Top Color Blocking Trends 2021

by aliexpert

Have you ever felt the slump and panic because you could not decide what to wear or what clothing items to combine together? We may have wardrobes filled with dresses, tops, jackets, skirts, pants, and more. However, when it comes to putting all these pieces together, we often find ourselves getting stumped.

I am here to tell you that there is one styling solution that can put an end to all your style problems. Color blocking! This is one of the biggest trends that let us pair two vibrant colors together to create a jazzy and fun look.

This trick is so huge, you will often find yourself turning to it when nothing else seems right. Today, I am here to show you the top color blocking trends so you can get some fashion inspiration. Are you ready to bring those colors out?

#1– Pink and Green

The combination of Pink and green looks fabulous and extremely stylish when worn correctly. Both the colors are vibrant and mix well for all the seasons. All you have to do is create an outfit by adding some basic jewelry to complete the look and make you look uber cool.

You may want to consider the following options:

top color blocking trend
color blocking trend 2021

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Fringed Skirt

The pairing of this pink criss-cross top with fringed skirt is a great duo for an evening party look. Both the colors blend together nicely and give a very sophisticated look. Make it look more stylish with nude color heels and a classy small clutch. Do not forget to complete the look by adding on silver accessories to make you shine bright.

color blocking outfit 2021
color blocking trends 2021

This parrot green crop top with adjustable straps and pink cargo pants look amazing for a casual day out. If you are trying to create an effortless-looking outfit for a day out with your girlfriends, this is a perfect choice. Pair this with chunky white sneakers to look comfortable and sassy.

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Green Cami top

Pink Cargo pants

#2– Green and Blue

This mix might seem a bit weird to you but trust me on this, it can make you stand out in the crowd at once! The calm blue and refreshing green create a stunning outfit. Get ready to create a style statement with this now.

You may want to consider the following options:

color blocking fashion 2021
fashion blocking trend

This is a formal autumn look that is super easy to create with this blue turtleneck sweater and green frilled skirt. You can also choose to wear this to an event or when you are going out. Create a high fashion statement by adding black plumps and a side-sling bag. For autumn, you can go for pointed ankle booties. You can definitely take up this outfit for your next office meeting. Stay both warm and classy with this outfit.

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Blue turtleneck sweater

Green frilled skirt

how to block color in fashion
color blocking heels
shoes for color blocking

Try out this blue dress for a get together now! It is a simple dress with a collared neck and medium sleeves. I love the school girl vibes given by the dress. The frills look absolutely stunning. For footwear, go for either this open-toe mint green heels or suede pointed heels to create a sophisticated look. A green handbag would complete the look.

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Blue dress

Open Toe Mint Green Heels

Suede Pointed Heels

#3– Pink and Red

Pink and red are an all-time favorite of many of us. Red is a bold color and pink, on other hand, is sweet and beautiful. When mixed together, the two colors help create a jaw-dropping outfit. You can try almost everything with these and slay.

You may want to consider the following options:

color blocking shoes 2021
trend for color blocking

This brunch wear outfit is just magnificent! With this red skirt and casual printed t-shirt, go on with white sneakers to look beautiful and feel comfortable. It is going to make you feel amazing. The light pink t-shirt is an all-time yes for me. Accessorize the look with a classic watch and a tote bag. That’s all you need to rock this amazing pairing.

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Red skirt

Pink top

is color blocking still in
pink color blocking

I am in love with this off-shoulder top in a bright red color! While this look works well for brunches and casual day outs, you can also take this look to a party or an event. The off-shoulder crop makes you look elegant, but also quite comfortable. The baby pink harem pants perfectly complement the top and bring the whole look together. Try pairing this with red pumps for an elegant look. Add golden hoops and you are good to go!

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Pink Harem Pants

Red Off Shoulder Top

#4– Yellow and Pink

Yellow and pink together are a joyful and very trendy combination. You name the occasion and you will find that you will be able to create an excellent outfit by color-blocking these two colors perfectly. Since both the colors are bright and pop out really well, it is important to choose the right shade as per your skin tone.

You may want to consider the following options:

color blocking trend 2021
color block trend

Look at this knee-length midi dress which is a versatile choice for all. You can choose this dress for an evening party look or maybe a sudden brunch plan. It is also an excellent option for events. The dress is quite comfortable and when matched with these pretty pink pumps, it looks gorgeous. Style it your way with an elegant clutch bag and statement accessories like bracelets and earrings.

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Yellow midi

Pink Pumps

ways to do color blocking 2021
trend for color blocking

High waist trousers with pink spaghetti pair is an outfit that will give you cool summery vibes. This is a great option for going out on hot, summer days. Look both elegant and casual with this outfit. To top it off, add open toe flats and a sling bag, and you are done!

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High waist trousers

Pink Spaghetti

#5– Green and Purple

You must try out color blocking with green and purple. While these two may seem like the last two colors to be used together, believe me when I say that you will be gathering compliments when you walk out wearing them. The colors together will make you look stylish and beautiful; these colors also enhance your features.

You may want to consider the following options:

color blocking fashion trends
heels for color blocking

To give you an elegant and floral vibe on a bright summer noon, here is this maxi dress in a cool green color with white prints. This dress, when matched with purple heels, comes out pretty and is a big yes for your casual parties. In fact, you can also pair this up for the office or when going out.

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Green Maxi Dress

Purple wedges

best color blocking trends

Do you want to take color-blocking to the office? Try out this pretty mint green shirt and stylish purple pants. They look stunning together and will make your office look extremely fashionable. Complete the look with black mules and a watch.

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Purple Formal Pants

Mint Green Formal Shirt

#6– Purple and Orange

These two colors are ideal for color blocking. The two colors are a complete contrast, and yet look stunning together. There are different shades for purple and orange, and with supplementary accessories, you can create a chic look.

You may want to consider the following options:

orange suit for color blocking
purple sneakers for color blocking

This dull orange jumpsuit with royal purple shoes forms a sporty look for casual day-outs. The jumpsuit is super-comfortable and trending and the shoes can keep you relaxed all day long. From top to bottom, get ready to nail this look.

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Orange Jumpsuit

Purple Casual Shoes

sweater for color blocking
block color outfits

For an evening movie plan, this attire that brings together orange joggers and purple denim jacket looks quite cool, comfy, and stylish. Keep it simple with a printed white tee and casual white sneakers. This can also make a very fashionable airport look.

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Orange Trackpants

Purple Denim Jacket

#7– Green and Yellow

Yellow and green fuse in really well and form happy kind of outfits. The blend is great for summers and you can style them with neutral color accessories to balance everything and create a statement look.

You may want to consider the following options:

color blocking spring
trend for color blocking

I am in love with this outfit. The yellow cami top with lacework when paired with the khaki green pants look absolutely stunning. If you need an excellent outfit without giving it much thought, while also looking stunning, you should go for it. If you want to take this look to the office, add simple accessories and mules.

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Khaki Green Pants

Yellow Cami Top

color blocking fashion trend
heels for color blocking fashion

You can flaunt this high-waisted yellow polka dot skirt paired with green high heels and white spaghetti top. The outfit is extremely comfortable and gives fun-loving vibes.

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Yellow Polka Dot Skirt

Green Pointed Heels

#8– Red and Yellow

Two of these attractive and beautiful colors incorporate to bring out a very bright look. I think most of us have, at some point, have worn these colors together. Red and yellow look like they are made for each other and so, we had to include them here.

You may want to consider the following options:

high blocking fashion
best fashion outfit for color block

This contrasting outfit with a dull red long skirt, which has a floral print looks great with a plain mustard yellow crop top. The outfit comes out as flowy and relaxing. Say yes to this outfit for a relaxed Sunday brunch.

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Red Printed Skirt

Yellow crop top

best outfit for color blocking
orange outfit for color blocking

Look bright on a cold winter evening in this mustard yellow jacket with a hoodie. It keeps you warm while also making you look uber cool and stylish. Pair it with a blood-red top inside and black jeans to complete the look. These colors are all-rounders and so, be ready to make a style statement with them.

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Long sleeve red top

Hooded long coat

I hope you found the inspiration to incorporate color blocking trends in your look with these outfit ideas. Try your hands on them and watch as you keep turning heads.

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