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by Felicia Tan

Babies and children are the joys in your life. As parents, you do whatever it takes to make them happy. That includes buying cute clothings for them. AliExpress is a place where you will get amazing and endless cloth collection for babies and kids.

The clothes you buy in AliExpress are amazingly good and affordable. You are not trusting right. So, let me give you an example. You can buy 5 baby suits at AliExpress for as low as $15 for all.

Yes, you read it right. It is so affordable that you wonder if the quality is good.

Check them out

Best Baby Clothes on Aliexpress 2023

Here you will get every kind of clothes like modern or classic. There are absolutely no disadvantages so you can shop with confidence at AliExpress.

#1 – Newborn Baby Clothes

newborn clothes aliexpress

Dress your newborn baby in this soft and comfortable baby clothes. It is made from high quality cotton that is safe for your baby’s delicate skin.

It super soft and does not shrink even after washing. The round collar is designed for your baby’s neck comfort. The snap button fastener makes it easy to check and change diapers.

Price: 7pcs for $17.94

#2 – Newborn Socks and Mittens

newborn socks aliexpress

Another item to help you baby keep warm are newborn socks/booties and mittens. There are times when babies are born with long fingernails and I may take a while before parents can get a hang on trimming their nails without harm.

Mittens are a perfect solution so that your babies can avoid accidentally scratching their faces. Socks/booties on the other hand makes your baby’s feet warm and makes an officially going-home outfit look cute and complete.

Price: $3.10

#3 – Muslin Blankets

baby blankets

Blankets are one of the most important things to pack in a hospital bag. It has multipurpose use such as a swaddle for the baby and a nursing cover during feeding sessions.

These blankets are made from high density soft cotton material making it durable and safe for your baby. It can also be used as a cloth diaper if ever you packed the wrong size for the baby. It comes in different colorful patterns that would surely go with your other baby items.

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Price: $3.75

#4 – Baby Rompers

Made from high quality materials that does not harm your baby’s skin. These cute rompers will make your baby look more stylish and cuter. It can be used as the perfect going home outfit for your baby.

When preparing for an outfit, it is advisable to pack in different sizes because you will never know how big or small the baby would be. A newborn size and one that fits 0-3 months is a good option.

Price: $4.79

#5 – Newborn and Baby Caps

baby caps aliexpress

Perfect to give warmth to your baby and protect them from the cold environment, these adorable newborn caps are made from 100% cotton and is available in different colors and design.

Caps and hats have a comforting effect to newborns just as a swaddle does. It makes them snuggle right in and feel secure because of the warm feeling it gives. Keep your baby warm and cozy with these newborn caps.

Price: $0.78

Top Rated Baby Clothing Sellers on AliExpress

Here we will point out some of the best baby clothes vendors on the portal.

baby clothes aliexpress

#1 – zForward Baby Clothes Store

aliexpress baby clothes store

This shop has an amazingly good rating and is very famous among the buyers. You will find a huge range of clothes for babies here like outfits, jackets, and other dresses. Lovely dresses and outfits that cost less than $10. If you are sceptical, buy one outfit to see their quality. 🙂

Check the store HERE.

#2 – HiHi Baby Store

cheap baby clothes online

This is another with very good rating. The shop is famous for it variety of baby clothes. I like their “strap”, it really prevent kids from running off just like that.

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You can buy here any cloth for your baby like pjs, skirts, jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, and other clothing. But the main feature of the store is their incredible low price of baby products in general. The customers are happy with the shop and always gave positive feedback.

According to some of their previous reviews, they get the best kid clothes here and that too in very low price.

Check the store HERE.

#3 – High Quality Baby Store

aliexpress baby girl clothes review

As cheesy as the store name sounds, you will get to see a good selection of baby girl clothes here. These products are selected by AliExpress based by their popularity of our search review. The baby boy clothes are lovely too but we still prefer the girl selection.

Check the seller HERE.

#4 – Teenmiro Shop

baby clothes cheap aliexpress

This is another famous shop for providing good quality clothes at affordable prices. This store sells clothes for children age 1 and above. From shirts to jackets and robes, this is your one-stop-shop for your little one’s clothes!

I just bought one new coat for my niece of 3 years of age. Lovely and awesome. Just be mindful of the sizes. 🙂

Check the seller HERE

#5 – Just for Child Store

aliexpress children dresses for girl

Look at the dresses, these are so amazingly good looking. How will your kid look like if they are onto one of these? She will feel like a real princess once you gift her one of the dresses from Just for Child Store.

Do check out more designs below. I am not gonna put more words here. Leave this as a suspense…

Check the store HERE

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What to know when buying Baby and Toddler Clothes on Aliexpress

Size of Baby Clothes on Aliexpress

You will get clothes of every size for your kids in AliExpress. You can see the table and choose accordingly. As the size of clothes always vary in different countries so you have to check the table properly or else you will buy either bigger or smaller clothes for your kids.

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But you will not find the sizes of some countries and you will search for some other country size which is same as the country.

Our advice is to buy one piece of baby clothing and see if it fits. If so, welcome back to the store to buy more.

Quality of the Baby Clothes on Aliexpress

The quality which you will get in AliExpress is always good. But still, you have to check for the reputation of the seller. Buy the cloth when you are completely satisfied with the quality and feedback.

You can contact the seller directly and if you don’t get a response, you are more than welcome to look for other seller. Customer service is a huge thing on Aliexpress. No response, no sales.

Shipping of Children Clothing

Choosing ePacket or Aliexpress Standard Shipping will never go wrong. It takes longer to ship via China Post. Some sellers offer the above options for free while others may charge a small fee.

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