Best Chinese Dash Cams on Aliexpress 2021

by Felicia Tan

Let’s admit it. No matter how careful you are when you’re out there driving, you cannot be a hundred sure you’ll be free from road accidents and other unexpected encounters. As they say, accidents are inevitable. But while it’s true that the circumstances are way out of your control, there are specific measures that you can do to lessen that possibility, such as installing a dash cam on your vehicle.

If you still haven’t got one today, perhaps now is the time to do so before it gets too late. Fortunately, the best AliExpress dash cams are just a click away, and you can have them at your doorstep in no time at all. But before you make your choice, let us find out valuable information that can help you pick the best option. 

What is a Dash Cam?

A dashcam is a device that captures footage of the surroundings. Though it might not guarantee that you’ll capture the perpetrator one hundred percent of the time, it sure does bring significant benefits to the owner as the police and other relevant authorities recognize dash cam footage as evidence. Even if you are not involved in a particular accident, you might capture things around you to help solve an investigation.

Who knows? 

But of course, not all dash cams are created equal. And if you are not yet accustomed to this technology, you might as well learn about the things you need to consider before searching for the best AliExpress dash cams. 

4 Features You Need to Check before Buying a Chinese Dash Cam on AliExpress

Because dash cams enjoy extreme popularity to vehicle drivers nowadays, it can be easy to fall victim to those products that have gimmicky features. So, whether you’re a first-time buyer or not, you might want to remember the following dash cam features before buying one. 

Auto Start and Loop Recording

Primarily designed to capture footage of events, it goes without saying that a reliable dash cam must have a loop recording feature. This function means that your device automatically deletes old videos once the limit of storage has been reached. Of course, you don’t want to manually delete them, especially if you’re a busy and forgetful person, right?

Speed Logging and Global Positioning System (GPS)

Having videos of what happened is not enough. Your dash cam must be able to specify on a map where a particular action took place. You must get a device with a built-in GPS that logs data about your location and indicates your current speed. In some dash cams, the GPS unit comes as a separate tool, but it is recommended to go for one with a built-in function for more convenience. 

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Impact Detection Capability

An ideal dash cam comes with an accelerometer or a G-sensor. It is a crucial feature because it senses impacts and bumps caused by sudden changes in speed. Furthermore, this feature allows your device to create and tag footage accordingly, which eventually makes the video searching process easier and quicker in case you need them. 


If you intend to leave your dashcam when your car is parked (which is really a must), you must choose a dashcam that has a supercapacitor. It is a type of battery that is similar to 2 AAA cells in terms of size. It has enough power that allows your device to finish the recording of files. Furthermore, this type of battery allows the dashcam to shut down properly without affecting the files when the power runs out. 

5 Best Selling Dash Cams on AliExpress 2021

What are the most recommended dash cams in AliExpress?

Best AliExpress Dash Cams

Best Price to Get (USD)

VIOFO A129 Plus Duo Dash Cam


Thinkware U1000 Dash Cam


Vantrue S1 Dash Cam


Mio Mivue C330 Vehicle Camera


Mobius Maxi 2.7K Dash Cam


VIOFO A129 Plus Duo Dash Cam 

dash cam aliexpress review

The VIOFO A129 Plus Duo Dash Cam is one of the considerably-priced car dash cams today. It is light, compact, and has the features to capture excellent videos regardless of the weather conditions –thanks to its 1080P front and rear dash camera. 

This product also comes with a built-in GPS unit that records videos with accurate location data. You can also see your current speed as well as the route you’re taking on your computer or mobile phone via the playback option. But perhaps, one of the most impressive features of this dash cam is its Sony Starvis Image Sensor.

This system makes it a precious tool when you’re traveling at night. You can also count on broad footage with its dual-channel 140° wide-angle capture. There are also three application models to choose from –low bitrate recording, auto-event detection, and parking mode.

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Get this dash cam for as low as $167.06!

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Thinkware U1000 Dash Cam 

best chinese dash cam


If you want to get every little detail on the road, you better go for Thinkware U1000 Dash Cam! This dash cam boasts Ultra HD 4K resolution with a 150-degree viewing angle!

The U1000 feature, as the product name emphasizes, enables the device to perform a 2K QHD recording. It means it can capture 60 frames per second! When you have a higher rate for frames, you can count on sharper and smoother images and videos. 

Furthermore, this innovative dash cam employs the Super Night Vision 2.0 technology. This feature can capture every detail within the viewing range in a crystal clear manner, regardless of the surrounding darkness or harsh weather conditions. Even if you leave your car in the parking lot, the U1000 system will send push notifications on your Thinkware Cloud mobile app. The other amazing features make this option the most recommended for parents, fleet management personnel, and rental companies, among others.

Get this product for $400. 

Vantrue S1 Dash Cam

best aliexpress dash cam

If you’re looking for a reliable yet affordable option, then this Vantrue S1 Dash Cam might appeal to you. 

This product comes with a simple yet discreet design. The dual-lens cameras, though hidden, can capture and record footage in FHD. You can simply install this device on your windshield if you want to get an optimal viewing angle. Since it is effortless to install, you can easily find a spot for it where it does not block your sight. 

Although this one comes quite affordable over the others on this list, you can count on its superior HDR technology for files recording. It can capture color-accurate photos and videos even at night. Also, the dash cam comes with a supercapacitor that can withstand harsh temperatures while boasting a longer lifespan than most dash cam batteries. You can also count on its built-in GPS module. 

Get this product for only $159.99! 

Mio Mivue C330 Vehicle Camera

best car camera china


As the product tagline goes, this Mio Mivue C330 Vehicle Camera is your “personal eyewitness” when you’re out there on the road! This dash cam boasts an integrated GPS unit that allows you to calibrate your time setting automatically, track your route, and record valuable road data. It automatically starts recording the moment you start your vehicle. 

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As for the cameras, this product comes with Full HD 1080P vehicle cameras. It is supported by a desktop application known as Mivue Manager, which allows you to share your videos on Youtube and Facebook. It can capture 30 frames per second at a wide viewing angle of 130 degrees. A built-in safety camera sends a warning when you are going over the speed limits. The dash cam is also compact, easy to install, and lightweight, weighing only 2.11 ounces. 

Get this product for as low as $100.77! 

Mobius Maxi 2.7K Dash Cam

dash cam aliexpress

This innovative version of Mobius Cameras might come pretty small in size, but it certainly serves the purpose when you’re on the road!

This mini versatile dash cam comes with 1080P 60FPS and 2.7K 30FPS to deliver improved file recording performance. It has a front and rear dash viewing angle of 135 and 150 degrees, respectively. It also supports photo time-lapse, motion detection, and loop recording. You also have option models on videos and photos, which allow you to customize your application experience.

The product has a built-in lipo battery that can record and save about 100 minutes of action. The standard memory is 128GB, but you can always add a micro SD memory. 

Get this dash cam for only $72.99! 

Why Do You Need to Buy the Best AliExpress Dash Cam Today?

As mentioned, even if you take extra care whenever you are driving, some drivers out there may take a miscalculated turn and hit you. Or, you may stop and park for a while to get some stuff from a store and then find out that your car already has dents. It will take time to ask around if anyone has seen something, and it’s also too much of a hassle to find out if there are CCTVs around. In these types of situations, having a dash cam proves to be extremely convenient and beneficial.

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