Best AliExpress Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories 2022

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If you’re a mommy like me, you are surely interested in any kitchen gadget that you see anywhere – even on social media! There are tons of videos about innovative Chinese kitchen gadgets that can save your time spent while cooking.

We have gathered the best AliExpress kitchen gadgets today to help you lessen your efforts while cooking. These gadgets are all made to help you be more efficient while in the kitchen. Thus, you can have more time with your kids and the whole family! Let’s check these amazing gadgets now.

Top 10 AliExpress Kitchen Gadgets

Stainless Steel Citrus Fruits Squeezer

Price: $0.63

If you’re making pitchers of fresh juice, you wouldn’t want to sore your hands squeezing all those fresh lemon or orange juice, right? Plus, it is quite messy to squeeze fruits using your hands too. Try this Stainless Steel Citrus Fruits Squeezer and save yourself from getting exhausted just getting fresh juice!

This squeezer ensures that you get the most out of every fruit you squeeze compared to manually squeezing the juice out. The squeezer is also made from stainless steel, so you don’t need to worry about rust and corrosion even after years of using the product.

Other Features:

  • Size: approx. 20*6.5cm/7.87*2.56″
  • Perfect for use to any citrus fruits
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel

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Rotating Spatula for Thermomix

aliexpress kitchen gadgets

Price: $0.01

Have you ever had the problem of wasting some of your herbs, vegetables, and even meat when you can’t scoop them out of your food processor? Say goodbye to that problem because we now have the Rotating Spatula for Thermomix for your convenience!

This gadget is explicitly made to prevent extra food waste as it efficiently scoops out all the food inside your mixer. This rotating spatula is made from food-grade materials, so your whole family is safe from any contaminants or other harmful elements.

The spatula is positioned between the cutter and the wall of the mixing jar. It will never disrupt the operation as you mix or cut your food, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Other Features:

  • Heat-resistant features
  • Wear-resistant features
  • Made from food-grade materials.

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Adjustable Multi-function Bottle and Cap Opener

aliexpress kitchen gadgets 2021

Price: $2.99

For some of up, opening a bottle is one of the hardest things to do! If you’re one of those people, then you must have this Adjustable Multi-function Bottle and Cap Opener in your kitchen. This bottle opener can open even large bottles, not just the regular beverage bottle.

So, you can now open your jars for your sauces and it will be perfect to use especially for the elderly who are living alone. It is also suitable for any cap type, making it one of the best gadgets to use in the kitchen. It is also made from stainless steel, so rusting and corrosion will never have to worry you anymore.

Other Features:

  • Suitable for caps up to 9.5cm
  • With anti-rust features

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Dumplings Mold

best aliexpress kitchen gadgets 2021

Price: $0.01

Does your family love dumplings? Then this dumpling mold is a necessity in your kitchen! This mold allows you to move faster and finish creating your dumplings than molding them manually using your hands. All you need to do is put your dough and filling inside the mold, then fold it and you’re all done!

Many customers say that this mold looks very strong and well-made. Plus, it’s very simple and easy to use. It is manufactured using high-quality stainless steel so you can keep it in your kitchen for years. This reliable and versatile kitchen gadget is one of the best gadgets any moms can have.

Other Features:

  • 8cm in diameter
  • Made from stainless steel

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Stainless Steel Finger Protector

top kitchen gagdets on aliexpress
top kitchen gadgets on aliexpress 2021

Price: $0.01

If you’re always cooking, then cuts and wounds are all normal for you. But did you know that you can now protect your precious fingers as you cook and cut your ingredients? Using this stainless-steel finger protector, you no longer have to be bothered about getting wounded as you use your sharp knife.

It might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but with enough practice just like how you practice your knife skills, you can definitely get the hang of this gadget. You only need to insert one finger on the hole and you can cut your food as usual. That’s how easy and simple it is!

Other Features:

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Size: 6.5*4.8*2cm/2.55*1.88*0.78

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Unibird 1Pc Plastic Egg Divider

top 10 kitchen gadgets on aliexpress 2021

Price: $1.06

If you’re a fan of baking, then this Unibird Plastic Egg Divider will be your best friend! You no longer have to manually separate your whites and yolks, saving you so much time especially if you’re a baker or a pastry chef.

What’s great about this egg divider is that it comes with a handle that can be attached to most bowls. Then, all you need to do is drop your egg and the gadget will do the rest of the job for you! The handle is made from silicone to prevent the egg divider from moving when you use it.

Other Features:

  • Easy to clean
  • Size:10.5×7.5×3.5cm
  • Net Weight:20g

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Stainless Steel Manual Potato Cutter

kitchen gadgets on aliexpress

Price: $7.66

Do you love French fries but you hate the time that it takes for you to finish cutting off the potatoes? This Stainless-Steel Manual Potato Cutter can save you hours of manually cutting your potatoes! If you’re running a business that needs an efficient and fast potato cutter, this gadget Is truly a great deal too.

It cuts whole potatoes within seconds, and you also have the flexibility to choose how small or large the cuts are. However, if your potato is too large for the cutter, you can simply cut it in half for it to fit the cutter.

You can also cut other vegetables of your choice to make your cooking much more exciting and efficient.

Other Features:

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Made from food-grade materials

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Leaf Shape Rice Wash Sieve

kitchen gadgets on aliexpress 2021

Price: $0.48

For Asian families, rice will always be the main part of meals. On the other hand, washing rice can sometimes lead to wastage because rice grains can fall out of your container. If you don’t want your precious grains to be just drowning down the drain, get yourself this Leaf Shape Rice Wash Sieve.

This sieve fits all pots and containers for washing your rice. It effectively drains water out of your pot while keeping all the rice grains inside. In this way, you can also drain all the washing water out so you can accurately add water for cooking.

Other Features:

  • Made from plastic
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Pink, White
  • Size: 15*10.5cm

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Stainless Steel Fish Scale

kitchen gadgets top 10 on aliexpress

Price: $6.78

As a mom and a housewife, I sometimes forget to have the fish I purchase scaled on the market. So, this leaves me no choice but to manually remove the scales using a knife. But, ever since I saw this Stainless Steel Fish Scale on AliExpress, I no longer have to spend so much time scaling fishes!

This scaler is very easy to use than using a knife to remove the scales. Since it is made from food-grade materials, this is 100% safe to use even if you have babies and kids at home.

Other Features:

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Rust-proof
  • 25 cm length

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5-style Egg Molds

top 10 kitchen gadgets on aliexpress

Price: $0.01/piece

If you have kids or toddlers at home, then you know how stressful mealtime can be especially if they’re very picky. These 5-style egg molds have helped me make my toddler enjoy dining even more because of the fun shapes it offers.

The shapes available are Mickey Mouse, Heart, Star, Circle, and Flower. What’s great about these molds is that you can also use them for other food items like pancakes. You can also make cute bento boxes from foods cooked using these molds to make your kids’ lunches more appetizing!

Other Features:

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Convenient and easy to clean
  • Size: 10cm x 10cm/3.94″x 3.94″ (Approx.)

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Getting the Best Kitchen Gadgets on AliExpress

Let’s be honest, cooking in the kitchen can be exhausting especially if you do it every single day. That’s why having these amazing kitchen gadgets can save time and efforts – giving you more time for yourself or your family.

We have handpicked these items according to what will be the most beneficial in a home kitchen setting, but there are still tons of options that you can choose from. Have you tried any of these gadgets? Let us know in the comments!

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