Top Massager Gun Aliexpress Review 2022

by Felicia Tan

I always get stiff muscles and sore neck because of all the time I spend hunching over my laptop. Due to a busy schedule, it hasn’t always been possible for me to book a massage therapy session or get any other kind of treatment, which is why, when I first heard about massage guns, I was ecstatic. Now here was a tool that would relieve me of my knots and stiff muscles. 

I did my share of research to know more about this tool that was going to change my life. Now, what a massage gun does is that it effectively releases the tension in the muscles to provide relief from pain. It is an easy tool to use that works on virtually any body muscle. 

Why do you need massage gun?

With this tool, you can treat muscle aches, stiffness, and soreness. It also helps speed up your muscle recovery process and reduce the risk of injuries during exercise. 

What more? It is a portable, hand-held device, making it a convenient choice to carry to your workplace, or practically anywhere. 

best cheap massage guns aliexpress


Here’s a list of my Top 5 massage guns:

#1 – Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun

This product is made by Xiaomi cooperation brand – Yunmai. This is Xiaomi ecological chain brand shipping without Xiaomi Logo.

This gun boast a

  • Service Time 20 Hours , as according To The Daily Massage Relaxation Average 10 Minute Is The Reference Meter Count
  • Provide Up To 80 Angel Endurance .
  • 45dB Low Noise
xiaomi massage guns

This cost a few times more than other massage gun for a reason. They are reliable and silent!

Gorgeous design, quality, good suitcase included, nice velvety shell, details fit perfectly, quality plastic, no smell, set of nozzles fire, sound pleasant, instructions on the zones included, some spare parts are rubber bands.

I do recommend buying this unit.

Price: $174.99

Updated model

There is a new model that just arrived park under the Xiaomi chain brain.

5 speeds,dual modes | 84 days | 3200 RPM
10mm | 45dB | Charging base

What others say

  • Product as described. Massage is deep and strong. Product looks professional, it is quite heavy. Noise level is acceptable, vibrations are in low level. I recommend this product as good addition to training course
  • Perfect massager, second one I bought for presents 
  • Came in 3 days! Very satisfied with the purchase! Recommend 

Price: $174.99

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#2 – Phoenix Muscle Stimulator

As is its job, this muscle stimulator gun relieves sore muscles and provides you with the relief you need so badly. The reason why the massage gun is more popular than the traditional hand-held massagers is that it reaches deep inside to effectively relax the sore muscles. The traditional massagers, on the other hand, were not as penetrating. 

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best percussion massage gun

The massager comes with four massage heads for different parts of the body. You can use the forked massage head for your vertebral section. The spiral head works on your joints, and the ball head works on the muscles. You can use the flat massage head to massage your entire body. 

It gives out a high-frequency vibration that stimulates the joints and the muscles, providing effective pain relief. 

The Phoenix Muscle Stimulator has a two-hour-long battery life. It provides high-frequency vibration that helps relieve the sore muscles. It operates at a low noise, which eliminates the irritation caused by a high motor sound. 

Package Included:
1 * Massage Gun
1 *Small Round Massage Ball(For Small muscle recovery)
1 *Spiral Head(For joints of body)
1 *Fork Leg Tip(For spine massage)
1* Flat Head(For whole Body)
1 *Li-ion Battery
1 *Power Charger
1 *User Manual
• 24V massage gun for effective muscle relief
• 3 or 20 speed modes for adjustable intensity
• 6 interchangeable heads target different muscles
• Low-noise motor for discreet use
• 2–4 hours use from 1 charge

You can buy this massage gun here.

Price: $81.39

#3 – Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

Percussion Massager review

Deep tissue percussion massagers have been in use for a long time. Primarily, sports professionals use this massager to relieve themselves from sports injuries and pain. However, these percussion massagers have now reached a wide berth. Apart from celebrities and sports personalities, these massagers are also used by people to get rid of sore muscles and aching joints. 

If you are looking to get a deep and satisfying massage, this massager is for you. The massager works swiftly and goes deeper than a regular massager or a traditional hand-held massager.

The massager comes with six different massage heads to give you precision. Having different massage heads ensures that each part gets the attention it deserves. There is a massage head for the spine and one for the joints, along with others. 

You can easily change the speed of the massage gun to suit your needs. There are three levels of adjustment available. On Level 1, the massage head rotates 1800 times a minute. The rotation increases to 2400 on Level 2. Level 3 has the highest number of rotations with 3200 rotations per minute. 

The massager comes with a high-quality motor with ultra-strong heat dissipation. It runs for a long time so you can enjoy your massage without any crashes. The 2400 mAh lithium battery that comes with it is of high-quality and lasts for about 4 to 6 hours. The massager is very light in weight and has a superior grip. 

You can buy this massage gun here.

Price: $48.65

The electric massage gun is the answer to your muscle soreness. It comes with four interchangeable massage heads for the ultimate precision. Each body part needs specialized care and attention, and the different massage heads ensure just that. Apart from relieving the muscles from soreness and stiffness, it also helps regulate blood circulation. It also helps get rid of fatigue and releases lactic acid. 

best aliexpress massage gun

It comes with 30 levels of speed, which is one of its best features. You can choose what speed gives you maximum comfort and relief. The low levels of speed are perfect after a short exercise or walk. It relaxes the muscles and gets rid of muscle fatigue. The medium speed levels effectively help get rid of muscle pain after a long period of working out. The higher levels penetrate deeper and repair the muscle fibers. 

The massage gun comes with a steady touch, which adds a nice touch to the machine. It comes with a 2500 mAh lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable. It will continue massaging after a recharge for at least five hours. You need to charge the battery for three hours. The motor does not make a loud noise for a silent and relaxing experience. Apart from the tools, you also get a portable storage case, making it easy for you to carry it around. 

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massage gun review

What others say

  • Hello, the goods correspond to the description, the quality is not bad. Shipping within 7 days. Delivery in Ukraine in 3 days, in general in 10 days. The kit includes: two boxes, a massager, an instruction, a charger, a case, nozzles. Honestly, it’s better to add money and buy booster lightsaber it’s in assembly quality and design much better! On the motor it is the same as booster lightsaber, the only thing that modes are more. I liked the case cute and compact. I recommend you this seller and the product, but personally it is better for me to pay and buy booster lightsaber, Xiaomi meavon, Xiaomi Yunmai these massages are unique! Recommend
  • Got order. The massage pistols themselves fully correspond to the description. Qualitative, powerful impact on the muscles after training, the battery was already charged. Convenient switching of all 9 speeds, easy change of six nozzles. One only defies this long delivery, logistics is quite bad
  • I can only say positive things about the product and seller! With the seller: -All issues can be resolved. -He is reasonable, responsive and kind. -The item is always perfectly packed. -Fast shipping (1 day) and deliver (4 working days!). The item: -The best massage gun i’ve tried. -Quiet. -Light. -Powerful

You can buy this massage gun here.

Price: $75.99

#5 – USB Massage Gun Touch Screen Button

With LCD display, we love this model.

small massage gun aliexpress

The ergonomic grip can minimize the external force. Vibration principle hammering style, strong power to massage muscles.

12V brushless motor technology brings more stable and comfortable experience. This is a high frequency vibration, dissipation of fatigue, deep massage, relaxation of muscles, alleviate pain.

Customized ergonomic massage head can provide comfortable massage experience while reducing the damage to bones and collaterals.

massage gun aliexpress review

Choose different speed based on your muscle group and your own preferences.

Up to 6800 percussions per minute and 12 mm amplitude provides deep muscle relief, overall recovery, decreasing pain and increasing range of motion.

Price: $52.96

Benefits of Buying Massage Gun

There are several benefits associated with a percussion massage gun. The biggest job it does is to relieve your muscles and joints of soreness, stiffness, and pains. 

It also helps to speed up the recovery process after an intense workout. Apart from this, a massage gun also helps release lactic acid from the muscles and flush out toxins and metabolic wastes. 

It enhances blood circulation, making nutrients and oxygen reach the muscles for recovery to happen. 

Not only this, a massage gun penetrates deep into the muscles and gives it a stretch. This stretch improves the range of motion. You can use the massage gun before your workout to loosen up your muscles and to enhance mobility. Doing this can reduce muscle injury

A deep tissue massage is also known to improve your mood and balance your hormones by releasing endorphins. 

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And what do I like the best about the massage gun? It’s portability. A massage gun is compact and does not weigh much, and they come with a portable case. I can easily carry it with me to the gym, to the office, or while traveling. 

Things to consider before buying a massage gun on Aliexpress

Massage gun Design

When buying a massage gun, you must consider the design. It should be easy and comfortable to hold, with a good grip. The massage guns I have listed here have a superior grip. 

Massage gun Long Battery Life

Another thing to consider is battery life. You would not want your massage gun to crash right in the middle of a relaxing muscle. To sort this issue, I have mentioned massage guns that have long battery life and can work uninterrupted for hours. A massage gun with interchangeable batteries is also preferable.

Massage gun Speed and Power

The speed and power of a percussion gun heighten the experience and let you enjoy a personalized time. A massage gun with only one level of speed is not advisable. You will grow out of it, and it will not be as effective as it used to be. You should also not decide to go with a powerful massage gun. The pain it causes will overpower the relief it provides. 

You must choose a percussion massage gun that has different levels of adjustable speed. It helps your body in the acclimatization process and you can easily vary the speed as per your requirements. 

Massage gun Noise Levels

Not everyone is comfortable with a massager that disturbs the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere one enjoys during a massage session. For this purpose, I have selected massage guns that do not make any noise and keeps the atmosphere quiet and peaceful. 

Getting ready to buy Massage Guns on Aliexpress

With the massage guns listed here, you can target the exact muscle or joint that is causing issues. The precision of the interchangeable massage heads pinpoints the accurate location of the pain and works on it. These massage guns help release the pressure and give you a personalized experience. 

Become your masseuse and enjoy the moments of relaxation and peacefulness with these massage guns. Work on a specific area that has been giving you troubles for a long time, or loosen up your full body for that ecstatic feeling. 

These massage heads are high in quality and will last for a long time.

Ready to invest in one?

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