Best Fake AirPods Pro and Airpods 3 Clone (Nov 2022)

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With the launch of Apple Airpods 2, also the craze to buy the product has increased. The wireless AirPods has a very sleek and suitable design and is the talk of the town right now. Ermm, wait… Airpods Pro is out so no more Fake Airpods 2 ok! Be it Airpods Pro or Airpods 2, these earbuds are the one that will determine how wireless earbuds trend will be in next few years.

In 2021, we have the AIRPODS 3 Clone too! Prices of such dupes have come down quite a bit in December. Good news for those looking for cheap fake airpods 3.

In first quarter of 2022, there are no significant changes in the market for fake airpods except they kept enhancing the features. New chips were introduced!

In September 2022, new improved Airpods Pro was launched. 6 hours play time and enhanced noise cancelling.

In Nov 2022, airpods cost as little as 4 bucks on Aliexpress! WTF! They were selling as Air Pro 6.

I am sure these enhancements already pushed forth in the fake realm where factories have also improved on the internal components.

new airpods pro 2022

Here is this review, we will bring you the latest updates on what is happening in Shenzhen China as well as the latest development of these amazing fake airpods and airpods pro clones this 2022.

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Buying Fake Airpods Pro or Fake Airpods 3 (1:1 Supercopy)

You have to understand these airpods clone sellers have to play “hide and seek” with platforms like Aliexpress and DHGate. If their store is picked up by the internal infringement team, they will be automatically shut down for good.

That is the main reason why listing of products changes all the time.

Have a look at how many series for just Airpods PRO here. Many different chip sets were produced in the past…

airpods pro 2022 series

So how can I be sure the seller is legit? Lets find out more below…

Aliexpress Fake Airpods Pro Copy – With and without Noise Cancellation

We managed to talk to a supplier who has one of the best chipset made for Airpods Pro Supercopy the 1536u chip and the other with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) chip 1562A.

There is a new chipset call 1562S chip which has the most stable connection with ANC (anti noise cancellation). 1562S chip is the latest development of the airpods rep. I will say it is near to 99% of the original.

1562P was released in Jan 2021. It is not as stable as the latest version 1562S. Now, here is the latest in June 2021 with crazy chip set BES2300ZP. More stable than the previosu 1562 chip!

In 2022, there is this chip that surpasses all – HUILIAN!

Now name of the latest fake airpods is call SUPERPODS. Comes with spatial audio.

Airpods 2, 3 and Pro – Price: $20-30

Cheap Airpods 3 Rep– Price <$10

Airpods Pro v2 – Price $18

Whether you want the logo imprinted, talk to the seller first before buying. See how they are able to ship the product well for you.

This is the video we shot.

Airpods Pro Clone

If you want to catch the trend to get yourself one to try it out, check our links below (Latest feature: Noise cancellation.) This is one of the better chipset I have asked around – it is made of 1562S chipset which is latest chip by Airoha.

JULY 2020 Update: Upgrade of the chip set by Aliexpress seller.

AUGUST 2020 Update: Huge clamp down on Airpods sellers, so to be sure what sellers are selling, best is to message them.

SEPTEMBER 2020 Update: New chip set available call 1562A that is noise cancellation

NOVEMBER 2020 Update: New chip set available 1562H with ANC and bluetooth 5.2.

JAN 2021 Update: Cheaper pricing available for one of the best stable airpod pro clone – AIR 21 PRO

MARCH 2021 Update: Bluetooth 5.2 is out. This time the chipset is call 1562S.

MAY 2021 Update: Airpods 3 fake were out, but seller listing was taken off withing a week. We have no more link for such.

JULY 2021 Update: Quality Airpods Max Clone is out!

AUGUST 2021 Update: Airpods 3 fake were out as Air 80 TWS

NOVEMBER 2021 Update: Enhanced version of Airpods 3 – Air 80 PRO, ANC Airpods Pro enhanced to V8.5


FEB 2022 uPDATE: Airpods 3 is much more stable

MARCH 2022: new untested version launched – Danny V4.7 Huilian A6 Pro Gyroscope Original shell Original Hinge Best Version

MAY 2022: Huilian involved to 247 new chip.

August 2022: Aliexpress sellers are banned for the longest time I have seen. I can only source cheap airpods from DHGate with normal quality sound bass

September 2022: New Airpods re-engineered version is launched. 6 hours of playtime. Most of the Airpods pro clone able to last 5 hours.

Nov 2022: Airpods cheap version lowered down to $5 only

Airpods 2, 3 and Pro – Price: $20-30

Cheap Airpods 3 Rep– Price <$10

Airpods Pro v2 – Price $18

Things to note when buying Airpods Pro Clone

Aliexpress shut off these listings once we place in our articles. So its safer and wiser but more expensive to buy on DHGate.

Best is to advise which chip is the airpods make of.

cheap airpod pro aliexpress

Things do not make sense as above.

Buying cheap = good (these days on Aliexpress)

Good ones with the best features will cost you $50-$60 plus…

Cheap airpods pro like above are NO NO! $25 for fake airpod pro? or 15 usd? Scroll up to check on the link we have for this.

Let me show you the airpods we received when we ordered this.

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Please be aware this is a gimmick for the seller to either get rid of their bad stocks or simply to boost up their sales profile.

So when comes to choosing Airpods Pro Supercopy, you have to be very careful.

  1. You have to take note is that most of the so called “good sellers” will ramp up their sales numbers and reviews. So do take note not all reviews or sales you see on Aliexpress are not real.
  2. Even if the image illustrates this airpods pro clone is made of 1536 chip, it may not be so! So best way is to buy from reputable seller like what we recommended.
  3. Due to the coronavirus happening in China, logistics may be affected. There will be a delay in all shipments from China.
  4. Stores come and close down fast due to copyright infringement. We do not really encourage you to buy from the above store since it can close down anytime.
  5. Buy at your own risk if you decide to buy on these cheaper versions of Apple Airpods.

– Jessica of Bestaliproducts

Why Buy Fake Airpods?

The main problem with buying the real apple Airpods is its high price. If you are on a budget, AliExpress provides you a complete replica of the product that too at a very low effective cost and with some additional features too. These FAKE AIRPODS can be easily avail, shipping worldwide and have a lot of features and functions.

You can easily select the product of your choice from a variety of options listed below. Some of which are better than the latest Apple Aipods 2, costing just a fraction of the retail price.


Ops sorry to say I cannot find any listings on Amazon now! Amazon has stopped all such listings unfortunately.

Buying Fake Airpods Max

How fast are these fakes in the market. Well these chips are very expensive.

There are a variety in the market now. We recommend to go for $99 – $199 version.

The appearance is the same as apple original earphone, the materials are basic but they are OK, with pop-up function,. After testing it for 2 hours, sound quality was actually good. Only thing lacking was the noise cancellation which could be improved. But for this price and you would like a replica, this Airpods 4 max is something to go for.

Oh do not go for these 1st version of fakes where it cost around 19usd – 49 usd. Do not waste money on these products.

Check it out HERE.

Review: Best Fake Airpods Pro and Airpods 3 Clones to BUY

Some of the topmost Airpod replicas along with their prices and functions are listed below. Bear in mind these are the earbuds we have purchased and tested before.

Airpods 2, 3 and Pro – Price: $20-30

Cheap Airpods 3 Rep– Price <$10

Airpods Pro v2 – Price $18

1. Air 60/80 TWS (All NEW) – Fake Airpods 3

Launched in May 2021, Air 60 TWS cost less than $50. This model is an upgrade of the Airpods Pro Clone. We placed this guy as No1 for the reasons below.

Yes they cannot beat Supercopies (reviewed as below), but they are the newest in the market.

Look at the DESIGN!

Grab before link gone!

15 Features of Airpods aIR 60/80 TWS

1. Name Change + GPS Positioning

2. Support a variety of wireless charging

3. In-ear Detection Smart Sensor

4. Support pop-up window(IOS), open the lid

5. 3 Batteries display

6. Upgrade the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the performance is improved, 12 meters is not stuck & continuous

7. Left and right ears/single ears can be switched at will, breaking through the main rules of TWS headphones, so that each earphone can be used separately with two earphones can be connected to different mobile phones at the same time

8. One-button smart tap, binaural call

9. Call to listen to songs for 3-4 hours, long battery life

10. Out of the box automatic boot / automatic pairing

11. Perfectly compatible with iOS/Android and all mobile phones

12. Metal Hinge

13. Reverse Magnet Lid

14. High Quality Speaker

15. HIFI Super Sound Bass Quality

We really loved the battery capacity. Not just me, but all the reviews talk good about the longer usage. I used to carry 2 airpods clone with me when on mobile but now I am using this Air60 TWS only.

Please note the chipset is not as “high tech” as the one we recommend as Airpods Supercopy Pro.

2. Airpods Super Copy 1:1

Here comes the review of the official Apple earpods W1 and H1 chip clone that looks 100% like the real Apple earpods.

airpods super copy 1:1
best airpod replica super copy

The exact 1:1 Super Copy Air Pods is now available! You will have

  1. Same size
  2. Same touch key
  3. Siri call
  4. Automatic Pairing
  5. 8 pin charging port
  6. Same charging cable

Below is a top store on DHGATE whom is retailing this Airpods 2 Clone with animation pop up. This series is very stable and works awesomely good. If you are the person that do not fancy the W1 or H1 chip pop up, this is the best you can go for. At times, the lesser features you have the better it is.

Gen 2 Airpods Clone – Best Fake Airpods (Phrase out)

airpods super copy

The product is slightly more expensive than the i200 TWS. But the build of the airpod clone is 100%! The box, the lighting cable, the 2 x mini bluetooth earphones. These are the exact copies with the highest quality available in the market right now.

No more to POOR BUTTON CONTROL! Go for the Airpods 2 Super Copy!

Wireless Charging Airpods 1:1 Supercopy is available from $23

We feature this seller as he is the only one selling airpods 2 with logo. It is very difficult to find Aliexpress seller that does that now especially after Apple starts clamping down.

Fancy the latest sound system with an automated pop up? Here is the Airpods 2 SuperCopy Version 2. Launched after Airpods 2 was out 2019.

The best feature is the POP UP! Check this out all you have to do is open the lid and after a second the w1 chip pop-up animation immediately show up on your Apple iPhone. Connected and you can listen to your music straight away. Vola!

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Product is confirmed by us made from 1536 chip. (H1 CHIP) We managed to open up and check on the chip set when we get our hands on this piece of Airpods 2 Supercopy.

*Do check our chatbot as we have coupon codes for DHGates.

5 good things about H1 chip Airpods 2 Clone

  1. Headsets with the integrated H1 chip pair quickly to Apple devices and ensure auto-connecting once a pair of compatible wireless earbuds is powered back on.
  2. Connectivity is reliable and would not subject to frequent signal drops.
  3. Improved power efficiency with better battery lifespan.
  4. Check Battery lifespan easily
  5. Best of all the replicas and clone in terms of audio bass
  6. Wireless Charging or Non Wireless Charging Case

*Latest H1 Chip Airpods 2 Exact Supercopy

*Do check our chatbot as we have coupon codes for DHGates.

Do check with the seller on the shipping option if you order in BULK. (They ship real fast!) It cost a little more than other store but you can be happy and satisfied when the products come much faster.

The box size shape looks everything is identical to the real Apple earpods as box over here you have the board coat everything identical to a real deal you even have the Apple logo on this side and same goes on this side.

Kindly make sure sellers are selling the LATEST 1536 chipset when comes to buying Supercopy Aipods 2!

airpods 2 replica 2019
airpods 2 clone box

Aipods 2 Clone (NO LOGO) @ $23.58 New Features: GPS + Name change

This product will be delisted very fast. My advice is to get it quick!

Airpods 2, 3 and Pro – Price: $20-30

Cheap Airpods 3 Rep– Price <$10

Airpods Pro v2 – Price $18

3. i12 TWS *improved version for the Budget Conscious (Phrase out)

@ i12 TWS Review (Cheap Airpods)

This i12 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone is a wireless portable Bluetooth wireless Airpod 2 replica. After i10, i12 is the best launched wireless earbud in Jan 2019.

Now they have improved the touch function, bluetooth and the battery charging case. i12 tws Pro version cost slight more.

There is better 3D Surround Sound with double-cavity sound holes. This wireless Bluetooth earphone is equipped with a charging box ( storage box).

Price: Under $10

These mini Bluetooth stereo earbuds are totally waterproof and come with USB connectivity. Following the dynamic vocalism principle, these air pod replicas work with 32ohm resistance and an inbuilt microphone.

What makes this guy standout is it combined features of i10 TWS and i11 TWS. Smart control of i11 TWS plus i10 wireless charging, this is the latest airpod replica till date.

i10 and i12 TWS airpods replica are of similar size
airpod clone i12 tws
airpod replica i12 tws

A reason we select this seller is this airpods is really a steal. Personally I purchased from this store and it ships fast. Love the quality, love the features. Nothing to complain about.

Higher price than other sellers but buy with no frills. Under 20, you couldnt expect more!

4. i20, i30, i60, i80, i100, i200, i500, i1000, i9000 TWS (Evolve of the TWS Series) – (Phrase out)

You have all the features above. Wireless charging, 1:1 size, 3 hours play time, good bass, W1 chip pop up…

Even though there are not many sellers left reviewing these, we prefer to keep this old reviews so you know how fake airpods have evolved.

Kindly note there are not many sellers that are selling these old models now.

i20 TWS is like the Super copy version with W1 chip. Only part that is better is the pricing. It cost less than 40usd compared to the previous model of 60+.

Let us stress this again. This is by far one of the best TWS model to grab this April 2019. Kindly see the images below and feedbacks.


  1. Quality of sound may not be as great as supercopy
  2. Earbuds are made of plastic and it is thicker than the supercopy and the real airpods
  3. This version is definitely better than the i14 TWS
  4. Good shipping from seller, 14 days to Netherland, 8 days to Asia.
  5. No LED lights on earbuds
  6. Sound quality better than i12 and i13 TWS

As we can seen from most of the feedbacks and our own use, i120 TWS seems like your best bet around.

With just $33usd, it is cheap and good. i10 TWS used to be such a gem but once i12 tws was launched, this completely wiped out its popularity.

So we are not going to cover this “old” i10gem, even though we know it was only being launched just 3 months back.

i30 TWS (May/Aug 2019)

May 2019 released the latest i30 TWS with this seller killing it on Aliexpress. Cost less than US$30!

Now August launched the all new i30 Super – with longer lasting battery! 5 hours of music play with price range lesser than $20!

i30 tws review

i80 TWS (June 2019)

Another version with wireless charging! We have yet to test i60 and this i80tws is launched. Oh mind goodness! They have all the similar features to the Airpods 2.

  • Pop up animation
  • Wireless charging box
  • Awesome sound bass
  • 1:1 Ear bud
  • Similar green light on the front of the box (exact spot as the Real Airpods 2)
  • Shows battery lifespan (improved version of i60 tws) i60 tws cant reflect the real battery lifepsan.

However do take note. We did identify one major difference – the pop up animation is not as quick as the supercopy.

Nevertheless this is a good buy this June 2019. Here is link to it.

i100 TWS (Release mid JUNE 2019)

Is chasing behind the latest model worth it? We do not think so. After talking to a few suppliers in Shenzhen, we came to realised that the internal bluetooth chip is the most important component of an airpod. i20-i100 tws are just enhancements. Each seller will make their own names to come out with different variation. So please do not chase.

i200 TWS

Another new model popping up within just 2 weeks after i100 TWS. Now we find this model special as it does really tell the battery level. This feature is not seen in the previous models! Most models above do have battery level but they aren’t working.

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working battery level for i200 tws airpods
i200 tws features

Another great feature is in ear sensor. This feature appears in supercopy but not the previous TWS models. Once earpod is placed into earhole, audio routed from a connected device to seamlessly switch to the Airpods.

No links for all of above, as most TWS models have expired. Factories in China do not manufacture these anymore.

Sad to say, there are no more links of such old products anymore.

Things to differentiate the different TWS Airpods models

When buying a bluetooth set, ask the seller if the chip is made from Airoha. If yes, this is a good buy if the airpod is below $30. Airoha chip is made from Taiwan and it comes in 5.0 bluetooth technology. This is the closest match to the REAL AIRPOD 2 H1 CHIP. Chip is usually call 1536u! There are many variations but this is the best. If you are unsure if the seller is selling, this type of chipset, see our links above. We guarantee the chipset from the sellers 100% authentic.

#5 – Black Airpods (Phrase out)

Fake? Not really. We do love matte black and blacks are the way to go for trendy people who love BLACK. Yes! Black. 2 models – Black airpods pro and black airpods i9000 tws.

Black Airpods Pro

black airpods pro price

Price is cheap because it lacks a lot of features as compared to the airpods pro supercopy we receommended above.

They are very good as they say lack noise cancellation but still there is a detail the right side is heard lower than the one on the left side. Battery of 3 hours 30 minutes of direct music play.


1.Air 3th 1:1 size (without any logo or text on charging case).
2.Support pop-up window on IOS when you take out the earphones.
3.Perfectly compatible with iOS/Android and all mobile phones with bluetooth fuction.
4.Auto power on and power off.
5.Could be used separately or together.
6.Upgrade the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the performance is improved, 10 meters is not stuck & continuous.
7.Hifi stereo and bass. 8.Smart touch control

@No more in stock

i9000 TWS Black

Fancy a black airpod? This store on Aliexpress has came up with the fancy black with superb good features and call it i9000. Funny name right!

black airpods

We list this as no#5 for a reason – This is the first model that has wireless charging feature. If you are really a fan of airpods clone and got sick of white, this is a MUST BUY.

Similar as other airpod clones, this series work with any of bluetooth devices like Android and iOS phones. Bluetooth capability is awesomely good as well. Android phones will not show the pop up animation though.

Battery as usual with 3 hours thereabout. Sound quality is awesome and you can use phone conversation with ease.

@No more in stock

FAQs on Buying Fake Airpods and Airpods Pro Dupes

Are Fake AirPods any good?

From i7 to i1000 TWS, one year of improvement and upgrade had made the latest airpod one of the best bluetooth earbud in the market.

How can you tell fake airpods

For supercopy airpods version – Serial numbers pasted on the box are fakes.
For other TWS versions – There are no serial numbers or printed branded words like “Designed by Apple in California”.

Are Airpods Noise cancelling?

No these earbuds are not noise cancelling. It is rumoured that there will be a new version of Airpod with this feature in the next release. Airpods Pro is launched! So this are the ones that are noise cancelled. However we are not doing any Airpod Pro Clone review yet as the first batch are usually not stable.

Are cheap Airpods any good?

Well, it cant be 100% matched the H1 chip of the Real Airpods 2. But the above models we have curated have been some of the best bluetooth earbuds you can get your hands on. We love i1000 TWS, i500 TWS and of course the supercopies. Price ranging from $30-$60.

Do you know which is the earliest TWS version?

The only model that remain for sale on Aliexpress is this i7s series.
Costing less than 4USD. I am not sure how on earth can a wireless earbud cost that cheap! It used to cost more than 30usd when it was first launched.
i7s tws

Disclaimer for affiliates: Above are airpods alternatives we have tried and tested. We do review and recommend the best deals. It is our pleasure if you can access our links to support us.

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