8 Best Cheap Hair Straightener for Curly Hair 2021 – For those on budget

by Felicia Tan

I love curls; they are so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. However, from friends who rock curls, I understood the pain and pleasure that goes behind maintaining those envious curls. Curl patterns and texture varies from person to person, but there is one thing that is common to all – maintenance. Doing a hairstyle and managing it can be quite a hassle. Changing up your hair and using a flat iron every once a while is welcomed with open arms.

Some women love flaunting their voluminous curls and straightening for them is only an option if they want to change their look now and then.

No matter what the reason behind wanting to straighten the hair is, there is one thing that worries all women before they invest in a hair straightener – the heat damage. Luckily, I dug deep into AliExpress to find some of the best cheap hair straighteners for curly hair that would save the day.

I know how difficult it is to resist hair straightening due to its numerous benefits. Straightening your curly hair can make your morning routine glide smoothly. Also, for the ladies with tighter curls, the struggle to get rid of knots and tangles is real. Straightening can manage those tangles and prevent hair loss that happens when getting rid of tangles.

With all of that said, I know how disconcerting it can be to select the best hair straightener for your curls.

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Review of Aliexpress Cheap Hair Straightener

hair staightener on aliexpress

In this article, you will find the best hair straighteners for curly hair GOOD and CHEAP that I have put together. You will also find some tips and answers to queries you may have.

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Read on and enjoy the quest to finding the best straightener for curly hair.

Here are the 7 best hair straighteners and a bonus straightener for your curly hair, in no particular order. I have, however, separated them in terms of their ceramic plates and titanium plates.

Let me know if you found it helpful!

Ceramic Hair Straighteners

#1 – Professional Hair Straightener

The 480 F straightener comes with a high-quality ABS material that is safe for your hair. It has a ceramic coating, which ensures that your hair remains protected against heat damage. You can vary the temperature of the flat iron between 235 F and 455 F.

The straightener uses steam infared technology on your hair to give it a natural and smooth finish. The flat iron comes in a classy white color that looks great sitting on your dressing table.

best hair straightener
Price: $31.35

Other Features:

  • Infrared heating
  • LED display
  • With steam adjustment switch
  • Moisturizes hair
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You can get this here.

Price: $31.35

#2 – Steam Hair straightener

The steam hair straightener heats up in as less as 20 seconds. Due to the ceramic coating, it distributes heat evenly, making sure no part of your hair remains free from heat damage. The ceramic coating also infuses your hair with argan oil. Several features make this straightener one of the most viable options for your hair type.

You can set the temperature of the straightener to suit your hair type. The lowest temperature of the flat iron is 370 F, and the highest is 450 F. The highest temperature setting of the flat iron is perfect for heavy curls and coarse hair.

The straightener also features an automatic temperature lock, which ensures that there is consistent heating throughout.

You can choose to buy the straightener with or without its box. The straightener comes with a safety glove, comb, hair clips, and a small bottle.

Other Features:

  • Uses negative ions
  • Can reach maximum temperature in just 40 seconds
  • Made with 1iu00% tourmaline ceramic plate

Price: $27.31

#3 – Far-infrared straightener

The hair straightener comes with a Tourmaline Ceramic coating to distribute heat evenly, reduce friction between hair, and to minimize heat damage. The negative ions released during heating reduce static electricity as well as frizz. The straightener comes with an LED display that shows the heat temperature.

You can adjust the heat between 140 degrees Celsius and 200 degrees Celsius. The heating process is slow; for 140 C, it can take about 10 minutes, and for 200 C, it can take about 4 minutes to heat up.

The far-infrared technology helps lock in moisture and natural oils, keeping the hair healthy.

Other Features:

  • LED display
  • Locks in moisture and keeps natural oils
  • Reduces hair static and frizz

Price: $16.21

#4 – Fast heat-up straightener with scissor handle

The classic hair straightener comes with four temperature levels that work with whatever hair type you may have. It is super easy to use and makes straightening your hair an effortless process.

It has a dual process; you can use it dry or wet. The steam helps lock in moisture and give your hair a smooth finish.

You will get shiny and silky hair after using this straightener. It gives your hair a healthy look by reducing frizz and static electricity. It heats up very quickly and comes with a scissor handle. I love the scissor handle because it makes precision and holding the hair very easy.

The tourmaline ceramic coating protects the hair from excessive heat damage.

best hair straightener 2021

Other Features:

  • Four gear adjustable settings
  • 15 seconds preheating
  • Releases negative ions
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Price: $10.85

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Titanium Hair Straighteners

#5 – Crystal Hair Straightener

This hair straightener is an absolute beauty. It is compact but does its job well, and it comes with a 360-degree swivel cord. What I love about this hair straightener is its aesthetic beauty. The crystals set on the outside of the flat iron gives it an exquisite look. Another thing to note is that these crystals are handmade by artisans, not by machines. There are two color options available.

It has an LCD screen display and comes with a nano-titanium coating. It heats up quickly in only about 30 seconds. The short heating time makes it a feasible option for those busy mornings.

Titanium Hair Straighteners

Other Features:

  • Comes with a free hairbrush
  • 30 second heat up
  • Dual voltage
  • Auto-off feature after 55 minutes
  • 1 year warranty

Price: $50.27

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#6 – Kemei Hair Straightener

The fast-heating electric straightener comes with high-quality ABS material with a touch switch design that makes it very convenient. Touch to increase or decrease the heat; it’s that simple. The touch screen gives the straightener a chic and elegant look, which is my favorite part about the straightener.

The titanium coating ensures that heat distributes evenly, and you get straight hair in only minutes. It heats up quickly. The negative ions make your hair healthy, smooth, and shiny, making it look like you just came back from the salon.

The straightener comes with a three-year warranty.

Other Features:

  • PTC fast heating features
  • LED display

Price: $30.50

#7 – Fast electric straightener

The straightener comes with a nano-titanium floating plate design. It looks elegant, and the slick stainless steel material makes it look futuristic.

It heats up quickly and distributes heat across your hair evenly. It comes with an LCD digital display. The negative ions released during heating protects the hair. It helps make the hair smooth and silky, giving you a salon finish.

Three color designs are available. However, what I do not like is that we cannot choose the color we want. The seller sends the color design randomly.

The straightener comes with a two-year warranty.

Fast electric straightener

Other Features:

  • LED Display
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Plate locking switch
  • With silicone anti-scalding tip

Price: $29.33

And, a bonus!

I could not just stick to the old flat-irons on this list. I have brought to you an electric comb that will help you straighten your hair without much effort.

#8 – Electric comb straightener

The electric comb hair straightener is a revolutionary product that works wonders on your hair. It will leave your hair straight, silky, and smooth. Glide it through your hair like a comb to achieve flawless straight hair.

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The design of the straightening comb helps reduce static energy and removes frizz. It distributes heat evenly throughout your hair, giving you a salon-finish.

The comb ensures that you have a tangle-free experience that is effortless and easy. The process of straightening your hair with this comb straightener is quick and easy. The copper comb head heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly. It also comes with an anti-scalding bracket for added protection, as well as with a 360-degree rotation cord. You can order the comb with or without the outer box.

Other Features:

  • Made from titanium alloy
  • With anti-scalding bracket
  • Copper-made heater

Price: $15.98

Which hair straightener should you choose? Titanium or Ceramic?

The straightener that you decide to purchase depends on your hair type. You can go for a ceramic straightener if your hair is manageable, and you can straighten it without much hassle. 

Choose a titanium straightener if your hair is coarse, and you have a hard time straightening it. The reason you should choose a titanium straightener for coarse, curly, or coiled hair is that it heats up much faster. A titanium straightener also reaches higher temperatures than the ceramic plates, making it the best choice for your hair. 

However, keep in mind that high heat means more damage to your hair. If you have hair that is slightly wavy, fine in texture, or easy to straighten, go for a ceramic straightener. 

A ceramic straightener keeps the damage in check by distributing heat evenly even at low temperatures. 

Now that you know the basics of hair straighteners, you can choose the perfect one depending on your hair type. You know whether you should choose a ceramic straightener or a titanium one. The hair straighteners that I have put together for you are cost-effective and provide the best results. No matter what your hair type is, I am sure you will be able to select a hair straightener without any confusion.

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