Best Cycling Jersey on AliExpress 2022

by Felicia Tan

Ready for your cycling? Then, choose the proper clothing for your adventure! Check out our reviews of the best cycling jersey on AliExpress!

Are you starting your cycling journey? While it is important to get a new bike to begin the thrilling journey, it is equally essential to take care of the clothes you will wear while cycling. A great cycling jersey helps improve your performance and also works as a great motivator. For this, you need to invest in a good set of cycling jerseys.

The best cycling jerseys are designed in such a way that it fits the torso perfectly. A cycling jersey should not be flapping in the wind when you are riding your cycle. It is meant to be such that you can zap through the wind swiftly and easily.

It can be quite a task to choose the perfect cycling jersey, especially considering the huge options available. So today, I have put together the perfect list of the best cycling jerseys on AliExpress that you can check out. These jerseys are high in quality and low in cost. I am sure you will not be disappointed. Are you excited?


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The Best AliExpress Cycling Jersey

Continue reading to find out the best cycling jerseys that you can get from AliExpress.

Best Cycling Jersey on AliExpressPrice
RION Men Short-Sleeved Cycling Jersey$30.62
New Profession TEAM Printed Cycling Jersey$13.72
X-Tiger Quick Dry Jersey$15.10
Weimostar Women Cycling Jersey$13.99
MTB Colorful Printed Jersey$11.57
Darevie Breathable Jersey$15.11
Cheji Men Quick Dry Jersey$23.32
Thermal Fleece Cycling Jersey Long Sleeve$20.65

#1 RION Men Short-Sleeved Cycling Jersey

Cycling is a passion for some people and people get into it seriously. For all those beginners, who are now planning to fulfill their dreams, must focus on cycling clothes as well. To keep up with the trend and feeling safe and comfortable, here is a short-sleeved cycling jersey from RION that is in polyester fabric.

Polyester fabric is known for its ruff and tuff quality and faces almost no tears. It also maintains its shape in the long run and does not create bulges while wearing. Other than that, spandex fabric works for the elasticity and mixes well with other fabrics too. The short sleeves look classy and comfortable and it is quite breathable. You get a striped pattern on the sleeves. The fit is not too tight and just keeps the person relaxed all the time.

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Key Features:

  • Good elasticity and no shrinkage
  • Striped pattern sleeves
  • Perfect fit and super breathable

#2 New Profession TEAM Printed Cycling Jersey

If you are planning to buy something for cycling in summers, then these jerseys available in different patterns and colors are a perfect option for you. The fabric is extremely lightweight and the fit is slim that lets you feel comfortable. With fabric like this, the air passes nicely and the breathability gets improved.

The jersey becomes super easy to wear and fits from every angle because of the zipper in it. Also, the zipper is hidden as it is covered with the same cloth. You also do not need to carry a bag for your essentials as you get three pockets at the back of the cloth in which you can carry your phone, bottle, and wallet.

Key Features:

  • Slim fit and stylish pattern
  • Lightweight and super breathable
  • Hidden zipper and three pockets

#3 X-Tiger Quick Dry Jersey

Grab this X-TIGER quick-dry jersey which is made of sleek, breathable, and comfortable fabric. The jersey is quite stylish, firstly because of the fit that shapes out the cuts perfectly. Secondly, the logo makes it look amazing, and also the sunlight gets reflected back and prevents UV radiation reducing skin damage. The sweat gets absorbed quickly and even dries faster. The neckline is comfortable with soft and long wear fabric used.

The jersey has pockets at the backside in which you can freely carry your items. The 3M broody tape makes night-time riding extremely comfortable. With such features, I believe this jersey is an absolutely perfect option for athletes, travelers, cyclists, etc. From the popular brand, this sure is the best cycling jersey on AliExpress.

Key Features:

  • Shockproof and amazing fabric
  • Breathable and slim fit for shaped cuts
  • With 3M broody tape and pockets to store essentials

#4 Weimostar Women Cycling Jersey

When you decide to start cycling and keep it professional, then the outfit also becomes an important thing to consider. While choosing the right cycling jersey, quite a few things need to be kept in mind. Things like the quality of the fabric you will be wearing plays a very important role. To stay comfortable and keep the body movement and structure proper, a jersey with breathable fabric, slim fit, good elasticity, and absorbing capability is a must.

And you get all these qualities in this jersey from Weimostar for women. The designs are in very smart neon and primary colors that help you ride at night. The neckline is stitched in a way to reduce friction while riding and the zipper keeps the body shape intact. Get this stretchable, best cycling jersey on AliExpress for women now!

Key Features:

  • Flexible and unrestrained
  • Fine elasticity, breathability, and grid fabric
  • Neon color design for safe riding at night

#5 MTB Colorful Printed Jersey

For a funky and sporty look while riding, go for this cycling jersey with cool prints on it. It comes with a zipper that doesn’t disturb the print at all. The print reflects the identity of the person and with this jersey, you can go funky and look cool.

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The fabric is of high quality with a tight fit which also absorbs sweat faster and keeps you cool and dry in all weathers. In most of the jerseys, the jersey adheres to the skin, but despite that, you do not have to worry about the uncomfortable feeling one gets when the fabric sticks to the body sue to sweat. The feel of the cloth is soft and comfortable with good elasticity. The good fabric keeps the body movement flexible and is perfect for a sportsperson.

Key Features:

  • Colorful prints with cool looks
  • Flexible and comfortable cloth for easy movements
  • Controls the body sweat and dries it up fast

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#6 Darevie Breathable Jersey

A bit of smart print looks amazing to create a style statement for an athletic look. The type of fabric used in this jersey is quite breathable with a soft feel and no irritation. The zipper adds a touch of style to the jersey.

It is also quite durable and smooth with good quality zip. For essential stuff that you want to carry, this jersey gives you pockets at the back that are used to keep things like wallets and mobile phones. This also comes with a reflective strip that is safe for people who ride at night.

Key Features:

  • Iconic style and sporty look
  • Printed jersey with a quality zipper
  • Reflective strip for a safe ride at night

#7 Cheji Men Quick Dry Jersey

Here is a jersey available in a cool combination of colors that look fabulous and make you stand out in the crowd. The jersey feels super soft and thin and is completely skin-friendly. The fit is not too tight rather it is natural and lets the body move freely.

Sleeves make the look and posture smart and fine while bringing out the actual shape of the hands precisely. Other than that, riding is made fun with this jersey. The rear pockets help us store basic things. This jersey is one of the top quality, best cycling jersey on AliExpress and you must try this!

Key Features:

  • Color blocking shades
  • Structures the body nicely
  • Comfortable wear

#8 Thermal Fleece Cycling Jersey Long Sleeve

You are at the right place for a jersey that suits your personality perfectly. From plain colored jerseys to multiple or ombre colors, you get them all in this good quality jersey. The material with which this jersey is made is breathable, fits well, and is comfortable too.

It keeps you dry on a long ride as well as the absorbing nature is of great quality. You must definitely go for this one! It’s one of the best cycling jersey on AliExpress!

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Key Features:

  • Quality prints, geometric designs or basics
  • Different colors available
  • Great absorbing power keep your dry

Comfort is key!

These were some of the best cycling jerseys on AliExpress that are my personal favorites. These jerseys will make your cycling time so much enjoyable and fun. You will also feel comfortable while cycling. So, get one of these pairs today to experience a whole new side of cycling.

Best Cycling Jersey on AliExpress: FAQs

Why do you need to wear a cycling jersey?

You can cycle in your T-shirts and shorts, but a cycling jersey takes the whole experience to a new level. There are tons of benefits associated with cycling jerseys. These garments keep you comfortable when you are experiencing the thrilling journey. They also help keep you cool, dry, and sweat-free as they absorb the sweat entirely.

When you wear a cycling jersey, your sweat will not affect your core body temperature, which is highly essential. So, I would recommend that you get yourself a high-quality cycling jersey from this list to enjoy your cycling experience to the max.

Do you need to wear anything under your cycling jersey?

If you are cycling in cold conditions, you must wear a base layer underneath your cycling jersey. However, ensure that the undershirt you are wearing is tight and adheres to your skin. You must not wear a cotton T-shirt under your jersey.

Should you wear underwear under your cycling shorts?

No, never wear underwear under your cycling shorts. It can get quite uncomfortable, and not just that, it can also trap sweat and bacteria, leading to itchiness and infections. It is better to completely skip wearing any underwear underneath.

How do I choose a cycling jersey?

Choosing a cycling jersey is easy. Just choose your shirt size, and it will fit. Cycling jerseys are designed to be fry-git and breathable, so choosing your normal size might look smaller on cycling jerseys, but it is the perfect size for you.

Is a cycling jersey worth it?

Cycling jerseys are more comfortable and breathable than your regular clothes. So, wearing a cycling jersey while bicycling is worth it. Cycling jerseys are designed to keep your lower back covered and fit your normal size.

Do you wear anything under cycling jersey?

When wearing a cycling jersey top, you can have an undergarment or base layer if you are cycling in cold weather. But, it is advisable to wear an undershirt that is skin tight and avoid wearing a cotton shirt. For women, you can wear sports bras.

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