Best Cheap RC Cars on Aliexpress 2021

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 Remote Control Cars are fun, not just for kids, but for adults too. I love spending my time playing with remote-controlled cars. Something about the cars zooming around on your commands is fascinating. There are different types of RC cars available today. These cars are not only modeled towards young children; there are several types that adults can enjoy just as much as the kids.

While you can find Remote Control Cars anywhere, there is no better place than AliExpress. The e-commerce giant has a dazzling number of Remote Control Cars. For RC car enthusiasts, AliExpress is a haven. Also, the price factor is one of the benefits of buying remote control cars from AliExpress. 

Are you planning to buy a remote control car? Why not come with me on this journey to find the best cheap remote control cars on AliExpress?

Top RC Cars on a Budget

I have put together the following list of Remote Control Cars that are loved by AliExpress shoppers. These cars also come in a price range that will not burn a hole in your pockets. All the cars mentioned here are well under $50.

Let us take a look at these cars then, shall we?

#1 – Wall Racing Car

The wall racing car comes from this particular Aliexpress Store, which has 98.2 percent positive feedback from its customers. I love this unique remote control car that defies gravity and provides hours of fun and entertainment. 

The package includes the following three things –

  • Remote control car
  • Remote control
  • USB charging cable
wall racing car

Wall climbing system

The vacuum system of the car allows it to climb and race on flat surfaces. You can have fun with the car on the walls, ceilings, windows, mirrors, floor, in short, any flat surface.  


The infrared remote controller comes with a range of 10 meters. With the remote, you can control the speed and direction. You can move forward, backward, sideways, and go reverse. The remote control requires three AA batteries that you need to get on your own.

The car body can be charged only without the batteries. You need about 30 minutes to fully charge it. 

Tricks and features

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The remote control car performs tricks when it moves forward and backward. It can spin 360 degrees in a clockwise and counterclockwise motion. 

The car comes with LED lights that turn on automatically. When you move forward, the headlights come alive. Similarly, the rear lights light up when you move backward.

Apart from the wall-climbing feat of the remote control car, these features add an extra touch of attraction.

You can get the wall racing car here.

Price: $16.93

#2 – Xiaomi Mijia Racing Car (Best RC Car under $50)

The racing car comes from one of the top brands of AliExpress – Mi Mijia Store. It has been selling on AliExpress since 2018, and since then, it has gained over 10 thousand followers. With positive feedback of 98.7 percent, this store will live up to your expectations.

The Xiaomi Mijia Racing Car gives you the feeling of driving a real car. It is this stimulation that makes it a popular choice. 

Remote Control

The remote control has a quick response rate. It has a range of a whopping 30 meters, which allows you to have more fun with it. The remote control is such that gives you control over the car.

The battery has a long standby time, giving you at least 100 minutes of uninterrupted fun and joy. The batteries do not come with the package.

xiaomi racing car


The remote control car has two driving modes: Leisure mode for beginners and Quick mode for the pros. 

  • Leisure mode

The leisure mode is perfect for children who are learning to use a remote control car. The slow mode improves the hand to eye coordination of children, which in turn develops their skills. Also, with the slow mode, any beginner can learn the rules of driving a car.

  • Quick mode

The quick mode of the car is a great option for children who have learned the basics, and who enjoy racing their remote control cars. It increases your child’s confidence and enhances their joy. It also helps develop your child’s driving abilities.

Other features

The car has a thickened shell, which is round and smooth. The car remains in proper condition despite multiple falls. It is a durable option for your kids who are not yet adept at handling things with care. 

The car is available in two colors – blue and red. It is small and easy to carry, making it one of your kid’s most loved toys that they can carry around. 

You can get the Xiaomi remote control car here.

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Price: $46.57

Check more Xiaomi products you would love here.

#3 – Transformer Remote Control Car

The remote control transformation car is one of the favorites amongst kids. Available in five color options, the transformer car will bring joy into your child’s life. 

Remote Control

The package comes with a universal remote control. So, if you have multiple remote control cars around you, it is a good idea to maintain some distance between them. The batteries do not come with the package.


The car comes with cool light property. There are two lights at the bottom of the car that works when the car is moving. 


The remote control car is a two-in-one. You can play with it like a car, or you can transform it. Either way, your kids will love spending time with it. 

transformer rc car

The body of the car is made of an environment-friendly material that has the anti-drop property. The material ensures that the car remains durable and resistant to falling and collisions.

Special attention has been given to the design and precision. The realistic model has the right impact on you and your children.

You can get the remote control transformers car here.

Price: $13.32

#4 – Buggy Truck Remote Control

The remote control truck comes from the CDToys Store that has positive feedback of 99.2 percent. There are 16 combinations that you can choose. 

Remote control

The remote control is different from the traditional remote controls. The non-slip handle gives you flexibility and charge. You need AA batteries for the remote, which are not included with the package.

The remote control of the truck is strong and has a range of 100 meters. The long-distance range of the truck ensures continuous fun, not only for kids but for adults as well. You can operate the remote control from a larger distance than most other remote control cars that. 

truck remote control cars

Body of the truck

The body of the truck is made of alloy in black, gold, and blue shells. The white truck, on the other hand, is made of PVC. The diameter of the tires is 10 cm each. The dimensions are bigger than those of other same-sized remote control cars. 


The 10 cm diameter tires are shock-resistant Vaccum tires. It ensures that the truck remains safe and steady. You can try the truck on any surface, and it will surely conquer them all. 


It takes about two hours to fully charge the truck. After a complete charge, it can run uninterrupted for 70 minutes. You get the car battery with the package, however, the AA batteries are not included. 

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You can get the remote control truck toy here.

Price: $56

#5 – Electric Robot Sports Car

The electric robot sports car comes from ODILO Official Store. It is one of the top brands on AliExpress, and it has been selling on the platform since 2014. Since then, the store has gained over a hundred thousand followers with positive feedback of 97.5 percent.


The remote control of this car comes in the shape of a steering wheel. It lets you navigate the car with ease. You can move in all directions and change the speed of the car. The range of the remote control is 10 meters, which is not much when you look at the other models. However, the car is entertaining for little kids who love zooming around their toy cars. 

electric robot car

It requires AAA batteries, which do not come with the package. 


The body of the electric car is sturdy and strong. It comes with lights that light up when you drive the car. Let your kid enjoy the shimmering lights of the car when they play with it. The batteries that you need for the body does not come with the package.

You can get the electric robot sports car here.

Price: $4.24

Are you ready to get a remote control car for your little ones?

These were the five best remote control cars that come at affordable rates. These cars do not only entertain the kids they also give hours of entertainment to adults. I love playing with my remote control car. It is fascinating to zoom them around the room for hours. 

If you get a couple of these remote control cars, you can enjoy it with your child. Race around with your kid and share unforgettable moments with your little one. 

Bring back your childhood with these remote control cars. Are you ready to get hours of fun and joy?

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