Best Dresses for Petites

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Short women are beautiful and gorgeous, irrespective of their petite height. For short girls, getting the perfect style to compliment their height really seems to be a tough task. While it may be quite difficult to get the right pair of jeans or tops, dresses really turn out to be the best friend of petite women.

Dresses help in making you look taller and elongated while adding that nice touch of femininity and chicness to your overall appeal. However, finding the perfect type of dresses to compliment Petites is really not a joking matter; it can be nerve-wracking to find the perfect ones. Everything from the length of the dress to the patterns and colors needs to be thought of in order to narrow down to the best ones.

But fret not, all is not lost. We have found the hidden treasures of dress styles that would flatter Petites and give them an illusion of being taller than they are.

Dresses for Short Girls

Lo and behold as we bring to you some of the best dresses for Petites that they can wear with confidence and grace. Read on to find out more.

#1 – Fit and Flare

One of the best dresses that Petites can get for themselves is the fit and flare dresses. These dresses are also known as skater dresses or A-line dresses. The reason why this may be a very popular and right option for you is because of its make. It is fit at the top portion and cinches right at the right place.

The body-hugging top portion and the flared skirt make sure that eyes are drawn away from your bottom portion. People will notice your top half and your thighs and butt will be away from eyes, giving an illusion of a taller posture. The perfect length of this dress would be a few inches above the knee.

This dress is spot on for those girls who do not want to get attention on their lower half, especially girls with a pear-shaped body. So dear gals, if you really want to give a chic illusion, check out this lovely dress that adds the right amount of curves without bringing much attention to your petite figure.

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#2 – Wrap it up Dress

Wrap-around dresses are beautiful. Period. There really are no contradictions to the fact that wrap dresses look elegant and magnificent. For Petites, this choice of dress is probably one of the best that they ever make. Wrap dresses are versatile and can work as great workwear, and is also appropriate for day-to-night.

It is just a matter of buying one, and once you have it in your wardrobe, you won’t be able to imagine how you lived before you had that dress. It is the right option for Petites since it hugs the body at just the right places and creates one, long continuous line of colors that adds an illusion of a posture that is tall.

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If you do not have a waistline but want to emphasize on it to create a lovely hourglass shape, wrap dresses are not going to disappoint you. Whether you choose a short dress, a midi-length one, or a maxi wrap dress, all of them are going to work impeccably.

We especially love these two wrap dresses. The first one is short and attractive with an appealing pattern of flowers. It wraps around the waist at the right place, which is very useful since it makes your legs appear longer. The second wrap dress is a long one with a high slit. It is the slight peep of the leg that creates the flawless illusion of a taller figure. We love the vivid red color, however, if you are not a fan, there are other colors for you to choose from.

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#3 – Empire Line Dress for the Win

The empire waistline takes petite dressing to a whole new level. If you are new to this concept and have absolutely no idea what we are blabbing about, empire waistline will surely be your new best friend. They are dresses with a high waistline. In some cases, the waistline starts right below the bust line.

Still don’t get it? What this does is that it makes your torso look shorter and your legs longer. This helps in effectively giving out the impression of a taller persona.

If you are an apple-shaped woman and want to hide your midsection, this dress is going to be your savior. Go for empire waistline skater dresses; the waistline in these dresses are going to be quite high and the flared skirt starts right below it. This ensures that your bulges and lumps are going to be well hidden.

Get one of these today for an awe-striking figure. We love these two; the first one is a short and casual dress. The second one is an embroidered white midi length dress with a deep V-neck, which adds on to the illusion of a taller figure.

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#4 – Belt On Dress

This may sound absurd but believe us when we say that a belt (yes, a simple belt that is lying unused in your wardrobe) can really change the way your proportions are perceived. You can simply use a belt to give an illusion of a taller body.

As we all well know, we are all born with a natural torso to legs ratio, but who said anything about having to follow these rules always. We can tweak it up a bit and change the ratio, if only temporarily. The best ratio rule is the thirds rule instead of dividing into halves or quarters. This simply (and in very plain terms) means that instead of the natural ratio, we make the torso look smaller (one-thirds) and the legs longer using a belt to create a high waistline.

This is just the way an empire waistline dress works, but instead of that, we are using dresses with belts. The deal is to wear the belt high enough to help work this out. Use belts that blend in with your dress to avoid looking like your body has been cut in half.

We love the two dresses shown here. The first one is perfect for those chilly days; it looks chic and graceful while also making sure that your body looks elongated. The second dress is a short and vivid dress that hints at playfulness and liveliness.

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However, ladies, you do not really have to get dresses with belts. Use those belts you have to create this perfect illusion. However, ensure that you choose those that compliment your dresses.

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#5 – Maxi Dress

You may have heard people advising you against wearing maxi dresses. The simple reason that they give you is that these dresses do nothing to lengthen your height and makes you look shorter as opposed to dresses that show your legs.

We are here, however, to make you believe that maxi dresses are definitely going to work like magic for you. The continuous flow of color gives the impression of a long and elongated figure; it really helps stretch your body posture to a maximum.

If you are new at this, you first need to know that for Petites, taking care of the fabric and colors are very important. If unsure, go for one with solid color such as the ones we have here. The solid black or white dress gives a continuous flow of colors helping to elongate your body.

The ones we have chosen here have slits (whether on the front or on the sides); the slight peep of the legs help add on to the illusion of longer legs.

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#6 – Vertical Lines are our Friend

This one is a no-brainer; we have known for centuries that vertical stripes help create the impression of an elongated body making you look taller. Make sure you choose something that is subtle instead of going for loud patterns that you may not be able to carry out well.

Look for dresses with vertical stripes that go in one flow without creating a break. This is really the key to rocking this outfit idea. We have chosen three of our favorites here. The first one is an absolutely adorable body-hugging dress with color-blocked vertical stripes.

The other two are chic and simple but help create the perfect illusion of a body that is tall and curvy. Top these dresses off with heels for the right amount of height and grace.

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Tips and Tricks and Things to avoid when buying short dresses

When it comes to petite girls, choosing the right thing when it comes to clothing is an absolute essential. We have discussed at length the dresses that would look absolutely magnificent on Petites, but now that we are at this topic, let us delve deeper into the depths and know some tips and understand what needs to be avoided.

#1 – Say yes to smaller prints

Avoid large prints at all cost since they make us look bulky and short. You must also not choose dresses or outfits that are a riot of contrasting patterns and colors. Instead of this, go for smaller prints since they are more flattering to your shape.

#2 – Go for monochromes and solid colors; avoid horizontal stripes

Go for monochromatic or solid since this helps create a continuous flow of colors without breaking it in between. Avoid color-blocked horizontal stripes at all cost since this pattern is notoriously known to make you look even more petite. Instead, opt for a solid flow of colors or vertical stripes. These factors should be considered to give an illusion of an elongated figure.

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#3 – Deep V-Necked Dresses are a big Yes

Deep V-neck dresses are an absolute boon. They go deep down your neck and give the impression of tallness, exactly what you are looking for.

#4 – Say no to bulky clothes

If you want to look taller, you need to stay away from bulky clothes. We know oversized sweaters and tees look adorable when paired well, but we do not need that kind of adorableness in our lives, especially at the cost of us looking shorter. Bulky clothes make you look broader, not taller. Go for fabrics that do not have a lot of loft.

#5 – Mini-skirts? No, please

Avoid miniskirts if you want to look tall. We are not asking you to stop wearing short dresses; look for ones that reach a few inches above your knee. However, do not wear dresses that bring attention to the thickest part of your thighs since this breaks the illusion and makes your short legs look even shorter.

#6 – Skip broad belts

Remember our dresses with belts? If you are using belts with any outfit, make sure you choose a slim belt instead of a broad one. Wide or broad belts cut the illusion we are trying to create and cut the figure in half. Also, make sure that the belt you choose matches your outfit; avoid contrasting belts at all cost.

#7 – High Heels

This is obviously the easiest way to add a few extra inches of height without going through a lot of hassle. However, if you are choosing heels, avoid the ones with ankle straps since they break the vertical illusion that we are trying to create and stops the continuous flow we are aiming at.

Get your fashionista out!

So my dear gals, these were some of the best dresses for Petites that will surely help you create an awesome impression and illusion. Along with that, we have also added some tips and tricks that will help you on an everyday basis.

Pay heed to the items that you need to avoid in order to keep that continuous illusion of height. With all of this, we hope we stay classy and sassy and slay the day, every day.

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