Guide to How Long Does AliExpress Take To Ship in 2022

by Felicia Tan

Are you running a business or a buyer of AliExpress? It’s time to know the details! Here’s our guide to how long does AliExpress take to ship.

When buying from AliExpress, there is one question that comes in every buyer’s mind. This question is vital since as a buyer it is important for you to know when will you get your order. Now, knowing it is very important. If you want to know which orders take long, how long does Aliexpress take to ship, and how long does it take a seller to ship the orders to different countries, read this article.

Note: As Epacket shipping no longer exist, the next best alternative is AliExpress standard shipment which may take slightly longer if you are buying from US and Europe. WHY? In 2018, President Trump announced US is pulling out of Universal Postal Union – check this article for more information.

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The details and information given in this article will help you know everything about the shipping of items and their delivery. So, are you ready to know how long does AliExpress take to ship?

A Note About AliExpress Shipping Methods

As buyers, it is important to consider the shipping method you choose and how long does AliExpress take to ship. The shipping method you have selected is the primary cause of the speed of the delivery that you are encountering. Typically, there are two factors that affect the shipping:

  1. The mode of delivery and the delivery service itself.
  2. There are three modes of delivery: sea, air, and road. Simply put, delivery by air is the quickest mode of delivery and delivery by sea is the slowest.

Moreover, another factor in which you might make a decision is the delivery service, often known as the shipment method.

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Let’s have a look at some different shipping options that could help you speed up your delivery.

1. AliExpress Standard Shipping

The AliExpress standard shipping option is the most preferred among buyers. In this shipping option, buyers are able to track their purchase. It is also quick,and affordable. 

Standard shipping on AliExpress is often free, however depending on your region, you may have to pay from around $1 to more.

If you choose AliExpress Standard Shipping, you can anticipate your item to arrive in 15 to 30 days.

2. AliExpress Premium Shipping

AliExpress also offers a premium shipping option for customers who want their order to arrive quickly.

Even if premium shipping costs a little more, you can have the same tracking and faster delivery times.

When it comes to the premium, it usually takes 7-15 days for your order to be delivered.

3. ePacket

On AliExpress, ePacket Shipping is the most cost-effective and fastest shipping option.

The rates for most ePacket shipping products are either free or incredibly cheap.

With a few minor modifications, delivery normally takes 12–20 days after the order is placed, and it is available globally.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 constraints, the ePacket shipping option is now unavailable. Whatever the case may be, stay updated on it for future purchases.

4. Free Shipping Options

Free shipping choices typically have the longest shipment times, which can reach 50 days in extreme circumstances. To save money, sellers use free delivery choices, but this causes delays in your shipments.

Some countries, such as China, will also have government-run postal services. The reason why orders take a month or more to deliver.

5. Major Carriers

Major Carriers is the better shipping method if your concern is the safety of your orders. 

AliExpress is said to have shipping partners such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, and many others who will deliver your order in 12-20 days or less, depending on your area.

The only disadvantage is the high cost of services, which varies depending on your product, location, and home country.

Regardless of which of these shipping methods you select, you will have to wait for at least 7 days for your order to be delivered.

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Processing and Shipping Time on AliExpress

On Reddit, some users have pointed out that there were significant delays due to backlog. Shipment takes as long as 3months as compared to 4-6weeks earlier. More comments on Aliexpress shipping can be viewed HERE.

Before you understand how long does AliExpress take to ship your order to reach you, it is important to know how shipments work on this giant eCommerce website. As will other delivery channels, your order processing begins right after you pay for it and after the payment has been confirmed.

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The seller starts preparing your order, however, this process may take anywhere from a few hours to several days. The time taken depends on several aspects such as the size of the delivery, the orders already with the seller, and so on.

When you check out the package and shipping of an item, you can see how much time the seller has mentioned regarding the shipping of the product.

how long aliexpress ship to USA

In case the seller does not send you your order, you will get a refund through the same payment method that you used.

Shipping To Different Destinations

AliExpress ships products to almost every part of the world, however, the orders do not always reach all the destinations at the same time. The packages reach quickly in countries that have a large number of orders and those that have a good postal service.

The shipment generally takes about 3 to 4 weeks to reach you, however, the buyer protection time is 60 days. Depending on the time of the year or the country of destination, you may sometimes have to wait for up to 60 days to receive your order.

Why does the time of the year depend so much?

Generally, when you order during holiday time, such as Christmas, your order may take longer than expected. This is so because, during such busy times, a lot of orders accumulate. It can also happen because the postal service in your country is too busy with all the deliveries.

When talking about the shipment, we must also consider Chinese holidays, such as the Chinese New Year. The national holidays in the country are celebrated by the entire nation and there is usually a pause in the shipment process. So, if you buy during such times, your orders may take longer than usual.


Estimated Delivery (in days)

United States

15 – 60

United Kingdom

7 – 40


10 – 55


6 – 40


7 – 50


8 – 51


25 – 60


7 – 30


18 – 40


8 – 60


7 – 60


7 – 35

South Africa

9 – 59

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AliExpress Shipment To Different Countries At a Glance!

AliExpress to United States of America

usa aliexpress shipping

Usually, deliveries to the US can take anywhere between 15 to 60 days, depending on the carrier you choose. When you choose a product, there usually is a seller’s shipping method. However, the disadvantage of choosing this option is that it cannot be tracked, which means you will not know where your order is moving until you receive it.

Aliexpress to United Kingdom

uk aliexpress shipping

Shipping to the UK can take anywhere between 7 to 40 days, which again depends on your choice of carrier. If you want your order really quick, you can opt for carriers such as DHL and EMS.

Aliexpress to India

india aliexpress shipping

Shipping to India can take between 10 to 55 days. You can choose DHL for the quickest delivery, however, you will have to pay a hefty shipping cost for it. If you are willing to wait, there are cheaper alternatives available.

Aliexpress to Singapore

singapore aliexpress shipping time

Shipment to Singapore is quick and can take between 6 to 40 days. Even if you use AliExpress Standard Shipping for your order, you will still get your order between 14 to 24 days.

Aliexpress to Afghanistan

shipping aliexpress time

Shipment to Afghanistan can take as long as 50 days. However, if you do not mind paying a lot of shipping charges to get your order quickly, you may be able to get the products within 15 days.

Aliexpress to Australia

australia aliexpress shipping time

Shipment to Australia takes as little as 8 days and as much as 51 days. However, there are a ton of shipping options to choose from. These options let you decide the option that suits you the best. However, take note that many options do not let you track your order.

Aliexpress to Spain

spain aliexpress shipping time

If you are in Spain, you can get your order within 25 days, if you choose DHL as your carrier. However, the shipping charges are huge. You may want to consider AliExpress Standard Shipping, which also works at bringing in your order quickly. There are other options as well, but that would mean that you have to wait longer for your products.

Aliexpress to France

france aliexpress shipping time

Are you in France? You can get your order using DHL within 14 days. If you do not wish to pay the excess shipping charges, you may want to check out Singapore Post and AliExpress Standard Shipping. While you do have to pay shipping charges for these carriers too, they are not quite as huge as options such as DHL or EMS.

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Aliexpress to Russia

russia aliexpress shipping time

Using DHL to ship to Russia can be very expensive. While you may receive your order in as little as 18 days, you will have to pay a huge shipping cost. However, you will not be able to track your order if you use DHL. If you can wait for a little longer, you can choose AliExpress Standard Shipping. You can track your order and you also do not have to pay any shipping charges.

Aliexpress to Poland

poland aliexpress shipping time

There are several carrier options available when shipping to Poland. You can get your order in as less as 8 days. The maximum you will have to wait for your order is 60 days. The carrier options vary from one seller to another. Not all sellers give you all the carrier options.

Aliexpress to Netherlands

netherland aliexpress shipping time

Shipping to the Netherlands can take anywhere between 7 to 60 days. The best option, if you do not want to pay a lot of extra shipping charges, is to choose the AliExpress Standard Shipping.

Aliexpress to Thailand

thailand aliexpress shipping time

If you are in Thailand, you can get your order within 35 days. If you want it super quick, you can choose other options that require you to pay some amount of shipping charges.

Aliexpress to South Africa

south africa aliexpress shipping time

Shipping to South Africa can take between 9 and 59 days, depending on the option you choose and the shipping charges you are willing to pay.

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How Long Does It Take For An AliExpress Package To Arrive?

When you check out a product, you can see that it shows you the shipping method. Many sellers use different shipping channels. You can check out the delivery channel and the time it will take for the product to reach you by clicking on the drop-down menu.

When you click on it, you can see all the shipping and delivery options available. You can also change the country where you want to ship the product.

how does aliexpress shipping work

When you have chosen the country where you wish to ship the items to and have found the delivery channel that works for you, click on apply.

Usually, the dates given are an estimate of the delivery time. It is a rough time estimate that depends on the channel of delivery you choose. However, the actual time that it takes for the products to reach you differ and are dependent on various factors.

How to Get Your Orders Delivered in Record Time

We have other alternatives if we want to receive our item sooner, in addition to getting it sent by private courier, which is kind of expensive (not just because of shipping, but also because of regulations, as previously stated). Unlike other ecommerce platforms, AliExpress has come up with ways to speed the delivery of your item.

AliExpress has various advantages over some other platforms, including the possibility to get your purchases from a national warehouse in your country (or close to your country). This will drastically decrease the amount of time having waited and prevent the chance of customs fees.

More information is provided in our shipping methods guidelines and also the AliExpress nation guidelines mentioned above. This agreement is not available in most countries, but if it is, best way of Aliexpress shipping is by selecting AliExpress Standard Shipping with Tracking.

Major Carriers on AliExpress

Many sellers on AliExpress offer several delivery channels for your ease and comfort. Many of them use major private carriers such as DHL or FedEx as well as government-owned ones such as China’s postal service for deliveries. Generally, if you choose either of the two options, you will get your order in a short period of time. However, both of these options are slightly more expensive.

If speed is your number one priority when ordering from AliExpress, you may want to consider major carriers as mentioned below:

  • UPS
  • USPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • EMS
  • China Post Ordinary & Air Mail

Free Shipping Options

There are several free shipping options available on AliExpress. Usually what happens is that free shipping takes longer to reach its destination as compared to paid services. Also, these may cost you more and you will also have to wait for a long time to meet your order. For example, China Post offers free shipping on some items, but it will usually take anywhere between 20 and 39 days, or more to reach you.

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shipping options on aliexpress

AliExpress Standard Shipping

The AliExpress Standard Shipping is an inexpensive shipping method that also includes shipping. Because of these advantages, it is a popular option amongst drop shippers. And that’s not all. The security factor is also strong, which means you do not have to worry either about your money or your product.

Both the transaction and tracking information are stored on AliExpress, which allows the sellers and the buyers to quickly check the status of an order.

aliexpress standard shipping

Despite these benefits of AliExpress Standard Shipping, it does take longer to get your products to you. Usually, standard shipping takes anywhere between 15 to 20 days.

AliExpress Premium Shipping

If you are in a rush to get your products because of an event or simply because you cannot wait to hold the product in your hands, you can try out AliExpress Premium Shipping. The price is comparable to other carriers such as DHL and FedEx. It is faster when compared to AliExpress Standard Shipping. So, you can usually get your product anywhere between 8 to 15 days, which is far better than the standard shipping option.

aliexpress premium shipping

Buying and Shipping from Aliexpress

Consumers like you and me will be impacted by the higher cost of shipment. However you still can check out our deals and reviews on our site time to time. Bestaliproducts have 100 plus reviews on different products on Aliexpress.

So now that you are well aware of the shipping methods and how long does Aliexpress take to ship, go ahead and shop!

How Long Does AliExpress Take to Ship: FAQs

Why does AliExpress take so long to ship?

There are two reasons why AliExpress takes so long to ship most of the time. One is the goods or parcels are waiting to be shipped. Sellers might not update the progress, or items need long days to be shipped. The second is using slow shipping services. There are couriers or shipping services that take too long to deliver the parcels.

Who ships faster AliExpress or Alibaba?

AliExpress ships faster than Alibaba. Most products and orders on Alibaba are customized or from manufacturers. This is why they take longer to ship. On the other hand, AliExpress mainly sells ready-made or manufactured products that can be shipped immediately.

Does AliExpress ship by plane?

The standard shipping method of AliExpress is by plane, which is a lot faster, and it provides you with a tracking number. But, remember that other companies can do AliExpress’ standard shipping delivery.

Is AliExpress shipping good?

Yes. AliExpress shipping is good, especially for those in business. You can easily track your parcels or goods, and they have several delivery companies that are trusted to deliver your products.

Does AliExpress ship to your house?

Yes. AliExpress can deliver goods and parcels right at your door. But, this kind of process is usually shipped by delivery or courier companies depending on the agreement. Most of the time, they ship between a week, up to a month, or more.

What US carrier does AliExpress use?

Some partner carriers of AliExpress in the US are FedEx, FHL, Omniva Estonia Post, UPS, and Singapore Post. There are also other carriers for shipping processes.

Where is AliExpress shipped from?

Most of the AliExpress products are shipped from China. Some items or products can come from local warehouses in a customer’s country, but this depends on availability as well. AliExpress also lets you select shipping options from local to international.

What does AliExpress standard shipping mean?

You will be surprised to know that Alibaba owns the AliExpress Standard Shipping. This happens when customers buy products from AliExpress and other sites of the Alibaba Group.


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