Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas 2021

by Felicia Tan

Wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life. This is the day that is going to be etched in your memories forever. While looking back at this day, you should be able to visualize happy surroundings and comfortable atmosphere.

One of the most important parts of organizing a wedding is taking care of the décor. No matter how grand or how subtle you decide to make your wedding, there still is a need for decoration.

Adding your personal touch and attributions to the wedding makes everyone feel a connection to it. Whether you love minimalism and simplistic designs or are looking for things to reflect your vibrant soul, we have got it all covered for you.

27 Simple and Affordable Wedding Decoration Ideas

simple and affordable wedding decor

In this article, we bring you some of the best wedding decoration ideas. What else? They are super affordable and will help you stay well within your strict budget. Take out your wedding planner and start jotting down all the things that pique your interest as you scroll through this mesmerizing list.

#1 – Drape, drape, and drape

drape for simple wedding

It’s surprising what fabric can do. It adds a lot of elegance and beauty to the wedding venue when draped strategically.

Drape this sheer white fabric on the entryway, ceiling, tables, and more to give the whole venue a very elegant look.

Do not forget to add beautiful flowers to enhance the beauty. If you plan on using a lot of drapes, you can go subtle on the rest of your decorations and still have a stunning venue.

These drapes come in various colors and you can easily mix and match these pretty sheer fabric according to your wedding color motif.

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#2 – Fairytale is for Real

fairy lights for wedding

Another budget-friendly idea to decorate your wedding is to buy fairy lights and hang them up on the ceiling.

Create a beautiful chandelier that is going to give your wedding a magical feel to it. If a chandelier is not really your thing, or if it is not a feasible idea with the other things you have in your mind, try incorporating these beautiful fairy lights differently.

Wrap it around the tables or the entrance to give them a dazzling appearance.

They also come in batteries, so you don’t have to worry about using tons of plugs that can be messy-looking. Just install these on your preferred area, and you’re all good!

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#3 – Vintage Blackboard

A beautiful piece of blackboard set in vintage wood is not just classy but really ups the whole style game.

Use this backboard to share any message of your liking with your guests. If not, use it as a table marker.

Use different colored chalks to write the names of the guests and place them on the tables. This simple idea is going to add so much elegance and brilliance in the entire décor.

If you have an artist’s hands, you can create a breathtaking calligraphy of you and your future husband or wife’s name on the chalkboard and use it as a Welcome sign for your wedding too!

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#4 – Get, set, click!

wedding props

There are so many things to enjoy in a wedding. But there is one thing that gets everyone super excited – the photos. Mark this beautiful day with pictures that are going to spark up a lot of excitement and fun.

These fun props are going to add extra style to your guests’ Instagram feed. What else? You can all have fun striking different (and eccentric) poses with these props.

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#5 – Cherry Blossom

wedding decorations on a budget

Cherry Blossom is something that immediately sparks calmness and serenity. Use these beautiful flowers to create a lovely bouquet for each table or use them to decorate the venue.

Display it around the whole area to give it a soft and subtle blast of colors. If we cannot afford to get married under a romantic tree of real cherry blossoms, then these faux flowers can make your dream come true somehow!

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#6 – Beautiful Glass Jars

nice decorations for wedding

Nothing speaks of elegance than little glass bottles and vases. These round ones look absolutely classy and will surely add a lot of elegance to the tables.

Place them as it is with colorful stones inside them or add the cherry blossom branches inside them. Placing them on the tables will make it look so much more inviting and serene.

The guests are going to love seeing this right in front of them at all times. Any other flower will also go perfectly with these glass jars!

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#7 – Crochet Hearts

heart decoration for wedding

Do you have a photo booth or a photo station where guests can click Instagram-worthy photographs? If yes, you should definitely think of a unique and brilliant backdrop that will add so much of added style to photos.

These lovely crochet hearts are the perfect option for this. Style up the background with tons of these little hearts. Not only will this help the guests click wonderful photos, but the innumerable hearts will also make many hearts flutter.

If you want, you can also make these adorable heart

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#8 – Table Mats for Tropical Exuberance

mats for wedding

Table mats do not have to be plain and simple. If you have planned a tropical or garden-themed wedding, get these vibrant tropical table mats.

These green leafy wonders will add a lot of colors to the table and your guest will love having food on them.

Boho-themed weddings are also very trendy nowadays, and these tropical table mats can complete the dream wedding you have been waiting for!

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#9 – The Ring Bearer

ring box

Your rings on the day of your special moment do not have to be kept in the traditional way. Use this completely personalizable pentagon box to keep your rings stylish on that special day.

With your names inside the box along with the rings, this tiny piece of wonder is surely going to grab a lot of eyes.

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#10 – Beautiful Pearls

pearl decorations for wedding

One of the most simple yet elegant ways of decorating tables is to sprinkle them with tiny pearls. These pearls add minimalistic touch but look super sophisticated and graceful.

Get a bunch of these and sprinkle them around the vase or glass bottle to create a carefree but chic look.

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#11 – Rose Fairy String Lights

To your list of decoration items, you should definitely add these beautiful rose lights. These fairy lights add a soft, smooth, and supple glow making everything look serene.

Wrap them all around the room to provide continuous radiance to the room. You can also decorate the table with these lights.

Also, the beautiful glowing flowers are also going to provide a great backdrop for pretty photographs. Use them to cover up your photo booth.

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#12 – Roses, Roses, Everywhere

decorating wedding ideas

A wedding is incomplete without rose petals scattered everywhere. Get the beautiful silk rose petals in the color of your choice to decorate the venue.

These petals scattered all around strategically is going to add a lot of romance to your wedding.

Also, add these petals in a glass bowl in every table; the guests can throw these petals on you when you take your vows.

Instead of removing rose petals one by one, just order them online and save a lot of time and effort!

These faux petal roses also come in various colors like white, light blue, light purple, red, rose red, blue, yellow, pink, yellow, and orange. One pack gets you 5000 pieces of rose petals.

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#13 – Balloons

balloons for wedding receptions

Nothing says classy more than balloons. For your wedding decoration, do not forget to get these pretty heart-shaped helium balloons that will float in the air.

The happiness that you feel will be reflected by the composed and soothing colors of these balloons. Get the colors of your choice or the ones that match your theme.

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These heart balloons will surely fill up romance all throughout the ceremony! You can get 20 pieces of these latex balloons and pick any color and design that you prefer.

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#14 – Tropical Plates

simple wedding decorations ideas

If you are getting the tropical table mats for your wedding or reception, you may want to accentuate that theme with these beautiful porcelain plates.

These plates have amazing designs on them that will work very well with your garden or tropical themed wedding. The greens of the plates are surely going to add a popping fun to the meal.

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#15 – Colorful Desserts

cheap wedding decoration ideas on a budget

Dessert time is a very serious affair; the kind of foodgasm that desserts can give is no laughing matter. For this, get these fun and vibrant dessert plates that add a great touch to the presentation.

This is especially a great idea if you are following the tropical garden theme. The lively and effervescent colors of these plates are going to add an added pleasure.

Let your guests enjoy their desserts in a bubbly way. Also, let’s not forget the lovely talks that these plates are going to bring on the table.

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#16 – For the Subtle Souls

However, if you are somebody who likes to keep things a little muted, get these subtle floral dessert plates. The gold leaf patterns and the roses in these ceramic plates are going to add an elegant and sophisticated touch. Get these for a royal affair.

If you’re in for a fancy yet affordable wedding, then grab a pile of these plates now and use it at your own home after the wedding!

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#17 – Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are light, colorful and vibrant. Choose your favorite colors and hang them from the ceiling in perfect symmetry to give the whole place a magical touch.

Use different sizes of these lanterns to provide a flawless and seamless look. It’s going to look absolutely picture-perfect.

These lanterns will also look great on the dance floor to keep the party going!

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#18 – Sandalwood Fan

gifts for weddings

It might get hot during the proceedings, no matter how good the air circulation system is. Get these pretty and sophisticated sandalwood fan to help your guests stay cool and breezy during the whole ceremony.

You can also add some personalized engraving of you and your husband’s name so your guests will remember the awesome and romantic wedding they have been to!

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#19 – Cocktails and Dreams

outdoor wedding decorations

Guide your guests towards the cocktails with this shining neon sign. This is a perfect way to guide your guests in the right direction. This sign is surely going to get your guests gliding to their favorite destination.

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#20 – Cocktail Napkins

diy wedding decorations

Cocktail napkins are a great way to add subtle hints of appeal and charm to the decoration. The abstract design on the napkins adds just the right touch of flair. Get these lovely napkins in rose gold for that magnetic charm.

You would not only be giving comfort to your guests, but these cocktail napkins also make every drink and snack more enticing to the eyes! You can get 100 pieces of these in just $15 so these are truly a must-have in every wedding.

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#21 – Candleholders

wedding decorations diy

These elegant candle holders do not just hold candles safely, they also make them look stylish. The wonderful geometric pattern casts wonderful shadows. These holders are certainly going to add that edgy panache to the whole area.

The aesthetic looks of these candle holders would also be a great decoration at your home.

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#22 – Lace Flowers

flowers for wedding decorations

Use these pretty and elegant lace flowers to add some more glamour to your wedding decoration. Attach these to the chairs to make them look extra beautiful; your guests are going to love sitting on those chairs.

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You can also add these lace flowers to the aisle as an alternative to real flowers. These are not just tasteful and chic, they are also reusable.

Wherever you put them, these lace flowers would surely add sass on your wedding ceremony. You can get them for only less than $5 and have 50 pieces of it.

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#23 – Burlap Sign for the Bride’s entrance

wedding decorations on a budget

Get this burlap sign to make your entry a moment to remember. This lovely sign is going to add a rustic feel to your wedding and is going to make sure nobody is going to forget your grand entry and the celebration for a long time.

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#24 – Flameless Tea Light Candles

cheap wedding decors

Instead of getting regular candles, go for these flameless candles that are not just going to light up the tables, but are also going to prevent all the mess that regular candles create.

Put these lovely and dazzling candles on the tables to create a romantic atmosphere. If you’re having a party at the beach, you no longer have to be bothered about your candles always getting blown off anymore!

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#25 – Cake Topper

wedding decorations cheap

Let go of those traditional cake toppers and put into consideration this astounding and chic cake topper.

With your names in golden letters along with the special date etched on the lovely heart, this is surely going to add a unique touch to your wedding cake.

Once the cake is relished, this can be used as a piece of decoration in your home as a mark of your new beginning.

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#26 – Heart Straws

wedding decorations ideas

Who wants plain boring straws when you have such stylish ones available? Your wedding is no ordinary affair, so why should your straws be regular and boring?

Get these pretty gold heart straws for your guests. Drinking with these beautiful straws are definitely going to add panache to the regular cocktails.

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#27 – Share the Love

With social media being the coolest thing today, you should bring this fever and rage on your wedding day too. Get this custom signboard where you can add your own hashtag.

Your guests will definitely remember to tag you on their posts and to also share all the mesmerizing moments and memories from this special day.

Once your guests post their own photos from your wedding, all you need to do is to search for the hashtag, and there you go! You have got yourself your very own album of photos to cherish any time.

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Wedding Decors on a Budget

These were some of the best ways in which you can decorate your wedding. When it comes to decoration, the last thing you would want is to make the whole thing look like it if was put together in a hurry; a jumbled mess is a big no-no when it comes to such an important day. These wedding decoration ideas are quite inexpensive but look absolutely amazing.

You do not have to shell out a bomb to make your wedding venue look exquisite. These ideas let you stick to your budget without compromising on the style. With these ideas, your wedding venue is sure to look like a million bucks. Try them out to know for yourself.

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