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by Jessica Peterson

Name it and Shein has it! All variations of designs and fittings from high-end brands, Shein has their version. These variations make fashion inclusive for different colors, sizes, and ages. Whether you are a mother of three or a teen hoping to buy your first stylish clothes, Shein will help you.

From tops that complement different body shapes to jeans that hug certain parts to flaunt our best features, Shein has something for you!

For this section, we will mainly talk about Shein and my recommended best jeans from their collection. These jeans vary as to how body types and personalities vary. These jeans complement different fashion eras whether my current peg is from the 80’s fashion era or if I want to flaunt my shape and go for the super skinny jeans.

Also, some of these jeans may visually increase the height of the wearer. If you are browsing through the jeans section of the Shein website, wondering what fit and color best suits you, you have come to the right place where your answers lie!


In choosing the perfect jeans, height matters! For petite ladies, finding the best jeans that will accentuate and hug the right places is quite hard. Some may be too loose on the hip; the others are too long. Some do not fit the leg while others choose an unflattering color that will not highlight our best assets. First, we need to identify our body types. But, do not get insecure about it! Shein has something to offer whichever body type we have.

Petite ladies are usually characterized by a small body frame and an average height of 5’2. The common struggle with these girls, as what I hear from my friends is to find jeans that will not look too long and will crop up the height. The best option is to go for lighter-colored jeans because these jeans do not emphasize height. Instead, it elongates the legs to make one look tall. 

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Light Wash High-Waisted High Stretch Slant Pocket Jeans

jeans on shein 2021

The Light Wash High-Waisted High Stretch Slant Pocket Jeans by Shein is available in colors Blue, Dark Wash, and Light Wash. While the high waist looks perfect for petite, the Light Wash color for this style will surely rock the fashion world.

It costs 20 USD and is available for sizes XS, S, M, and L. It has no sheer and it is made up of denim. The high-stretch fabric consists of 70% cotton, 27%Polyester and 3% Spandex making it comfortable. 

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Get it now at $20.

SHEIN X WEJDENE High Waist Destroyed Mom Jeans

jeans on shein

Another is the SHEIN X WEJDENE High Waist Destroyed Mom Jeans which are available only in one light color. It is with XS, S, M, L, and 4XL as the available sizes. Despite having only one color, the ripped mom jeans will look amazing paired with a cropped top of any choice. 

Get it now at $23.


Having thick thighs is both an asset and a fashion challenge. It is an asset because it adds up to the curve making the body look voluptuous, full, and healthy. However, these thick thighs became a big challenge for me every time I dress up.

Some jeans do not fit my thighs and others may look tacky and will crop up my height. To make sure that I bought the best fitting jeans that do not compromise my fashion ideals and my comfort, I look through the internet and tried on different styles. 

High Waist Ripped Straight Leg Jeans

Looking through Shein’s jeans collection amazed me because it has all the types that will flatter my thick thighs. One of the first that I loved is the High Waist Ripped Straight Leg Jeans. These jeans are available for sizes XS, S, L, and M based on the Shein size guide stated below of each product.

It is a colored light wash. The pattern type is plain. It is ripped on the knee part, it has buttons, pockets, and a zipper. The high waist feature of these jeans emphasizes my waist while concealing some of my thighs. It has no sheer and it is made up of non-stretch denim fabric with 85% cotton and 15% polyester. Despite the jeans being non-stretch, it is still comfortable for my thick thighs because it is a straight-leg type of jeans.

Get it now at $24.

Slant Pocket Zip Fly Skinny Jeans

what jeans to buy on shein

If you do not like a straight-cut, the Slant Pocket Zip Fly Skinny Jeans is perfect! It has a slight stretch fabric and available in almost all colors. It is made up of denim with 85% Cotton, 13% Polyester, and 2% Spandex. Black, Blue, Dark Grey, Dark Wash, Light Wash are the color choices for these jeans with sizes XS, S, M, and L being available.

Get it now at $22.

Slant Pocket Mom Jeans

shein best jeans 2021

Name a better fit than the fit named after them! Mom jeans are perfect for moms who are after the comfort. But Shein says yes to comfort and yes to style. TheSlant Pocket Mom Jeans is one of the simplest and most casual-looking mom jeans.

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But, let us not underestimate the power of these jeans because they can upgrade into high fashion with little changes and a pair of red killer stilettoes making it a smart casual look. For daily errands and buying groceries or a lunch out with friends, the jeans will surely rock the city! Paired with a pair of good white sneakers and a sexy top, then you are on the go.

It is available in one color with sizes XS, S, and M. The denim non-stretch fabric is cropped and it has no patterns which are good for a no-brainer outfit during our lazy days.

Get it now at $20.

High Rise Raw Hem Mom Jeans

shein best jeans

Another is the High Rise Raw Hem Mom Jeans sold for 22 US Dollars. For a corporate look, this non-stretch denim looks sleek. It has a raw hem and a button fly closure type. Though it is only available in color blue with sizes ranging from XS, S, M, and Large, the style serves nothing but hotness and sophistication for working moms.

It is comfortable, it can be paired with a sneaker or some pumps. Topped up with a formal top and a formal blazer, the working mom wearing the mom jeans is presentation-ready!

Get it now at $22.


Baggy, high-waisted, and wide-legged jeans are some of the trends during the 70s and 80s. Together with the eye-catching and jolly patterns, surely, these pairs of jeans can make a strong statement and leave a strong impression. Decades ago, these jeans were all that they could wear. Decades after, these jeans are all we would love to wear. And why? Because they create a unique fashion identity for us! Like icons, we don’t just become people, we become the trend. 

High Waist Wide Leg Jeans

The timelessness of the past eras live up to the individual pieces they have made us wear. A style from Shein’s collection called High Waist Wide Leg Jeans offers a hot drip for women who wants to embody power and elegance.

The light color complements whatever is the height of the one wearing. And the wide leg type makes whatever it is paired off look stylish in front of the camera. With a few poses emphasizing the legs, this type will elongate the body and with the right angles, we can be Instagram models!

It is only available in the color mint-green. But do not be intimidated by the color because the mint green referred looks pleasing to the eyes. It has buttons, a pocket, and a zipper fly closure type. It has no sheer and the denim fabric is not stretchable and made up of 85% cotton and 15% polyester.

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Get it now at $25.

Zipper Fly Ripped Detail Split Thigh Wide Leg Jeans

Another is the Zipper Fly Ripped Detail Split Thigh Wide Leg Jeans which are available in the color Medium Walsh. The sexy split thigh feature that showcases one’s legs and thighs is perfect for casual occasions when we do not want to dress down.

Get it now at $24


Full-Length Baggy Jeans

shein jeans 2021

Baggy jeans surely are a fashion trend not everyone can slay. But when we do, there is surely no going back. When we go baggy, we stay baggy! The Full-Length Baggy Jeans is one of the best and price-worthy baggy jeans I saw.

Paired with a cropped tank top or a tube top and sneakers, we can be swaggers. It is available in colors black, white, apricot, and two shades of light wash. For women blessed with height, these baggy jeans will look perfect. But do not be discouraged from Petites and curvy types out there! 

Get it now at $22

Drawstring Hem Wide Leg Jeans

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But what about our limited budget? Worry no more! Living up to its philosophies, Shein offers quality-wise and stylish jeans for as low as 10.99 US Dollars. The Drawstring Hem Wide Leg Jeans are available in almost all colors and sizes.

Get it now at $10.99

Two-Tone Heart Patch Pocket Jeans

best shein jeans
best shein jeans 2021

And since patterns are life, the Two-Tone Heart Patch Pocket Jeans look edgy yet interesting. With plain tops of our choice, this will look fantastic. The sizes available for this are XS, S, and M with colors Khaki and a multicolor one. 

Get it now at $10.99

Getting the Best Shein Jeans

To point out one of the overwhelming numbers of jeans is quite challenging for me because Shein offers a variety of jeans that are equally good and impressive for their price. Though we bother ourselves finding the best fit for our body types, my advice would be to rock whatever jeans we would love to wear. Shein plus confidence equals perfection! 

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