15 NEW Xiaomi Products you won’t know they existed this 2023

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Boasting over $100 billion in market valuation, Xiaomi is no doubt sweeping the world by storm. This Chinese electronic company that started as a run-of-the-mill phone manufacturing company is now competing against tech and e-commerce giants like Apple, Samsung, and Amazon.

From a go-to store for affordable mobile devices, Xiaomi has evolved into a marketplace where consumers can buy electronic, non-electronic, and lifestyle products, which are all fantastic. And frankly, many of Xiaomi’s products manufactured by its satellite companies are definitely must-haves. 

Xiaomi has recently become the topmost selling and loved brand around the world for mobile phones. All of the cell phones are possess great features and an advanced technology that too at a reasonable cost. Also known as Chinese “Apple”, Xiaomi also has a variety of other products to offer us.

We are not even aware of these products and the level of excellence they offer. Once you start using Xiaomi products, I am pretty sure you will start to recommend them to people you know.

Xiaomi’s International Internet Business Announces its “Go Global” 

Xiaomi Go Global

Xiaomi’s International Internet Business Department (IIB), the global internet business arm of the Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer, recently concluded its participation in the Mobile World Congress (MWC), a major event in the global mobile technology industry. During the event, IIB announced its “Go Global” strategy for 2023, which involves expanding its cooperative relationships with global partners and exploring new business opportunities in internet services.

The management team from Xiaomi’s IIB met with customers and partners from around the world, including global tech giants, promising start-ups, content providers, advertising agencies, and developers. Xiaomi offers a range of internet services for smart TVs and smartphones running MIUI, an independent and customizable mobile OS developed by the company. As of Q3, 2022, there were 563.9 million monthly active users of MIUI in over 100 markets globally, with over 422 million located outside the Chinese mainland.

At the MWC, IIB focused on game partnerships, content integration services, and helping brands and app developers with their user growth. IIB’s revenue from overseas internet services increased 17.2% year-over-year to reach RMB1.7 billion in Q3 of 2022, with a share of total internet services revenue reaching 24.2%, also a quarterly high. IIB collaborates with leading partners in the industry to empower developers and marketers to reach their target audiences.

Interesting Xiaomi products on Aliexpress

Some of these amazing, wonderful and least known Xiaomi products are listed below. A few I am sure you know what they are but there are a couple I am pretty sure you never heard off before. Let us have a look.

#1 – Xiaomi Airdots

These earphones are meant to provide you with a different level of sound experience. A true wireless bluetooth headset with bluetooth 5.0 capability.

It weights just 4.1g with an awesome long battery lifespan 4 hours. Even better than the TWS series of Fake Airpods.

best xiaomi earbuds

These pieces of comfort are made up of a unique design, providing an improved quality in sound ranges as well as the bass.

You can choose your compatible option from a variety of silicon cover options available.

best xiaomi airdot

Review by other real buyers

  • Received it in 18 days. quality is really awesome. sound quality is also very nice. doesn’t fit well in my ear but will get used to it. Thank you.
  • Bang on deal, Really loved it Seller is very co-operative and looking forward to purchase more products from this seller. Product is decent at this price range build quality is pretty impressive and elegant. Big thumbs up.
  • Nice product . Sound quality very good . Calling also very nice and comfortable . seller shipped with a nice and protective bubble cover . 100% recommended this seller . Delivery time almost one month . But seller is always keep replaying for our quires . Superb !! 

Price: $18

Airdots Pro 2

airdots 2 aliexpress

The headphones are very light and comfortable, very well sit in the ears, almost do not feel. They look a little big compared to AirPods, but the ear looks pretty neat. The sound is pretty good, even a little low frequencies are present. The microphone does not always hear you well. After unpacking immediately updated them through Xiao Ai. The actions on the taps work well, they can be configured in the same Xiao Ai.


  • Beautiful! There are some minor issues in case you are using earphones not on Xiaomi smartphone, but still they’re good. Additional thanks to the store owner for two cases instead of one. It was unexpectedly great 🙂

Price: $38.98

#2 – Amazfit Watches

Xiaomi’s fitness trackers are some of the most trending products in the global market. But arguably, the wearables under Mi’s label are the bestsellers because of their fantastic features and highly affordable prices. Among the widely-purchased wearables are Xiaomi Mi Band 6, Mi Watch, and Mi Watch Lite. 

new xiaomi smartwatch

There are so many watches to review that we decide to make this as a open ended…We arent going review one watch by one watch. By then, I guess it will be obsolete.

More detailed write up is here

Best Xiaomi Smartwatches Review

You make the decision based on your budget.

Watch that looks amazingly fabulous with the good heart rate detection. It will vibrate when it detects a heart rate that exceeds a certain value.

cool watch by xiaomi

Check out latest Amazfit stuffs

#3 – Haylou Smartwatch – Our choice for Top Mi Smartwatch

Xiaomi is the third leading smartphone company across the world. They are very famous for their high-end smartphones at a much affordable price than the leading brands that we most know.

Smartphones are not the only pride of Xiaomi, because they have been making customers happy with their smart home gadgets and other electronics like smartwatches too.

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In today’s world, smartwatches have been a very popular tool for making people’s lives easier every single day. Smartwatches connect easily to smartphones, so people can never miss out on any important notification. These watches also help individuals in keeping track of their health, and making sure that they sleep well!

These watches are basically just phones turned into watches, making them one of the most convenient gadgets a person can have. So, let’s not delay it any further, and let’s list down the Best Xiaomi Smartwatches that you can buy this 2021.

#4 – Xiaomi Smart Light

Xiaomi offers high-quality smart home products to several countries. You can choose from smart plugs, thermostats, bulbs, and many innovative items designed to enhance our way of living. However, not all smart home products are available in specific countries because of varying laws and restrictions. Thereby, it is advisable to search first for what is available within your location.


Original Xiaomi Yeelight II Smart LED Bulb

Price: $17.52

Xiaomi Smart Bulb

Having compatibility with Virgos, androids, and iPhones, these smart bulbs can perform a lot of functions. With low battery consumption, these smart bulbs are known to have various lighting modes, along with a huge number of color options available.

best xiaomi products 2020

Also, you can control these devices wirelessly even from your mobile phones. The product can connect with WiFi, easy control the brightness, on and off through your phone.

Review by real buyers

  • Arrive fast. The bulb is very good. Works very well in the US
  • Quite a cool gadget, best part is not having to spend $50 more on a stupid router/gateway for the light’s ecosystem. Just plug (well, screw) and play! Please get the color one, well worth it.
  • Took a time to connected but finally it works!!! Anyway, be aware that “classic” router is not good for IoT. you will definitely need some that can handle multiple devices.

Price: $17.52

Xiaomi Candela LED Night Light

Price $38.99

This device is built to set up for special event. Imagine you used these lights for a proposal. Candela is the world’s only smart candlelight using the latest Bluetooth (BLE) Mesh technology, combining the warm comfort of candlelight with the convenience and control of smart technology. The BLE Mesh technology allows up to 30,000 units Candelas to communicate with each other.

best xiaomi product

The built-in 2100mAh battery allows for up to 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge. The portability lets Candela fits in any moment of your life.

Review by other buyers

  • Product description fully match, delivery went out a little longer than expected. Everything is packed well, the goods are delivered safely. The design of the lamp itself and the workmanship without complaints. There are problems with connection on some Android devices (on iOS tightened without any problems). Probably an error in adapting software to old devices. The color temperature of the glow is ideal, the body and the bulb are not heated. Dimmer brightness in manual mode step (4 levels), and in smart pairing mode in the application smoother, with the ability to timer shutdown and record their settings. Flicker effect is available, apparently only in manual mode. How the object of the interior looks great! 
  • 2nd lamp ordered, and like last time super fast shipping, probably the best I have experienced on Ali. Love the lamp and will be buying more soon. Thank you seller.
  • Build quality is incomparable. Works just fine. 20 hours and has not yet extinguished. I recommend as a gift.

Price $38.99

#5 – Mijia Pen

I am a big fan from Xiaomi so I want this for school and work or something. To take notes. I like the white matte design. It’s simple but nice.

mijia pen

These are the coolest pens you can lay your hands on. These pens come with replaceable ink cartridges, a ballpoint tip of 0.55mm along with metal precision connection parts.

xiaomi pen aliexpress

These pens are known to make all you’re writing and drawing tasks a lot more smooth and pleasurable, with an affordable cost of just five dollars.

Price $4.22

Read on: Top Stationery Stores on ALiexpress

#6 – Mi Wi-Fi Amplifier and Repeater

xiaomi wifi amplifier

Used with the Wi-Fi amplifier for maximum effect, these devices are known to provide you the potential colossal speed of the internet connection.

Excellent and high-quality amplifier wi-fi, quality Xiaomi as always on top. It works smoothly, performs its work by 100 percent, simple connection and setup, i in the application put the region of china.

In general, an excellent and indispensable thing for the house, i am very satisfied with the amplifier,

mi wifi repeater

Price $7.77


#7 – Xiaomi Smart Scale 2 with Fats Measurement

A scales can be used to know body weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, water rate, Protein rate, visceral fat grade, basal metabolism, bone mass, bodies old, ideal body weight, body size, and health score.

xiaomi smart scales

These scales will help you keep a track of the effects of daily work out. Also, the app included will help you keep a schedule of the progress tracking and also make some suggestions on that basis. Also, these scales can help you with an estimation of muscle mass, visceral fat levels, and water in your body.

What we like best is you can use the science fitness tutorial from Xiaomi Sport App customize the training to help them lose weight and shape their bodies.

Price: $43.35

#8 – Xiaomi Wireless IP Security Camera

xiaomi home security camera

These cameras are known to give you a 360 view that too without making any kind of noise. Along with the subject tracking mode, these also give you a complete night vision. The camera is connected wirelessly to the Wi-Fi and can be easily placed anywhere within reach.

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Also, you can use your phone to monitor and control it. Perfect for monitoring your babies at home.

Price: $32.49

xiaomi wireless security camera
xiaomi baby monitor

Review by other buyers

  • Xiaomi products are still on top. Very good rotary camera, comfortable, removes well, a lot of angles due to turning. I’m not an expert, but full HD does not pull on me, but the quality is good. I’m happy, the night mode is good, it shoots like a day, but in b/w. All control via MiHome is very convenient. Delivery of TC from Russia, about 2 weeks.
  • THE camera is great, excellent night vision, easy and intuitive integration with “Google Assistant” (tested) and “Alexa” cost benefit, responsive, order came home with 17 days, order more than ever received. Advise seller and product 100%.
  • It works perfectly. Is the latest model of the Xiaomi Mijia home camera global version, it is the original and the 1080 p. Besides, he sent very fast 

Price: $32.49

#9 – Xiaomi Fitness Tracker Band 5 (New)

The Xiaomi Band 5 is the perfect product to invest your money in and is one of its kinds. The band is connected to your phone and notifies you about the incoming messages and calls; also it has a built-in pedometer and a heart-meter. The product is dust as well as waterproof with an IP67 rating.

xiaomi band 5

Price: $25.73


Display ——————-1.1″ Large Color AMOLED Display Battery ——————125mAh Battery Compacity, Up to 14 days (Recharging time about 2 Hours) Water Resistance ——

5ATM Water Resistance Activity Tracking ——-

Count Steps, Distance, Calories Burned, Female Health Monitor Healthy Monitoring —- 

24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring Sensor———————

3-axis Accelerometer, 3-axis Gyroscope, Connective  ————–

Bluetooth 5.0 System requirement—–

Android 4.4, IOS 10 or above

Other Features: 1.Stopwatch / 2.Alarm clock / 3.Timer / 4.Find my phone / 5.Phone unlock / 6.Event reminder / 7.Do not disturb mode / 8.Lock screen / 9.Music control on band / 10. Easily charged with magnetic charging pins/ 11.Remote control the photo camera/ 12. Female health monitor


Looking for a sleeker smartwatch with a wider screen than regular smart wrist bands on the market? Then you must be looking for the Amazfit Band 5 Smart Bracelet! It now comes with an all-new interface that gives out a smoother and simplified touchscreen experience for you.

You can always be on top of your health with its 11 sports and also a feature that tracks women’s health like menstruation and ovulation. You can also count your distance and calories burned as you work out. If you’re going to swim, you no longer have to remove your watch since it comes with a 50m waterproof feature too.

Other basic features of this watch include an alarm clock, find my phone, stopwatch, phone unlock, do not disturb mode, music control, and even reminder.

Other Features:

  • With OxygenBeats feature for measuring oxygen saturation
  • With 24-hour heart rate monitoring
  • 5ATM Waterproof rating
  • Stress and sleep monitoring
  • Comes with Personal Activity Intelligence

Reviews by others

  • I never received a product so fast, arrived in two weeks, and was stopped in customs, would not have received yet. The bracelet without comment very beautiful larger resistant and with the money market. Seller still sent extra film and bracelet.
  • So exited that the mi band 4 arrived! It took 1 month but it was worth it. First watch i had MI band 2, then Polar a360, and now i wanted little watch, elegant and not huge like a polar. I know that the HR is incorrect in mi band, even 50% of what polar did. But the app and counting steps, are better in MI band, and now it version 4
  • Excellent product! Arrived in 20 days in my house. Great seller, meets all steps, attentive, very fast! Product promised. Showered with it and works perfectly. Quite accurate information. Wonderful!! 

Price: $25.73

#10 – Xiaomi Mi Notebook

One of Xiaomi’s most popular satellite companies is the Mi Community. It specializes in smart gadgets and devices. Arguably, one of the best-selling products from this brand is the Mi Notebook, followed by the 2018 Mi Gaming Laptop.

The most recent product to join the impressive roster is the Mi Notebook 14 (Horizon Edition.) The former series of laptops have almost the same design as Apple’s MacBooks. However, Mi’s devices rely on Windows for functions. Meanwhile, the 2018 Mi Pad 4 remains the latest Mi-designed tablet

mi notebook aliexpress

Main Features:
● Microsoft Windows 10 OS
Offers more powerful performance brings you more smooth and wonderful user experience
● 16GB DDR4 RAM for Advanced Multitasking
Substantial high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run your games, photos and video-editing applications
● 256GB SSD Storage Capacity
Provides room to store pictures, videos, music and more
● Front Camera for Photos and Face-to-face Chat
1.0MP front camera allows you to capture memorable moments or chat with friends
● HDMI Output Expands Your Viewing Options
You can connect the device to an HDTV or high-definition monitor to set up two screens side by side or just enlarge pictures
● Dual Band 2.4GHz / 5.0GHz WiFi
802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless Internet, allows you to connect to the Web while within range of an available wireless network

All these excellent features and the reputable brand product is available only at $1248.

Price: $1248

#11 – Waterproof Multi Functional Backpack

xiaomi product to buy aliexpress

This nylon made sports backpack is extensively lightweight and made waterproof. With a 20L volume and 10Kg weight carrying capacity, the bag is the right choice to make. Along with all these features, the bag is also a portable one.

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Wow, I was amazed by the quality of this backpack. Pros: • Well-sewn; • The interior is very well-planed and spacious; a lot of compartments and pockets; • Seems to be water-resistant; • Good price for this quality. Cons: • Of course, the shape looks better on the photos. In real life, it is not so stiff and solid-looking, but still nice!

Price: $42.82

Other Awesome Xiaomi Products on Aliexpress

Xiaomi’s accessories are the products that are the easiest to avail wherever you are located in the world. Its impressive line of products includes Bluetooth speakers, chargers, wireless chargers, and power banks, to name a few. The company’s current bestseller is the Smart Tracking Wireless Charging Pad (20W.)

Xiaomi Shaver Set $29.10

AliExpress.com Product – Shaver Xiaomi H600 Stand Trimmer Blades Foam 6 Blades German Production Set Razor 3 in 1 8 in 1 From Xiaomi Youpin Shaver H600

AliExpress.com Product – Xiaomi Mijia temperature and humidity monitoring electronic watch xiaomi home
AliExpress.com Product – Original Xiaomi Home Portable Doctor B Toothbrush 4 Color In 1 Kit Deep Clean Care Oral Hygiene Toothbrush For Adult Travel
AliExpress.com Product – Original Xiaomi Home Slippers Lithe Non-slip TPR Sole Light-weight Soft Comfortable for Father’s Day Gift Slippers High Quality
AliExpress.com Product – Original Xiaomi Mi Blow Dryer Anion HL3 1800W 2 Speed Temperature Hair Dryer Light Portable Dryer For Travel Xiaomi Home Kits


Xiaomi Online Stores Aliexpress Review

Since Xiaomi has evolved from a mobile device company to a massive ecosystem that caters to different needs and demands, you might be confused about the products you can purchase from this Chinese manufacturing and electronics giant. Well, aside from mobile phones, we’ve outlined some of the product categories that are gaining the most sales from global consumers.

Are there official Xiaomi stores on Aliexpress?

The answer is a NO!
Xiaomi is smart. Why would they want to kill off competition where they can earn a bigger pie by passing their product ranges to other retailers.
Retailers have to paid a HUGE sum in order to obtain Xiaomi goods to sell online. This is a licensing scheme practise by the huge china brand.
Also back in 2015, a lot of fake Xiaomis factories and sellers are fined big time. You can check one of such store here.

Should you Buy Xiaomi products from Aliexpress?

Why not? However be sure to buy from good sellers!
If you take a look at Aliexpress, there are plenty of sellers that sell Mi Products. Plenty!
Rest assured 95% of Xiaomi goods sold now are no fakes!
Only differentiating factor is SPEED OF DELIVERY and whether these sellers have warehouse in Europe.

Best Xiaomi Online Stores Aliexpress

Pretty much a one-stop shop for fantastic daily life products, Xiaomi ensures that consumers from all around the globe can always count on new and fantastic products. Every year, the company releases innovative and valuable items that are top-notch in quality and pocket-friendly. So, whether you are a Xiaomi fan or not, you would surely want to check out their latest offerings. We have outlined the latest Xiaomi products that ought to be with you or within your household in this list. 
Here we only select the TOP 3.
Xiaomi MC Store – Selling Xiaomi Smartphones
Mi Homes Store – Selling Home accessories
Xiaomi Mijia Store – Selling Electronics and accessories
These top 3 stores have at least 98% feedback score and had numerous sales under their account.

What is the best Xiaomi smartwatch?

One best thing that we love about Xiaomi smartwatches is that you are never paying for a hundred more bucks just to get all the features that you need for the most expensive smartwatch in the market. They are much more affordable without compromising the convenience and quality that it gives.
You might notice that the price of these watches varies depending on the number of features and aesthetics that the watch has, but overall, all of them are truly a bang for the buck!
You will surely bow to the future as you wear the Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch. It boasts about its small but incredible features even if it is smaller than regular smartwatches. This smartwatch is powered by Bluetooth 5.0, which gives out the most stable and fast connection for all compatible smartphones.
The screen might be small, only at 2.7 inches, but it comes with an AMOLED resolution. It also comes with a beautiful curved design that will fit your wrists comfortably.
Now, let’s go to the interesting part of this smartwatch. It measures your stress levels and also gives you some advice to relax and calm your body down.
Also, it comes with an automatic sports detection feature that takes note of every calorie that you burn. Its motion tracking feature is smarter than ever, taking credit of every move you take.
Other Features:
Continuous health tracking
50m water resistance
Zepp app compatibility
Bluetooth 5.0 connection
Click here to purchase this Xiaomi smartwatch.

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