Top Chinese Motherboard on AliExpress 2022

by Felicia Tan

Level up your PC with the top Chinese motherboard on AliExpress. Check out our reviews to find out which one will fit your needs!

We used to be months in quarantine, and people are always looking for new ways to spend their time and energy. While hobbies like reading and making art are all noble pursuits, the more technically-inclined are finding out about the thrill, fun, and excitement that comes with building your own PC or other tech-related project.

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PC Building enthusiasts have been around for decades. They love figuring out the differences between available pieces of technology – finding out what makes each new chip design unique – and then they put them together to create a fully-functional PC. Whether it’s for play or work, building your own PC and choosing what components to put into it is a very personal experience that requires quite a bit of knowledge, but when done right, you’ll have yourself a computer that can cater to your needs and at your budget.

Plus, if you buy the parts separately and assemble them yourself (or even have it assembled by pros), you’ll be saving a lot of money compared to when you buy pre-built PCs off the shelf.

If you’re interested in getting in on the PC building scene, one of the first things to look at when considering your next build is the motherboard. The motherboard, mainboard, or mobo as it is often called, is where all of the computer magic happens. Everything a computer does and needs – from power to storage to processing and ports – happens on the motherboard.

There are lots of different kinds of motherboards – old ones with sought-after legacy features, new ones with the latest bells and whistles, cheap ones with just the bare minimums, high-end ones that’ll last you years and years, and many more in between.


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Best Motherboard You Can Buy On Aliexpress

With all of the motherboard options available on the market today, it can get overwhelming. There are so many different kinds, different brands, and different models; they’re each made for different purposes, and each come with different price tags. If you’re looking for the best deals on the highest-quality motherboards for your next PC build, check out this list on the top Chinese motherboard on AliExpress.

Best Chinese Motherboard BrandsPrice
Jingxa X79M-S Motherboard Set$89.40
Klissre X99 Motherboard$69.85
Wovibo B75 Motherboard$117.75
Huananzhi X99-TF Server Motherboard$125.88
Jingyue X99 Motherboard$271.39
Jinsha HB61B$80.17
Machinist X99$180.79

Jingxa X79M-S Motherboard Set

top Chinese motherboard on AliExpress


  • Comes with CPU and 16GB RAM included
  • Great quality craftsmanship
  • Rich interfaces


  • NVMe only, no support for SATA M.2

If you’re looking for a motherboard with an unparalleled price-to-performance ratio, then look no further than the Jingxa X79M-S Motherboard. Consistently one of the most popular and top Chinese motherboard on AliExpress, features superb build quality and variety of interfaces to make it a very versatile motherboard for all kinds of builds and purposes.

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The Jingxa X79M-S Motherboard is an M-ATX motherboard that comes with the Xeon E5 2620 SR0KW Hexa Core CPU with 12 Threads. The CPU operates at 2.0GHz, but the motherboard should be compatible with a CPU that adheres to socket type LGA 2011.

Designed primarily for server computers, the Jingxa X79M-S can take different kinds of memory – including SEC, HY, MT, and MIC – of the type ECC REG, which is typically used in performance servers. The memory included in the set totals 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3 RAM operating at 1333MHz.

In terms of build quality, the Jingxa X79M-S definitely punches way above its price range. Despite being one of the more affordable motherboards on the market, the Jingxa X79M-S offers superb quality, durability, and design. It’s well-thought-out layout makes building even complicated systems easy and intuitive, while maintaining excellent thermal performance thanks to the intelligent heat sink placement.

One of the reasons why the Jingxa X79M-S is so popular is its wide range of interfaces. This motherboard comes with several ports and sockets built in, including 16 PCI-E lanes, 1 Gigabit LAN, a single M.2 NVME socket, and 8-pin and a 24-pin ATX power slot, 4 front USB ports and 6 internal USB ports, and more. It features four SATA 2.0 interfaces and four DDR3 RAM slots for a maximum RAM capacity of 64GBTechnical Specifications.

Klissre X99 Motherboard

cheapest Chinese motherboard on AliExpress


  • Compatible with current-gen technology
  • Uses the powerful X99 chipset
  • Supports both SATA and NVME


  • A little pricier than other alternatives

For a more capable device, you’ll want a motherboard that’s up-to-date on the latest technologies, and is from a manufacturer that’s tried and tested. We recommend the Klissre X99 Motherboard Set – a fully-featured motherboard that has everything you need to build a capable computer system.

The Klissre X99 Motherboard comes pre-packaged with the Xeon E5 2620 V3 SR207 – a hexa-core Intel-made CPU that’s renowned for its excellent price-to-performance ratio. This upgraded CPU operates at 2.4GHz and uses an LGA2011-3 slot with a power consumption of 85W. This Motherboard Set also comes with 16GB of DDR4 2400MHz RAM built-in. No ECC REG memory here – it’s all high-performance desktop memory designed to function more smoothly than the former.

The build quality on the Klissre X99 Motherboard is overall excellent. While the CPU is definitely second-hand, everything else is brand-new – including the DDR4 RAM sticks. The Klissre X99 Motherboard supports up to 64GB of RAM thanks to its four DDR4 RAM slots.

Thanks to its high-level desktop performance, the Klissre X99 is especially popular among gamers looking to build a cheap and effective gaming PC. If you’re one such enthusiast, the Klissre X99 definitely has the power and punch to run all but the heaviest AAA titles, so you’ll still be able to fully enjoy perennial favorites like League of Legends, PUBG, Overwatch, Valorant, CS:GO, and more!

Wovibo B75 Motherboard

best-selling Chinese motherboard on AliExpress


  • Affordable, high-quality motherboard
  • Desktop-grade performance


  • Not compatible with the latest technologies
  • Motherboard only

The B75 Chipset from Intel may be a little dated, but if you’re looking for a cheap, affordable motherboard that can get the job done with previous-gen components, then the Wovibo B75 Motherboard is probably one of the best, and cheapest, you can get.

Currently one of the best-selling and top Chinese motherboard on AliExpress, the Wovibo B75 Motherboard uses a chipset that’s compatible with Intel B75, Z77, and Q77 – plus other chipsets in the Intel B75 Series.

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Unlike motherboard sets that come with a CPU and usually RAM sticks pre-installed, the Wovibo B75 Motherboard is one of the few motherboards you can buy on Aliexpress as a standalone product, making it an ideal purchase if you already have CPU or RAM sticks in mind or on hand.

The interfaces on the Wovibo B75 Motherboard are pretty standard – you get DDR3 Memory slots, a 1155 Interface Processor Slot, a single SATA 3.0 slot, three SATA 2.0 slots, and two power sockets – one 4-pin and another 24-pin. You’re also getting the standard – but slightly dated – video ports, HDMI and VGA.

Although it’s not going to be as powerful or future-ready as later-gen motherboards like the X99, the Wovibo B75 Motherboard does offer very reliable build quality and an intuitive design that maximizes the mainboard’s thermal performance and layout.

Huananzhi X99-TF Server Motherboard

best Chinese motherboard on AliExpress


  • Powerful chipset
  • Excellent server performance right out of the box
  • Upgradable and extendable with latest technology


  • A little bit more expensive than server alternatives

If you want a high-powered server that can perform multiple tasks at once and handle more traffic than your typical PC, then getting a motherboard that can keep up is of paramount importance. For such purposes, we recommend the Huananzhi X99-TF Server Motherboard – tailor-made for excellent server performance, while maximizing the power of the X99 chipset.

Built with the Intel X99 chipset, the Huananzhi X99-TF Server Motherboard is one of the latest and greatest motherboards to come from the Chinese Hi-Fi scene. It fits into an ATX case – so it’s a little bigger than the other mainboards in this list, which are mostly made for Mini ATX, but it’s also one of the more extendable motherboards out there.

It features a wide variety of connections, ports, and component slots, with a great, intuitive layout and top-notch build quality. The Huananzhi X99-TF Server Motherboard has everything you need for a high-performance server computer, including a GPU slot that can take most of the latest-gen GPUs, an LGA2011-3 CPU slot, a total of 8 RAM slots (4 x DDR4, 4 x DDR3) that can take on standard server RAM (ECC REG) or even desktop-grade RAM (Non-ECC).

Thanks to its larger size, the Huananzhi X99-TF Server Motherboard boasts lots of impressive connections, including eight SATA 3.0 interfaces, six USB 3.0 ports, eight USB 2.0 ports, an M.2 interface that supports NVMe SSDs and two M.2 WiFI interfaces to boot.

Jingyue X99


  • Has full specs
  • Performance-oriented
  • Solid build


  • With large ATX form factor

Another great top Chinese motherboard on AliExpress is this Jingyue X99. The brand has a great reputation when it comes to motherboards on AliExpress, and just like other well-known brands, it has the specifications you are looking for. 

This Jingyue is best compared with the Huananzhi X99, because they have the most similarities. This motherboard is ATX with an Intel X99 chipset. The motherboard supports Intel Core i7, plus it has five PCIe ports similar to Huananzhi X99, though the latter has X16 ports. However, Jingyue has better build quality and design. It is solid, making it better than Huananzhi.

Jinsha HB61B


  • Very affordable
  • Excellent specifications
  • Great build
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  • Lacks PCIe slot
  • Has limited ports
  • Not for high-performance

If you are looking for an affordable yet top Chinese motherboard on AliExpress with good quality build, then the Jinsha B75M is for you. It has all the specifications of a motherboard to run the PC. It comes with two PCIe ports, 16GB RAM and SATA storage ports.

For its price, it is great value for money considering that it supports Intel Core i7, i5, and i3 through Intel B75 chipset. Aside from that, it has socket LGA 1155 and a form factor MATX. 

You’ll also love the extras. It has Realtek Audio Codec ALC662 with one VGA and one HDMI video port. Plus, it is integrated network chip Gigabit ethernet.

Machinist X99


  • Excellent buck factor
  • Has great portable build


  • Limits the number of external devices

The Machinist X99 may not be the best from the rest, but for its price it’s still has the top performance you are looking for in a motherboard. This motherboard comes with only one PCIe X16 port with two XI ports. For the USB, it is in 2.0 instead of 3.0 like others. Additionally, it has two M.2 NVME ports, SATA 3.0 and onboard audio. It also supports Intel processors, except AMD processors.

The features are not amazing as the others, but if you are on a budget, the important features you need for a motherboard are here, just that it’s scaled down. Of course, the build quality is great and has awesome performance, too. This one is an excellent top Chinese motherboard on AliExpress.

Are Aliexpress Motherboards Good?

Depending on what you need it for, motherboards of all shapes and sizes (and price tags) exist for various purposes. Whether you’re aiming for a high-end build or a budget build, a full-fledged PC or something else entirely, your choice of motherboard is likely going to be the most important factor to consider. Make sure you take into account:

Form Factor

Depending on the build you have in mind, it’s important to consider the size – or form-factor – of your motherboard. Some motherboards are designed in smaller Micro ATX cases, while others are full-size ATX motherboards designed for ATX cases. If you’re looking for something even smaller, then Micro ITX form-factor motherboards might be what you need.


Motherboards are essential to any build because it’s literally where you plug in everything your PC needs to function, from the storage drives to the RAM cards to the CPU, GPU, power supply and more. Make sure your motherboard of choice supports the kind of hardware you want, and has enough slots and ports for your needs.


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