Best Fake Apple Watch Bands on Aliexpress 2021

by Felicia Tan

I love changing my Apple Watch Bands as per the occasions. The different apple watch bands available helps me style my look in a new way every single time. By simply changing the band, you can make your watch look like a completely new accessory. You can sport a sweat-friendly band for your workouts or the highly-polished metal band for when you are out for a meeting.

There are also some super comfortable ones available out there like the scrunchie band. No matter what mood you are in or what the occasion is, there is a band for your Apple watch.

Today, I bring to you the best AliExpress Apple watch bands that you can get for a whole new look. If you have been trying to style your accessories as per your outfits, this is a great way to do it.

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Best Apple Watch Bands on AliExpress (Most under $20)

#1– Leather Watch Band

cheap apple watch bands aliexpress

This one an amazing watch band series available in different colors and thicknesses as per your choice. You just cannot say no to these bands because of their looks. It really does look very smart and adds a whole new definition to your watch band.

The leather strap is absolutely soft and is made with fine workmanship. The durability is not at all questionable. It has well-finished corners and a super comfortable feel.

Get this one for your formal or casual look. You can style this band the way you want to get a super-stylish look.

Check it out here.

#2– 3D Silicone Strap

silicon apple watch band aliexpress

If you want to skip the leather strap and want to choose something more sturdy and durable, then you must opt for this silicone strap that requires almost no maintenance.

These are water-resistance and great in quality. The 3D band is also quite skin-friendly and light-weight which allows you to wear it for a long time. I love the 3D detailing on it that gives it a rugged look. If you work out a lot, this is definitely the perfect band for you.

Check it out here.

#3– Wooden Watch Band

wooden apple watch band

Watchbands need to be super comfortable and soft because watches are meant to be worn all day long. To maintain that comfort and avoid rashes and irritation on the wrists, it is always better to choose the right watch band. To help you in that case, here is an excellent band that is made of wood.

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These straps are soft in texture with no harsh corners. Other than just the fabulous quality of the wooden material used, the design is also super awesome. It is in a bracelet style that looks amazing with steel used in it. Feel confident and happy while flaunting this watch. Get it before it is too late!

Check it out here.

#4– Scrunchie Watch Band

cheap scrunchie watch band

I love wearing a watch. It is the perfect accessory that pulls together the entire outfit and makes you look stunning. It is also a great way to add some glamor to your hands. However, I find myself feeling uncomfortable because of the bands. Some cause sweat while others cause allergic reactions and rashes.

And which is why, this scrunchi caught my eye, and now, it is my favorite way to wear my Apple watch. This is the perfect way to style your watch and your wrist for a casual day. In fact, I adorn this everywhere, even to my meetings because a girl can never have too many scrunchies, right?

It also looks quite fashionable and creates a fun look. With different printed scrunchies you can now wear your favorite watch and create another statement look.

Check it out here.

#5– Cowhide Strap

leather apple watch band under 20

Most of the brands and stores use low-quality leather that doesn’t last very long. But here is an original leather strap for your Apple Watch. With originality and quality, the band is one of the best choices that you can make for your Apple watch. This watch is made with the help of original cowhide leather where cowhide is transformed into high-quality leather. This strap is super soft in texture and also has a steel buckle that keeps the band intact.

The steel quality is also very nice as it is finely polished and durable. You get three different colors to rock this watch and I believe you must get on of this right away. The watch is going to add a graceful touch to your personality. It is the perfect band for all your formal meetings and events. In fact, you can rock this band anytime, anywhere as it is versatile in nature.

Check it out here.

#6– Transparent Strap

transparent apple watch band

I love quirky items, especially when it comes to my accessories. I love sporting all such pieces to give me a whole new look and add grace to my style. This transparent band for Apple Watch is the perfect addition. It is quite a statement piece that looks subtle but trendy.

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This is a unisex band that does not cause any allergic reactions or rashes on your skin when you wear it. It is also water-resistant. The band is also durable and long-lasting, making sure you can rock this style for a long time. The strap can be adjusted as per your wrist size easily.

Check it out here.

#7– Sport Band

cheap sports band for apple watch

I am a person who spends a lot of time working out in the gym. I always find that most watch bands are not very comfortable to wear during workouts, which is why I am always on the lookout for better alternatives. I finally found a great band that can help me keep track of time when I am sweating it out.

This sports band is one of the best choices out there for all those who are into sports or fitness activities. The loop band is sweat-resistant and keeps your wrists from allergic reactions and rashes. The band is made of silicone and is pretty comfortable to wear. It is also stretchable so it will fit most wrists.

Check it out here.

#8– Bohemia Watch Band

bohemia apple watch band

Are you into the bohemia trend and love incorporating those patterns and styles? If so, then this is the perfect watch band for you. This watch band has a lovely pattern and a mix of colors that look fantastic. It is perfect for all your casual day outs.

The detailing on the band helps enhance the beauty of your wrists and adds a whole new meaning to your watch. So, switch over from your basic watch straps to this Boho watch band and rock your day.

Check it out here.

#9– Stainless Steel Watch Band

stainless steel watch band

Some people, including me, love stainless steel strap watches because of their extremely good quality and durability. Steel is that material that doesn’t easily get affected with minor accidents. This means that these straps will last you a long time.

Steel is a savior in terms of watches. The feel is comfortable and the look stays classic. For a very long time, this material has been used to make accessories that are durable and trendy. The combination of colors looks amazing together. You can get this stainless steel band in a range of graceful and elegant colors to enhance your personality.

Check it out here.

#10– Milanese Apple Watch band

trendy affordable apple watch band

This is one of the most classic bands that you can get for your Apple Watch. It looks elegant and trendy. The band slides in effortlessly and securely, making sure your watch remains safe.

The band also does not cause allergic reactions or rashes on your wrists, which can be the case with several such bands. The material used to make this band is of high quality, and so you can relax with it. It is available in three wonderful colors for you to choose from. The price is also quite inexpensive.

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Check it out here.

Are cheap Apple Watch Bands worth it?

Apple Watch Bands can help you shake up the look and give you something new every time. If you are like me and want to change your style every now and then, you must get yourself a few Apple Watch Bands. I love changing the bands as per the event or the occasion. This is an excellent way to spice up things without going overboard. Also, Apple Watch Bands on AliExpress are not too expensive.

Which is the best Apple Watch Band for sports activities?

If you are into sports or fitness, you need an Apple Watch Band that can keep your wrists from allergic reactions and rashes caused due to sweat accumulating in that area. For that reason, a silicone sports band is the perfect choice to help resist sweat and keep you comfortable when you are working out. You will find a lot of silicone sports bands on AliExpress that are perfect for all your sports activities.

Fake apple watch straps – are they good

Quality wise, you can expect good quality from sellers on Aliexpress for such fake apple watch brands. In fact, we saw many dropship stores are selling 3x of what Aliexpress is offering.

Your watch, your style, you band!

These were some of the best and the most durable Apple Watch Bands that you can get on AliExpress. I love all of them for their perfect style, design, and long-lasting features. If you are looking for a simple way to accessorize your Apple Watch, changing the band can be the perfect option. Try out these watch bands and enjoy walking in style.


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