Top Aliexpress Stationery Stores 2021 – Not to be missed!

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There’s something that binds all of us together – the love for stationery at unbelievable prices. There is nothing more satisfactory or amazing than being able to get amazing (and adorable) stationery items. And when it comes to buying stationery items at a bargain, nothing compares to AliExpress. This eCommerce giant has so many stationery stores with super cool items that will make you drool.

On AliExpress, you can find everything from Kawaii notebooks and sticky notes to adorable pens, erasers, and other such items. But since there are so many stores, it can get a little overwhelming to decide where to buy your haul from. Which is why I have brought to you the following list of some of the best AliExpress stationery stores.

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Aliexpress Stationery Haul 2021

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aliexpress stationery store

Jianwu is a Top Store on AliExpress with positive feedback of 99 percent, which is huge. It has been selling on the platform for 4 years and since then, it has garnered over a hundred thousand stationery buffs.

The store focuses on providing you stationery items that are high in quality. There are so many eye-catching items on this store that you will not be able to resist yourself. The store has everything from markers, retro memo pads, stickers, and whatever other stationery items you need.

Here are some stationery items from the store that are absolute must-haves –

top aliexpress stationery store

The 365-days agenda daily planner calendar is one of the store’s top-selling items, and for good reason too. This single page has the entire year on it, allowing you to manage your time and priorities correctly. This is a must-have, especially if you are somebody with quite a hectic schedule.

stationery aliexpress cheap

How cute are these mini portable calculators? I have always wanted one of these, and thanks to the JIANWU store, I can finally get myself one. These little beauties look adorable and they work on solar power. Isn’t this a fun thing to own, even when you do not need to calculate often?

marker aliexpress

I would buy these pens just for the beauty of it. There is something satisfactory about watching the ink swishing inside the body. Also, the nib of these pens is super fine and the ink pigmented and dark. I want them in all the colors, do you?

Why we like this store?

  • Fast shipping
  • Great packaging
  • Great variety of cute stuffs you cannot possibly resist.
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You can get all these amazing stationery HERE.

#2 – House of Novelty

stationery aliexpress review

The first store on our list is the House of Novelty. The products sold by the store is as fancy as the name of the store. The moment you open the store, you will be mesmerized by the cute stationery items they have. Every single item is nothing short of elegant and gorgeous; the cuteness is so overwhelming, you would want to grab everything.

The store has been in operation for 7 years now and has positive feedback of 97.9 percent. It is also a Top Store, which means, you can trust the seller and the products sold. The store has over 100 thousand followers, which speaks for the genuineness of the products.

You can check out the store here to look at the wonderful collection they have.

Here are some amazing products from the store that you will not be able to say no to –

house of novelty aliexpress

We aren’t perfect, but our mistakes can definitely be corrected in the cutest way possible with these correction tapes. Each correction tape has adorable characters that add beauty to our pages and errors. Isn’t this the cutest way to make working and writing fun? Do you love it?

correction tapes aliexpress

Just in case you want your correction tape to be white, this cute bear one will bring you joy.

cute stationery aliexpress

I could be a DIY queen with these adorable washi tapes. There are also several other patterns and colors that you can get from the store. Are you excited to go the DIY way with these beauties?

best stationery aliexpress to buy

The bookworm in you will scream with joy at this adorable bookmark inspired from Alice in Wonderland. Nothing is a cuter companion than this. I am getting one, are you?

Why we like this store?

  • We love their cuteeee stickers!

Check all above items out here.

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The ZMENGAUGUST store is a place where you can find many unique stationery items, everything from Match stick-shaped pens to Bathroom set erasers. This is the store to visit to get adorable and kawaii stationery items that are more than just colors and patterns.

aliexpress stationery supplies

The store has been selling on AliExpress for 3 years now, and in these years, it has managed to garner over 40 thousand followers. It has positive feedback of 98.4 percent and you can see that the customers really love the products.

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You can check out this store here for marvelous Kawaii stationery items.

Here are some stationery items from this store you will not be able to resist –

cute stuff on aliexpress

Do you love roller skating? Then you will appreciate these lovely roller skates rubber erasers. They are vibrant and you can see that special attention has been paid to the details. Erasing your mistakes are just so much fun with these.

cute stationery on aliexpress

And if you need something quirkier, you can try out these bathroom supplies erasers. They look so fun and honestly, we could all use some laugh while working.

cute pencil aliexpress

Us Mario fans will understand the joy of holding these pens in our hands. There is something so adorable about these pens that you will never be able to get over them.

What we like about this store

  • amazing collection, most under $1… this is how cheap it is

You can check these out here.

#4 – Happy Time Stock

Happy Time Stock has been selling on AliExpress for 7 years now. In these years, it has got positive feedback of 97.2 percent. You will find a lot of adorable stationery items that are great in quality and design.

happy time stock aliexpress

The store has a varied range of stickers, notepads, sticky notes, pencil cases, and much more. You can fulfill all your stationery needs here. The stationery items are so brilliant, you will have a hard time choosing between the seemingly endless options.

If you are on the hunt for affordable and great quality stationery.

Here are some of the amazing items sold by the store that you may want to get your hands on –

aliexpress stationery must buy

I love these colorful stickers; they give out such happy vibes. You can use these stickers to decorate your scrapbooks or use them in your notebooks for a fun twist to old, boring stickers. They look magical and I am sure you will love them.

pencil case aliexpress

An adorable pencil case can make sitting down to work so much fun. But if you do not want to use these adorable cases for your pens and markers, you can use it for other things. Like, putting your makeup in. See? There’s so much you can do with these pencil cases, and believe me, you will smile each time you take it out.

cute pencil case aliexpress

And if you want something simple but elegant, you can choose these ones like above.

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What we like about this store?

  • their pink collection will kill you!

Check all these stuffs out.

#5 – GZ Stationery

best place to buy stationery on aliexpress

GZ Stationery has been selling on AliExpress for only 1 year, but in this short period, it has managed to get positive feedback of 98.9 percent. You will find every type of stationery item that you may ever need in this store. Vintage diaries, vintage stickers, bookmarks, notebooks – you name it, GZ Stationery has it.

You can check out this store here for all your fancy stationery needs.

Here are some wonderful stationery items from GZ Stationery that you will love –

aliexpress supplier for stationery

I am drooling at these magnetic bookmarks. They look so elegant and chic, and the whole magnetic mechanism really sets it apart from other bookmarks. You can choose from their wide range of designs here.

magnetic book mark aliexpress

Yet another bookish item from the store is this retro metal hand bookmark that you can also use as a paper clip. It looks wonderful and I can just not get enough of it. I am sure you will fall in love with it too.

vintage stickers aliexpress

These vintage stickers would add a nice oomph to your scrapbook. They look wonderful and there are so many options to choose from. You can check it out.

aliexpress planner review

This is the notebook for lovers of nature. The design looks subtle but absolutely pretty. You can also get these spiral notebooks in several other designs. Want to get this for your daily journal entries?

What we like about this store

  • they have a great collection of art products.

You can get all these here.

The world of colors and cuteness! Go get Aliexpress Stationery Haul

These were some of the best AliExpress stationery stores along with some of the items that will blow you away. I hope with the help of this guide, you can satisfy your inner cravings for stationery items that are cute, adorable, and practical. So, what are you waiting for? Start carting the products today!


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