5 Best Men Clothing on Aliexpress 2022

by Felicia Tan

Men street style is booming with so many trends that are taking the world of men’s fashion by storm. There are a myriad of styles that have become a complete hit amongst men from all around.

These styles are such that they flatter everyone’s tastes and personal style. Whether you are looking for new items to update your wardrobe or you need some inspiration, we have the best options for you.

Check out these wonderful men’s clothing on Aliexpress 2022 that we have put together for you.

best aliexpress men clothing

If nothing fancy you below – check out our top picks for Streetwear Stores this 2021.

Best Men’s Clothing Stores on Aliexpress on our Youtube Channel

#1 – Semir

top men clothing store aliexpress

Sitting at the top spot as Aliexpress’ most popular Men’s Fashion brand, Semir enjoys a following of nearly 370,000 on Aliexpress, with a feedback score of 98% Positive.

Semir’s best-selling items are men’s cotton shirts in various solid colors, but they do have a very wide selection of clothing options for both men and women.

Visit Semir Official Store on Aliexpress

#2 – Jack & Jones

men clothing aliexpress review

Jack & Jones takes the number two spot on our list of the top Men’s Fashion brands on Aliexpress. The store currently enjoys a follower base of over 317,000 loyal customers, and a 98.1% positive feedback score across all categories, including Communication and Shipping Speed.

As a bonafide fashion brand, Jack & Jones is always moving stock around for the seasons, so we can’t tell you what their top-selling products are, but rest assured that Jack & Jones is in the top 2 for a very good reason: quality.

Visit Jack & Jones Official Store on Aliexpress

#3 – Simwood Denim

top aliexpress seller for men clothing

Number 3 in Men’s Fashion goes to Simwood Denim – a very popular denim clothing store with over 350,000 followers and an unbeatable 99.2% positive feedback rating. Simwood’s top selling products right now include summer drawstring shorts and 100% pure cotton t-shirts with over 4,000 orders each.

They also offer all kinds of clothing and apparel, from jackets to pants to hoodies and pullovers.

Visit Simwood Official Store on Aliexpress


best men clothing aliexpress

Coming in at number four, SELECTED has over 315,000 followers and enjoys a feedback score of 98%. Thanks to the high quality of its products and their consistent excellent service, they’ve become one of the biggest fashion brands on Aliexpress – for both men and women.Their catalog includes all kinds of clothing.

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Visit SELECTED Official Store on Aliexpress

#5 – Giordano

men clothing aliexpress review

Originally based in Hong Kong, the fashion retailer Giordano is now an international player in the fashion industry, and Aliexpress is just one of the reputable marketplaces where it’s decided to set up shop. With a following of nearly 250,000 and a 98.8 positive feedback score, Giordano has definitely earned its place as one of the top 5 men’s fashion brands on Aliexpress.

Visit Giordano Official Store on Aliexpress

What men clothing to buy on Aliexpress?

Cuban Collar Shirts

These are the shirts you would want to stock up for the breezy summers. The Cuban collar shirts are stylish and come with a distinctive collar and short sleeves. You can easily make a statement with this shirt and jazz up your outfit. If you do not want to experiment, you can choose shirts in plain colors. But if you love making a bold statement, go for prints that make you stand out. When choosing these shirts, go for bright colors like blue and yellow. And your crossbody bag will look absolutely perfect with this shirt.

Here is an option that you may want to consider –

street style men shirt

This is quite a bold shirt that will make your street style outfit a huge success. The bright red color with the dragon print makes the shirt stand out. Pair this with plain black pants to make the shirt the center of attention.

You can check it out here.


Patchworks are back to help make you a bold appearance. Move over from simple clothing items and choose something with a loud patchwork print. This style requires you to be proud of it. And do not worry, you do not have to stick to one basic patchwork; there is something for everybody. From extremely bold prints to subtle and minimalistic patterns, you are sure to find a style that suits you and makes you feel extraordinarily confident.

You can get a patchwork print shirt and pair it with a plain white tee – this is sure to make your outfit pop. You can also choose funky pants to stand out even more. However, if you want to make your upper half the hero, choose pants in a darker shade. This is such an easy recipe for a stunning and classy look.

Are you ready to give this modern twist a try? Here are some amazing ideas for you –

casual shirt for men on street

This is a simple patchwork print shirt. This is an easy to carry plaid shirt in two colors. If you are only starting on this trend and want to look cool, but also not go overboard, this is the shirt for you. You will love the breezy and easy vibe this shirt gives. Pair this with a plain tee to make the colors on the shirt pop. You can match this with darker colored bottom wear. Let this shirt be the star and let it stand out.

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You can check it out here.

men street style pants

If you want to use the patchwork trend on the bottom wear, this is the one for you. It catches your eyes and attention right from the moment you see it. These joggers have all different colors patched up together to create an easy but stylish look. Do it justice by pairing it with a plain black t-shirt and sneakers. These are the pants that should steal the show and be right at the center of attention.

You can check it out here.

Also, you can pair it with these Nike Fake Sneakers or this Fake Golden Goose.

funky shirt for men

Are you ready to make a bold statement? Choose this shirt. Although it is one single-flowing shirt, it looks like several different pieces of fabrics have been used to patch together this shirt. The darker colors have been complemented by the lighter patches and bright colors. Pair this with a plain t-shirt and pants to give the shirt the limelight it deserves.

You can check it out here.

Oversized blazers

With the oversized blazers trend, take yourself back to the 80s. This trend lets you take your suit game a notch higher by taking your blazer a few sizes up. There are no limitations to the jacket you choose – whether it is a pinstripe or a one-color blazer, you are surely going to rock this latest street style trend.

This trend keeps you from looking too formal, while also adding a retro touch to your modern outfit. To make you look exceptional, you can go up by a couple of sizes or you could go totally out with something massive. No matter what you choose, there is only one way to own the style, and that is with confidence.

You can pair this with a printed T-shirt or a button-down shirt and jeans. You will definitely make heads turn in awe and admiration when you walk down the street.

If you want to get on the wagon, here are some items you may want to consider purchasing –

casual street style mens

Do you see how cool this blazer looks? This oversized blazer comes in a check design that looks uber cool. When you walk the streets in this blazer, you are surely going to make heads turn.

You can check it out here

men street style 2020

The first thing about this jacket that will make you fall in love with it is the color. The pastel color is so soft and looks graceful and elegant. Move over the basic neutral colors of black, white, and grey and go for this color for a bright look.

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You can check it out here

Relaxed suit

Yes, we know all about suits having to be tailored to the perfect fit. However, men’s street style 2020 is all about relaxing this rule and going for something that is breezy and uber cool. This trend is the perfect way to bring formal clothing to casual settings. To make a statement, choose something subtle or go exceedingly over the top – it all depends on how you want it.

Pair your relaxed suit with sneakers and a T-shirt. Avoid wearing a formal shirt with it as it might give the impression that you are wearing your dad’s suit. So, to rock the street style, keep it casual.

Again, the best way to make sure this style trend is the absolute bomb is by wearing it with confidence.

Here are a few options that will get you started on this trend –

korean look street style men

Here is the first option that you will absolutely come to love. It is not your regular shade of black and white, however, the color is what makes this suit set so desirable. The deep burgundy looks beautiful, and with the relaxed suit trend, this seems to be the perfect combination.

You can check it out here

vibrant street style men

Here’s more color for you. This bright blue is such a happy color. When you walk the streets, do so in style with this relaxed suit in vibrant color. Pair this with a basic black or white tee to give the suit the maximum attention.

You can check it out here

Are you excited to walk the streets with Men Clothing from Aliexpress?

These were some of the trendiest street style trends that will make you the fashion star without much effort.

Get them today!

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