Best Lego Clones and Alternatives on AliExpress 2022

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If Legos are pricey for you, there are best Lego clones and alternatives you can find on AliExpress. We have curates the best list for you!

Lego is not just a game of imagination for the kids, it is a cult that is religiously followed right from childhood to adulthood. The craze of Legos is such that it is not just sought after by children; you will find tons of adults who collect every new edition of Legos that hit the market.

If Legos are pricey for you, there are Lego clones and alternatives you can find on AliExpress.

Legos is popular not only because it keeps the kids busy and entertained for long, but it is also a great thing because it hikes up the imagination and lets you open up your creative mind to endless possibilities.

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This is a great gifting idea for children; they will squeal with delight when they open up there presents and find a box of Legos inside. However, when one looks at the price of an original Lego set, they really do take a step back.

The price of authentic and classic Lego sets can go as high as $800. What about alternatives of Lego?


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Lego Clones and Alternatives 2022

aliexpress best lego clones 2021

But, what if we tell you that are replicas available for you to play with? Yes, you read that right. We scoured AliExpress to find some of the best Lego replicas available at rates so good you will not be able to believe your eyes. These replicas are so good you will not be able to tell them apart from the original.

Are you keen to find out the best replicas at cheap prices? Read on to find them!

#1 The Star Wars Sets

Star Wars is probably one of the most popular lego sets available in the market today. It is especially sought after by fans of Star Wars. The original Star Wars Lego sets are extremely expensive and can cost quite a fortune. Not everybody can afford to buy every original Star Wars Lego set that ever comes out.

However, dear fans, do not fret. We have scoured every corner of AliExpress and found some of the best Star Wars clones for your ultimate Lego experience.

These Star Wars clone lego sets are inexpensive but work just like the original sets. All the pieces are available and they are as good and precise as the original ones. Check these out below:

Lego Star Wars First Order Star Destroyer Set

This set is the ultimate gift for Star Wars fans that they will always appreciate. The Star Destroyer Set comes with a whopping 1457 pieces that are all precise and accurate to give you an experience you will cherish. The little detailing and the accuracy are what make assembling this set together so much fun.

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The pieces come together in packets, letting you build the set right from scratch. You will find the pieces to be the same as in the original set.

The final product is going to look so good, you would want to use it as a showpiece to show off in front of guests. For kids, assembling this is going to be a challenge that they are going to happily accept.

Gift this to your little ones to keep them busy for hours.

Lego Star Wars First Order Poe’s X-Wing Fighter

Another one for the Star Wars fans. This lego set helps you construct Poe’s X-Wing fighter plane. The set comes with 845 pieces that help you build this stunning fighter plane. The pieces are all accurate and are quite easy to assemble. We are pretty sure your tiny one will be able to construct all the pieces together in no time at all.

And once the packets arrive, you will find yourself sitting down with all the pieces and getting to work; it really is that addictive.

Lego Stars Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon Building Set

This set here is an absolute stunner; this is, without doubt, one of the best and the most extensive Star Wars lego clone set ever. The set comes with 1381 pieces; all the pieces conform to quality standards and have been made with precision and care.

It also comes with detailed instructions that provide aid when you sit down to assemble all the pieces together. Let your child get creative while he is piecing them together and creating a masterpiece he will love and adore.

#2 – Become a Lego Architect

If given a chance, we would all over to create and construct famous buildings and monuments from all around the world. With these Lego clones, you can live your dreams of being an architect. Construct world-famous monuments like the Taj Mahal and the Pyramid of Giza. Check out the set below:

Lego Architecture Series

Kids love to let their imagination run wild and that helps their mind grow and develop. Help your child increase their creativity by gifting them this lego clone set. We absolutely love this set. It not only lets the kids get creative, but it also gets them acquainted with some of the major monuments and buildings of the world.

There are so many monuments and buildings that can be created. Let your kids know the white wonder of the Taj Mahal or the secrets of the pyramid of Giza. This set comes with a different number of pieces depending on the architecture you choose.

#3 – For all Harry Potter Fans

The fan following of Harry Potter is huge and Potterheads all over the world would not miss any chance of recreating any of the epic scenes from the magical world. Imagine decorating your home with Lego Harry Potter scenes and getting compliments from every single person who visits your house. We have brought this Harry Potter lego clone for you and your love for the Potter world.

Lego Harry Potter Series

We love Harry Potter and when it comes to getting the perfect gift, Potterheads would love this lego set. There are several sets that you can choose from.

Construct the Hogwarts castle or show the car stuck in the Whomping Willow; there is something for every situation that you may want. We love the detailed work that has been done here that helps bring the magical world to life.

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All the pieces have been made with the utmost care and they show every little detail perfectly. The plastic used to make the pieces is not thin and is quite sturdy. Once all the pieces have been assembled, it does not fall apart. Every single thing looks brilliant. You are surely going to love building this.

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#4 – Mega Construx

Mega Construx is an option if you want to look for something better than knockoffs. They offer licensed sets like Call of Duty and Pokémon. The materials used are good quality for a nice build, and many people love how well their bricks are. You can build characters and sets, too. However, the Mega Construx is not very appealing to many, but you’ll love its quality when you get to buy one.

Mega Construx is under the Canadian toy company Mega Brands which targets older kids. These Construx are totally compatible with LEGO bricks.

#5 – Ban Bao

If you are looking for the best selection of original sets, then look no further than BanBao. This is the best alternative for LEGO, which has good sets on our list. It features both dictionary sets and real-life. But some sets are not really good, but some are worth the purchase. Some sets are suitable for younger ones because of the simple builds and cartoon figures.

#6 – Sluban

Do you enjoy military LEGO or toys to build? Sluban is the best choice for that! Sluban has the best military-themed sets, which are somehow apart from LEGO. It does fit all niches. There are also other themes for their builds like real-life vehicles and cities, constructions, and more.

Sluban is a cheaper alternative to LEGO. The brand has a wide collection of kits for little ones and even older kids. However, some customers reported that some bricks are loose. Yet, if you are looking for sets or kits at an affordable price, Sluban is the best choice.

Differences Between the Original and the Fake LEGOs

We have looked at some of the best Lego replicas that AliExpress has to offer. These sets look so good, somebody who is new to the LEGO world wouldn’t be able to tell them apart from the original. However, if you are a diehard LEGO fan, you would know the key differences between an original and their imitations. If you don’t know, you have landed in quite the right place. We have brought to you some key points that you can keep in mind to differentiate between the real and the replica.

  • Instructions

A genuine Lego toy comes with instructions that are clear and comprehensive. They come as a step-by-step tutorial that makes constructing the whole toy very easy and clear.

While imitations come with a tutorial guide too, they are not quite as clear as the originals. They are usually shorter than what you would find in an original guide and many steps are combined together.

However, this would not prove to be a hindrance since there are many toy reviewers who teach the correct way of assembling all the parts together. You can simply open YouTube and check out the instructions given by reviewers.

  • Lego logo
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The original lego set has the official Lego logo printed on the bricks. This logo is a mark of it being a genuine product. However, you will not find this logo in replicas or clones.

However, despite this minor difference, everything else matches the original. The color tone of the bricks is the same as in the original.

  • Misspellings

You will find that the replicas have misspellings on the packaging. So, instead of Star Wars, you will see something like Star Wans written on the packaging. Such misspellings are a sure way of telling if the product you have is a replica.

These were three of the most significant ways in which you can differentiate between an original and a replica. There are other factors too, but believe us, none of these factors hamper the experience. You will not for once feel that what you have in your hands are duplicates.

AliExpress Lego Clones and Alternatives

These were some of the best Lego clones available on AliExpress. There are tons of others available too, however, we brought to you these ones to narrow your choice down to only the best ones.

The pieces are made with such precision and care that you will not be able to find errors. The pieces come together in exclusivity that will be loved by you and your kid alike.

There is no bigger joy than finding a thing that you and your kid love to play together. These lego sets are going to prove to be that bonding agent for you and your kids. Play and laugh together with these sets and let the minutes pass into hours.

Buy these sets for yourself or wrap it up to give away as a gift to your kid. It makes for a great gift and you will love to see the happiness spread upon your child’s face when he/she sees the lego sets. Get one of these today and enjoy priceless moments.

Best Lego Clones and Alternatives on AliExpress: FAQs

Why Choose Lego Knock-Offs?

he main reason why people prefer Lego clones and alternatives is the price. Yes, they are much more affordable than the original Lego, and if you’re not very keen on the quality, these knock-offs are actually a pretty good alternative.

Is there a LEGO knockoff?

There are LEGO knockoffs that are being sold online. LEGO is a popular brand, though many could not afford one. Still, there are cheaper alternatives you can find in the market but don’t expect the same quality build.

Is AliExpress LEGO any good?

Some AliExpress LEGOs are good quality, and the difference will be the price because some will be knockoff but in great build still. AliExpress has the best LEGO clone products you can trust, especially its materials.

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