9 Best Fake Apple Pencils and Alternatives 2021

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Store Name: Aieach

Store Description: This store sells the most updated fake apple pencil alternatives. Fast shipping by the seller which makes the order fulfilment quick and fast. Love the features of the NEW apple pencil replica too. Just like the real one.

Price range: $15 - $30



The real Apple Pencil cost $99. Most of the apple pencil alternatives we reviewed cost less than a third of the retail price. Here we have a couple less than US30 apple pencil replicas that you should go for.

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Should you care to buy an Apple Pencil or just to look for cheaper alternatives? This stylus is an input stylus which is used on the iPad tablet computer and iPad Pro. It maybe that you are budget constrained or maybe that you are using an Android device, you need a second opinion on what it is best for you.

Whether you are a professional artist, an engineer, an architect, or simply a sketch enthusiast that doesn’t know where to buy the best fake Apple Pencils, simply visit AliExpress.

In this list, we gathered the best fake Apple Pencils that suit your budget. We made sure that these fake Apple Pencils are suitable for the next sketch of your technical drawing or portrait. However, the market is now full of Apple Pencil copies, and finding the best fake Apple Pencil is not easy. It is exhausting to distinguish the best fake Apple Pencils from the worse ones. T

What is why we’ve taken a time to pick the Apple Pencil replacement just for you.

Check this out here!

Top Apple Pencil Alternatives for iPads 2021

High-end stylus pens are revolutionizing the way we write and draw, and at the forefront of this technology, unsurprisingly, is Apple. With the release of the Apple Pencil 2nd Generation ($129 MSRP), Apple has extended its reach to intuitive peripherals that further improve the quality of life in the Apple Ecosystem. Prior to the Apple Pencil 1st Generation (now $99 MSRP), Apple had to sit and watch as competitors like Samsung with the Galaxy Note series and accompanying award-winning S-Pen dominated a market niche that they had yet to penetrate.

Here we have written a short review on the TOP Apple Pencil Alternatives you can consider from Aliexpress. What we love is the free worldwide shipping option provided by the sellers. The quality of these stylus are improving each time we reviewed them.

Check out our curated TOP BRANDS ON ALIEXPRESS

#1 – GOOJODOQ 3 Gen Apple Pencil Stylus Pen

fake apple pencil review

An update to the extremely popular GOOJODOQ 1st Gen Apple Pencil Stylus Pen, the new 3rd Generation comes with a vast array of new features to cater to user needs. Apart from sporting the same capacitive touch capabilities for maximum compatibility with tablets and smartphones alike, the new GOOJODOQ 3rd Gen Apple Pencil Stylus Pen also offers new magnetic features to allow it to attach easily to the side of your tablet.

It also features the more modern USB Type-C charging port as opposed to the 1st Gen’s MicroUSB, which also allows it to charge much faster than the original.

The GOOJODOQ 3rd Gen has a 1.2mm Pen Tip for finer movements, with guaranteed no lag, no offset, and no breaking point. It weighs just 16g and is 18cm long. It comes with a durable and long-lasting 140mAh Li-Polymer battery that’s capable of up to 12 hours of continuous use, or up to 30 days on standby. 

Technical Specifications

Length: 18cm
Pen Tip: 1.2mm
Material: Metal
Usage Time: 10-12 hrs
Charging Time: 1 hr
Standby Time: 30 days
Charging Cable: USB Type-C

Get the GOOJODOQ 3rd Gen Apple Pencil Stylus Pen Now

#2 – AIEACH 23rd Gen Apple Pencil – Best Fake Apple Pencil with Palm Rejection

Going toe-to-toe with GOOJODOQ as a top-performing and best-selling fake Apple Pencil available online, the AIEACH Apple Pencil Stylus Pen is a fantastic example of affordable, yet highly effective technology. 

palm rejection apple pencil

This specific model of the AIEACH Apple Pencil is the 23rd iteration of their stylus pen, featuring 23 iterations worth of improvements over the 1st generation. AIEACH is well known for releasing updates to its products, and the AIEACH Apple Pencil 23rd Generation is a well-refined fake Apple Pencil that comes with a lot of features.

First, the AIEACH Apple Pencil 23rd Gen comes with all of the features you’d expect to find on the actual Apple Pencil. It’s got palm rejection, wireless controls, precise, tiltable design, and magnetic capability. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and real-time battery display. However, it even surpasses the Apple Pencil in a few ways: it  comes with replaceable nibs, so it’s far more cost-effective, and comes with convenient USB Type-C charging. 

palm rejection apple pencil alternative

If you’re using an iPad model from 2018 or later, then this fake Apple Pencil is one of the few available on the market that’s achieved compatibility with your device.

Technical Specifications

Length: 16.5cm
Pen Tip: 6mm
Material: Metal
Usage Time: 30 hrs
Charging Time: 1.5 hrs
StandProductby Time: 1 Year (365 days)
Charging Cable: USB Type-C

Get the AIEACH 23rd Gen Apple Pencil Now

#3 – VUUV Universal Active Capacitive Pen – Apple pencil alternative for Android

If you’re using a wide-range of touch-enabled devices and want one stylus pen that you can use on most – if not all – of them, then we recommend the VUUV Universal Active Capacitive Pen for its high rate of compatibility with most modern devices and software, regardless of their operating system.

Apple pencil alternative for Android

Compatible with both iOS and Android, the VUUV Universal Active Capacitive Pen is a great Apple Pencil alternative that’s also one of the best-selling items on Aliexpress. It boasts a wide range of compatible devices, including smartphones, tablets, and other system capacitive screen devices that run either Android or iOS.

Featuring a 1.5mm Fine Copper tip for precise writing and smooth drawing, this fake Apple Pencil may not have the most tech features, but makes up for it with versatility and compatibility. It also has class-leading battery performance, with 30 hours of continuous use and up to 1 year of standby time on a single charge. Plus, it only takes 1 hour to charge fully.

The VUUV Universal Active Capacitive Pen also comes in a wide range of colors, including White, Black, and Red, as well as options that include a high-quality case and palm-rejecting gloves.

The only downside to the VUUV Universal Active Capacitive Pen is that it charges via the outdated Micro USB port instead of USB Type-C, but if that’s alright with you then there’s no reason not to get this Apple Pencil alternative.

Technical Specifications

Length: 17cm
Pen Tip: 1.5mm
Material: Metal
Usage Time: 30 hrs
Charging Time: 1hr
Standby Time: 1 Year (365 days)
Charging Cable: Micro USB

Get the VUUV Universal Active Capacitive Pen

#4 – WZMEYAO Universal Stylus Touch Pen

If you’re looking to do more writing than drawing, then it might be better to forego all of the fancier features for dependable quality and smooth paper-like friction performance. For that, we recommend the WZMEYAO Universal Stylus Touch Pen.

apple pencil aliexpress

Tested and passed with flying colors on several of the most popular note-taking apps like ZoomNotes and Evernote, this fake Apple Pencil is a great choice for writers and students who want to take quick hand-written notes on their touch-enabled devices. Plus, with its 1.15mm pen tip that’s finer than the standard stylus, you’ll be able to enjoy a much better writing experience thanks to higher-precision strokes.

It might not be the best option for artists, but when tested on ProCreate, the WZMEYAO Universal Stylus Touch Pen performed considerably well, as long as you don’t miss the tilt-sensitivity. We love the battery performance on this stylus pen – 10 hours of use time on a single 1 hour charge, with power-saving features that turn it off after 30 minutes of being idle. We just wish it came with a USB Type-C port instead of Micro USB.

Technical Specifications

Length: 18cm
Pen Tip: 1.15mm
Material: Metal
Usage Time: 10 hrs
Charing Time: 1 hr
Standby Time: 30 days
Charging Cable: Micro USB

Get the WZMEYAO Universal Stylus Touch Pen

#5 – Black Active Stylus Pen, Tablet Screen Touch Pencil

Designed for iPad 2018-2020 : Pencil for iPad is compatible with Apple iPad 6th Gen (9.7″), iPad 7th Gen (10.2″), iPad Pro 11″ (1st/ 2rd Gen), iPad Pro 12.9″ (3rd/ 4th Gen), iPad Mini 5th Gen, iPad Air 3rd Gen.

ipad pro pencil
apple pencil alternatives

Price: $24.21

This amazing product is compatible with most of the products like tablets, mobile phones, etc. For taking college notes, it can be used with effectiveness. When fully charged it can run for 8 to 10 hours easily. The apps which the compatible with the device are Paper, ProCreate, Art Set, Sketchbook, and many more.

You can save the battery using the power protection mode in the pencil.

apple pencil alternative list

The price of the product is $24.21 and it is usually delivered within 12 to 20 days.

What others say

  • The pen is good! I love how its battery lasts for 12 hours. However, the calibration of the pen is slightly off. I wish the nib was longer so I can draw at a natural angle, but because it is short, I have to draw with my hand at an uncomfortable upper angle.

Click HERE to purchase.

#6 – 9 Gen Smart Active Stylus Apple Pencil Clone – Best Fake Apple Pencil

Mode 1: Only for iPad 2018 & 2019 & 2020, Not for others

Mode 2: For all iPads and Android Tablets

apple pencil clone aliexpress

Price: $17.76

This pencil is compatible with all Apple iPads. It has a nice 45 mm tip for smooth drawing and writing. As this is the replica of Apple Pencil Gen 2, it can be attached magnetically to the iPADs and the Pro version 2018 and 2019. This is indeed the Best Fake Apple Pencil Clone.

Excellent stylus for use on multiple touch screens. It works well on my smartphone and is very precise. I have used it with great results on multiple applications on my tablets. My only concern is with the precise point picking up sand and possibly scratching my screen. This is not a problem right now since all my devices have glass protectors. It is a great stylus that feels good in the hand. 

best fake apple pencils 2020

It takes around 60 minutes to charge and you can use it for 10 hours after that. There is a power saving option for saving the battery. We love the sleek white design. It micmic the real Apple pencil stylus.

apple pencil clone gen 2

The most impressive stylus i get for ipad, it doesn’t even use bluetooth. ….. Charges quickly, and charging lasts for hours, in standby mode 5 days and more.

What others say

  • Thank the seller! The order came quickly-two weeks , the quality is good! Works both in iPad4 and on Xiaomi Mi Max! Recharged for an hour, working the second day at the average load of use (drawing, gadget management).
  • Works great on ipad 7th generation 2019 and my phone
  • This stylus is very good. I have been using it for a few weeks and it works very well. The best thing is that you don’t need to connect it to Bluetooth or use anything. All you have to do is click the power button and you are ready to use it. I use it with my pixel XL and iPad pro, but there is no problem.

Click HERE to buy.

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#7- Baseus Universal Stylus Capacitive Touch

Pencil for Apple iPad/Samsung/Xiaomi/Huawei Tablets

Price: $8.99

Baseus is getting popular for electronics lovers. This brand produces some of the top wireless charger in 2019. Here is another awesome product by Baseus with the cost of below $10. What a steal!


What we like about this particular model is the fact it can be tilted 180 degrees to draw smoothly. Best for artists!

This pencil has a price of $8.43. The high-performance pencil comes with a a replaceable tip. This tip can be easily taken out with a tweezer.

Chic stylus, came surprisingly quickly, the thing is comfortable, even included a spare nozzle.

What others say

  • Very good BASEUS genuine Universal Stylus Pen for Capacitive Touch Screen Displays. Very delicate and very fast delivery in Moscow, Russia, – arrived at the delivery box within ca. three weeks, fully traceable. I do recommend this store! 
  • Part of an order placed on Anniversary Sale with a big store coupon. Shipped through China Post Registered Airmail, arrived by train in under 60 days, better than more expensive shipping options. Performs great, everything is as described. Looks and feels very qualitatively. The seller is great. I paid no taxes because of the value written on the package, so many thanks for that. 
  • The pen arrived very quickly in Brazil. Work perfeitmente in Teclast P10HD! Recommend to everyone! 

Click HERE to buy.

#8 – Cheap Stylus Pen (under $10)

Compatible with All Touch Screens – This stylus pencil Works perfectly with all touch screen devices, including for iPad Pro 1/2/3/4, for iPad Air 2/3/4, for iPad Mini 2/3/4/5, for iPad 3/4/5/6/7/8, for iPhone 6/6 Plus/7/X/XS Max/XR/11/12 Mini/12 Pro Max, for Samsung S7 / S7 Edge,S8/Note 5/S20+, for Huawei, for HTC, Google, LG and other tablets and smartphones.

best apple pencil alternative
smart pencil ipad

Price: $9.69

This is an old model as compared to the 2nd option. Yes you are right! Why we state this still due the fact this seller is more reliable. We put this as an option for the 2nd choice. This is your best bet when comes to Apple pencil gen 1 clone.

The product is compatible with most of the tablets and mobile phones. The length of the pencil is 7.09 inches. It takes around 80 minutes for charging and after that, you can use it for 12 hours.

The price of this amazing product is around $28.40. Usually, the product is delivered to the customer within 12 to 20 days by the seller.

Click HERE to purchase.

#9 – WIWU Stylus Touch Pen for iPad

for Apple Pencil Stylus Pen for Capacitive Screen Universal Touch Pen

Compatible with most screen touch devices: For iOS/Android/Microsoft device, for iPad,Mini, for iPhone, for SamsungGalaxy, for Nexus, for LG G Pad, for HTC and other touch screen devices

apple pencil cheap
affordable apple pencil

Price: $27.83

Built-in battery provides 8 hours active use while it’s fully charged with Micro USB in 60 minutes. Smart Saver, auto shutdown after 30 minute of usage.

The price of the product is a bit higher than the other brands in Aliexpress. It is around $28.51. This amazing pencil is available it 5 different colors. It stays active for 8 hours after an hour of charging. This high-quality product comes with a year’s replacement warranty.

What others say

  • Immensely satisfied, works great and supple with my Samsung devices. Operation is with it many times more pleasant than with the fingers or another pen
  • The stylus is not convenient for drawing, I mainly use it as a regular stylus, it is convenient for Instagram. Dear for normal stylus. Works for a long time, enough for 2 days, periodically it turns off, charges about an hour. As you can see in the photo conducts not a smooth line, if you lead smoothly and slowly it draws a wave, because of this, it is absolutely uncomfortable to draw the same need for a glove it is not included. The stylus approached the usual screen of the phone and by the iPad 2013. For drawing I bought a tablet and a stylus in the set for 1200 rubles and I’m happy with 100%.

Click HERE to buy.

FAQs on Buying Apple Pencil Alternatives

Is this meant for Universal 99% Touch Screen Devices?

Whatever your tablet PCs, Mobile Phones, most of these stylus presented enabled you to set up on all devices There will be non-compatibility issues and no such need do pairing.

Do I need to synced the apple pencil alternative with Bluetooth?

No. This is a stylus with internal battery operated.

Can I use the stylus while charging?

Best is not to use when in charging mode.

How come there are delays when synced?

It maybe due to too many idle apps being opened on the background. Advise to close these idle applications to avoid any disruption.

How come the apple pencil alternative is not sensitive?

We recommend you to remove screen protector if you have applied on the iPads or Android tablets.

How long can the fake apple pencil battery last?

Safe guide will be 8-10 hours per full capacity charge. We recommend at least 1 hour of charging to enable you to use full day.

What is Capacitive Stylus Pen?

This is a unique stylus with sensitive touch and exquisite stroke.

Can I use it for non Apple Products?

This is a no brainer – yes to all devices which have bluetooth pairing.

Can you use other pencils on iPads?

Of course you can, we present some of the best Apple pencil alternatives above which cost a fraction of the real apple pencil.

Do fake apple pencils work?

Oh hell yes. We have purchased fake apple pencils since 2018 from Aliexpress and they work just fine. One concern is that the tip may not be so sensitive. However, these chinese were so smart to replicate and better products. Kindly look at our reviewed #2 above and you can see it is the 3rd generation of fake apple pencil now.

There are so many fake Apple Pencils available on the market today – most of them you’ll find online, alongside hundreds, if not thousands, of other Apple Pencil lookalikes and knockoffs. So the question is, amidst the multitude of available options when you’re shopping for an affordable yet high-quality alternative to the Apple Pencil, how do you find the best ones? That’s where we come in. 

We’ve sorted through some of the best – and some of the worst – fake Apple Pencils you can buy online to curate a list of the best-performing ones that we can recommend to you. Here are the best fake Apple Pencils you can get your hands on for cheap:

best fake apple pencil 2020
Palm rejection is the newest feature this apple pencil alternative have evolved. Each month supplier tend to launch new features, upgrading these products.

Cost of Fake Apple Pencil
At a price of $22, this is a fraction of what it cost you on Apple store.
Check HERE.

Our review
Perfect! It works perfectly with my iPad 6th generation. It’s magnetic. I charged it, and then pushed the button and it works. I have an Apple Pencil too. But this one works also very good. In fact it works 99% similar to the real Apple pencil.

To answer the question oh whether it works, read the reviews on Aliexpress about this particular 3rd GEN Fake Apple Pencil.

Reasons to buy Fake Apple Pencil on Aliexpress

Yes given the real pencil itself cost USD99. These are the Best Apple Pencil alternatives for you from Aliexpress at a fraction of the real ones. Not only these but you could get much more here. There are different categories of products full of replicas and cheap Chinese product which have looks and feel of the same original one.

Aliexpress has become a very big name in online marketing since its launch. Previously it followed the steps of Alibaba but now it is a big brand in itself. But unlike Alibaba, Aliexpress does not charge a thing from the registered members. The time of delivery is express and most of the time, you can expect free delivery.

The website is perfect for small wholesale orders. For the protection of your transactions, they provide Escrow service. This assures that you always get your order as only after the order is delivered to you, Aliexpress releases the payment of the seller. There are pleasant experiences as well as unpleasant ones. So what, every company has that. But most of the time you are guaranteed the best product by the website.

So, what are you waiting for, visit the Aliexpress website and choose the best one for you before it is sold out?

Happy Shopping.

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