Inexpensive Wedding Gift Ideas 2020 | Good for those on a Budget

by Felicia Tan

Wedding is one of the most memorable moments in a person’s life. The new beginning of the couple’s life at their wedding is made even more notable and striking by the loved ones who add to their happiness.

Are you looking for a gift that would make the happy couple glee with extra happiness? We have compiled some of the best and the most unique wedding gifts that will surely stand out and will exhilarate the couple with delight and ecstasy. Most important part is they are inexpensive!

Best Affordable Wedding Gifts

Read on to find how you can add extra smiles in the already exuberant faces of the couple.

#1 – The Special Date Keychain with a Photo

best wedding gift ever

For a recently hitched couple, nothing is more special than the lovely and memorable day on which they vowed to be each others forever. Keeping these sentiments in mind when choosing a wedding gift, you can buy this wonderful customized keychain.

Not just does this keychain highlight the special day but also allows for a lovely photograph to be engraved on one of the metal pieces. This is one of the most beautiful wedding gifts that you can gift to a couple. Also, this may prove useful for those who just cannot remember their special date.

Price: $4.99

#2 – The Perfect Shaker

cheap wedding gift

Highly functional, extremely classy, and absolutely delightful, this gift is all merged into one. A shaker is something that is used quite commonly in every household. Why not add some special touch to this common household item and make it a memorable gift?

The beautiful heart-shaped shakers come in the contrasting colors of Black and White with Mr and Mrs printed on them. Let them know how inseparable, contrasting and important they are together and for one another each time they shake these lovely pieces.

Price: $28.24 /lot

#3 – Custom Wedding Guest Book

creative wedding gift ideas

Whether you choose to put in all things related to the guests on this beautiful book or special pictures and memories of the couple, this is bound to be one of the most prized possessions of those who receive it.

The beautiful front cover is customizable and you can print the name of the couple along with the special date on which they promised to be with each other. You can also just gift the book with the customized cover as it is and the happy couple can decorate it with all the memories they hold dear to their heart.

Price: $21.99

#4 – The Electric Corkscrew

unique wedding gift ideas

Marriage is a bit of tipsy and a bit of swaying. Why don’t you help in this beautiful and dreamy journey? With the standard and time-consuming corkscrews being a thing of the past, we need to move on to something that lets you move on with this fast-paced world.

This electric corkscrew is a very functional, practical, and handy wedding gift. Let them remember you each time they open their wine bottle and sip the deliciousness. This gift is sure to be appreciated.

Price: $12.65

#5 – The French Press

affordable gift for wedding

No morning can begin without coffee. For the couple, their sweet mornings would be brightened with this purposeful and well-designed French Press. They will surely enjoy brewing coffee together every morning. Not only does this increase the closeness and bond between the couple, but it also enhances the flavor of the coffee.

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Price: $8.57

#6 – The Neon Heart

wedding gifts for couples

For a couple who loves modern décor, this unique lamp would be the perfect gift. With their life already filled with lots of love, this pretty piece of décor is just going to add extra shine and spark. Let their hearts glow warmly each time they plug this in and get mesmerized by its simplicity and beauty.

Price: $31.15

#7 – Love Written in the Stars

special wedding gift ideas

Matches are made in heaven and love is written in the stars. Why not highlight this sentiment with this beautiful custom poster. What’s so special about this? This authentic astrology map features the night and location of your choice. Choose the couple’s special night so they can always look at the stars as they were and reminisce on the beautiful and happy recollections of that night.

Price: $14.07

#8 – Waffle your Love

creative wedding gift

We all agree to breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Thus, functional and practical kitchenware is one of the best gifts you can give to a newly-wed couple. With this hand-held waffle maker, the lovely couple is surely going to have a kickstart morning with delicious and healthy waffles. Let them make perfect waffles each time.

Price: $13.39

#9 – Customized Chopping Board

customised wedding gift

A kitchen is one of the most frequently visited places in a house. With all the cutting and chopping involved here, a good chopping board is sure to be an excellent gift idea. However, it is not just any ordinary chopping board that is going to find its way into the pile of wedding gifts received by the couple. Get the couple’s name (or anything, really) engraved on the chopping board to make it distinctive and unique.

Price: $21.99

#10 – Drink Right from the Heart

wedding gift for couples who love to drink

As cliché as it may sound and look, heart-shaped items are still the cutest. Gift a set of these heart-shaped mugs to keep the love and magic alive with each sip. With each sip, they will be reminded of their immense love for each other. Also, it’s one of the most adorable cups for fancy teas.

Price: $4.38

#11 – Memories up on the Wall

wedding gift ideas for friends

Who does not love spending hours looking at old memories with a smile? Let the newly-weds feel that sensation of happiness each time they look at the wall covered with a set of framed photographs. Collect some of the most beautiful and candid photographs of the couple and frame them in this lovely set. This is surely going to be one of their most favorite wedding gifts.

Price: $20.87

#12 – Get, Set, Caring!

special gift sets for wedding

A relationship is one where you do not just vouch to stay with each other but also agree to be there for one another and to take care of each other. What better way to teach the newly-weds the importance of caring than by gifting them beautiful succulents? Gift them beautiful succulents that they will enjoy taking care of together. This is definitely going to bring them closer than they already are.

Price: $0.37

#13 – Engrave on those Coasters

classic wedding gifts

Coasters are one of the items that are of great use. Fancy coasters add an extra sleek and stylish touch to the coffee table. These custom coasters make a great gift for the couple. Get the names and initials of the couple engraved on these lovely wood coasters for that personal touch. You are sure to be remembered with love and fondness each time they look at the coaster.

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Price: $9.99

#14 – Suitcases for those Lovely Travels

travel wedding gifts

This may seem like a gift that not many would think of, and it is this that makes it unique. This is a perfect gift for those couples who are bitten by the travel bug and have wanderlust in their blood. A set of luggage is a perfect way to make the couple think of you each time they pack for their next adventure. Also, get them custom luggage tags to make it all the more personal for them.

Price: $64.79

#15 – Customized Wine Glass

unique gift for wedding

If it is the swirl of wine that ignites excitement in the couple more than the aroma of the coffee, nothing can be a better gift than this. With this set of custom wine glasses, add a special touch to their wine moment. Let them sip through glasses that have their names written on them. This gift is sure to bring a smile on their faces. Couple this up with the electric corkscrew to give them the perfect set.

Price: $3.19

#16 – Wine Rack

drinking couples wedding gifts

For wine lovers, this beautiful and classy metal wine rack is a great gift. This shall be a perfect match to the custom wine glasses that you gift to the newly-weds. Sipping wine on a romantic evening will be a classic experience with this beautiful gift that will make the couple remember you warmly.

Price: $10.06

#17 – Jewelry Stand

last minute wedding gifts

This gift is for the brides. A woman loves her jewelry, so what better gift than this elegant jewelry stand in the shape of a tree. The metallic color of the stand adds on to the beauty of this gift. This is a flawless gift in which the bride can display her beautiful earrings and necklaces. The bride will surely love this impeccable gift.

Price: $10.54

#18 – Fragrance Diffuser

wedding gift for couples living together

This gift will be adored by the bride and appreciated by the groom. This beautiful fragrance diffuser is going to adorn the living room of the couple while giving out a wonderful aroma that is going to fill them with happiness all the time. The rose-shaped design of the diffuser is going to make the couple fall in love with this gift the moment they set their eyes on it.

Price: $8.89

#19 – The Ultimate Grooming Kit

wedding gift for men

Why should brides have all the fun? This is the ultimate gift for the groom who loves personal hygiene. The entire set is going to be a luxurious experience. He is surely going to love spending time grooming his beard and polishing his look. The bride too is going to love the polished look this is going to give her groom.

Price: $16.99

#20 – Watch Box

men wedding gift idea

Men love their watches; they also love displaying their watches fondly and taking good care of them. With that in mind, this classy watch box is a perfect gift for the grooms. They would love having this beautiful case to hold all their amazing watches. Also, you will always be remembered fondly by him for this.

Price: $6.89

#21 – Custom Bottle Opener

gifts for lovely wedding couple

For a couple who loves opening bottles to toast to all the wonderful memories, they are creating, this lovely custom bottle opener keychain is the ultimate gift. These beautiful openers come in shades of the most striking and gorgeous colors. Etch the names of the couple as well as the day on which they decided to merge their lives into one to make this a highly-personalized gift. They are sure to smile each time they look at the date and their names on it.

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Price: $13.32

#22 – Customized Pillow

special customized wedding gift

A pillow is an item that is a very important part of home décor. Add on to this personalization with this custom pillow. It is a very pretty pillow with stunning sequins; on moving around the sequins, the beautiful image underneath gets revealed. Use a beautiful picture of the couple to decorate their house. They are surely going to love playing peek-a-boo with this attractive pillow.

Price: $3.98

#23 – Passport Covers

creative gifts for wedding

This gift is ideal for those couples who love to travel all around the world. Get these beautiful passport covers in the beautiful colors they are available in. The bride and groom are going to love flaunting these beautiful covers. Let them travel to every corner of this world and let these covers be their constant travel companion.

Price: $0.60

#24 – Bluetooth Speakers

electronic gift for wedding couple living together

Couples who dance together stay happy together. Whether they want to waltz, do some salsa, or tango, none of it would be possible without good music. And what better way to make sure music creeps in through their veins and gets them tapping their feet that by gifting them this amazing Bluetooth speaker. This speaker comes in various shades that you can choose from. They will definitely love listening to music all the time.

Price: $16.14

#25 – Buddha for Peace

home gifts for newly weds

Gift the couple this beautifully carved metal Buddha to bring peace, prosperity, and calmness into the newly-weds life. It is going to adorn their living room while emitting calmness all around. This gift will surely be appreciated by the couple and you will always be in their good thoughts and prayers.

Price: $4.14

Perfect Wedding Gift Ideas

These were some of the best and the most unique wedding gift ideas on a budget. Have you got some ideas now? Try gifting your lovely couple any one (or many) of the brilliant and unique gifts listed above and see the delight and ecstasy on their faces. What more? These gifts are pocket-friendly and will not upset your budget while also ensuring that your gifts remain etched in their happy memories forever.

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