with the quality of good soft and shiny 

Price: $6.56

Ombre Hair Extension Weft

#Leeons Full Head High-Temperature Fiber Curly Synthetic

A heat resistant hair extension that does not even looks and feels like natural hair. By touching it you can easily feel the soft and silky texture of the hair extension. It can be stylized as according to your preference. Decide on the look you want and can go ahead with the number of pieces of extension you might need to achieve the styling. Combing through it is also a breeze. You can cut to match your present hairstyle for a great finish.

Price: $6.89

Synthetic 16 Clips In Hair Extensions
Popular Hairpieces Ombre Colors hair extensions

What buyers say

Good! The hair came perfectly packed, the color is strictly as described, it looks very natural and it doesn’t get tangled strangely when combing it. I did not try to flat iron it, because after washing it remains straight too. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Maybe I would buy again in leeons hair product store. Okay! The hair was perfectly packed, the color is exactly as described, looks very natural and not strangely tangled when combing. I did not try to iron it, because after washing it also remains even. Customer service left much to be desired, but fortunately, there were no problems with the parcel.  

Price: $6.89

Buying Hair Extensions from Aliexpress

Don’t wait up for treating yourself with a marvelous makeover. Changing hairstyle is the easiest way of giving yourself a new look. If you wish to experiment with hairstyles then getting hair extensions open up a wide range of possibilities to you.

Aliexpress has every reason all hair buyers need to buy from the Ecommerce. Above choices are good and cheap quality Ombre hair extensions from top reviewed sellers.

You deserve to look your best at all times. Go pamper yourself with a brand new look and buying from Aliexpress is your best bet.

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