Why is Shein So Cheap?

by Kristen

I remember the first time I was browsing through Shein. I was shocked that I can buy a bikini for $12 and a cami top for $5! I immediately asked myself, what’s the catch? According to the photos of the items they sell, the clothes look decent and well-made. Today, I am going to give you answers to the question, “Why is Shein so cheap?”

When it comes to fashion, women love to get more and pay less. This might be really hard to look for, but Shein gives you exactly what you want when it comes to dressing up from streetwear to formal wear – all at a very affordable price. 

What is Shein?


Shein is an international fashion brand that started way back in October 2008 and they mostly cater to women’s fashion but they actually offer more than that. You can find men’s and children’s clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, and more.

This brand is so popular across the world especially for people residing in Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East. Now, Shein is available across 220 countries across the globe. They have a saying, “everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion” and with the hundreds of fashion items that they offer at a reasonable price, they are doing a great job uplifting the lives of men and women through fashion!

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Why Is Shein So Cheap?

A lot of people have been thinking about the “catch” on Shein’s affordability. Because honestly, you don’t expect a really fashionable top to be less than $10, or a high-quality and pretty bikini for only $12. Some people say that Shein is a scam but to end all of these questions, Shein is 100% legit!

The main reason behind their cheap price is because they are outsourcing their labor to other factories. Labor charges in foreign countries differ from one another and one strategy that Shein does is they get the cheapest labor charges without compromising the manufacturing quality of their products.

Local labor charges are usually high, so Shein has created various factories around the world and outsourced laborers. This technique has given them the advantage of creating affordable clothes to make fashion be accessible to all men and women around the world. 

Labor charges are one of the most expensive charges that a manufacturing company has to settle, so this technique that Shein does makes other manufacturing expenses become less so they are able to showcase their products at a much lower price than other brands.

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On the other hand, this outsourcing technique that Shein did has uplifted a lot of controversies. This is probably the “catch” that people were saying. It has been known that Shein offers its employees unethical working conditions.

The quality of the products are also inconsistent, so you may or may not get a good item when you purchase them in different batches. Outsourcing and low to decent quality manufacturing are the two main reasons why this Chinese company is so cheap. But, let’s not all be negative and find out more about this company below.

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Where Is Shein Located and Where Do Shein Clothes Come From?

Shein is a company based in China, but since it has been outsourcing its products, you would usually find some pop-up stores across the globe. It is also mainly focused on being an online retailer, so you won’t find a lot of Shein stores in different locations.

Being an online retailer allows Shein to give more freedom when it comes to shipping. Since the main headquarters is based in China, most of their clothes and products still come from China. But since the business has been booming latel, they have built up tons of factories around the globe.

So, basically all the clothes that you have been ordering from Shein don’t directly come from China alone. These overseas factories allow Shein to produce dirt-cheap clothes. On the other hand, this is what makes Shein controversial. 

It has been known that Shein pays its employees from other countries with low wages and only few benefits. White it is a very debatable issue, this practice is common in clothing companies, not just Shein. 

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Should I Purchase Clothes From Shein?

Shopping at Shein is honestly a personal choice. Shein produces decent quality clothes without you paying so much, so it becomes a win-win situation for you and the company. Well, I have to say that the quality of the clothes manufactured is not on the top of its game, but I cannot complain with the price.

Choosing to purchase clothes from Shein despite the unethical working conditions can be one of the factors not to shop at this website. But, it would all depend on you and your preference. Regardless of what issue this Chinese company may be facing, you’ll find thousands of people still flocking at their website.

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Shein is like the Forever21 brand, but the only difference is that Shein is a Chinese company. You can score great deals without spending so much, but it may be a hit or miss situation as soon as you receive your product. So, choosing to buy from this website can be exciting especially because it’s online, but don’t get your hopes too high or low!

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Is Shein worth the money?

Not everything that you purchase at Shein is worth the money. The products may or may not look the same in the photos, and many people have been talking about the clothes not fitting well on their bodies. 

Price-wise, it is definitely a winner. To make it simple, putting your money at Shein may be a hit or miss situation. You might receive a very nicely made garment, or a weird one that doesn’t entirely look like the photos. You can get cute, trendy, and fashionable clothes at a very low-cost. 

So, Shein is definitely a yes or a no when it comes to the money that you have been splurging on it. The best thing that you can do to save those bucks is to read tons of real customer reviews and you can get a glimpse of what the item really looks like in person.

If you’re not really keen about how your clothes are made and what are they made of, buying from Shein would definitely save you a lot of money. I prefer buying cheap clothes that look very trendy and fashionable rather than expensive ones that honestly looks just the same as the ones they offer in Shein.

Is Shein Good Quality?

I have ordered a lot of clothes from Shein, and in all honesty, they are of decent quality. Some might just look like they would break the first time you wear it, but it all depends on how you handle clothes. 

After all, Shein’s website claims that their products undergo rigorous quality assurance procedures before they introduce the product into the market. The workers are given a workbook that states the proper size, color, style, workmanship, and quality to ensure that all clothing pieces are made according to their standards.

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The clothes that I have ordered in Shein doesn’t actually look that they are of inferior quality, and that’s what great about Shein. It is not a surprise that they use low-cost resources for their manufacturing, but they make the clothes look that they are made from a very expensive fabric.

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Is it bad to buy from Shein?

On the customer’s side, there is nothing wrong with choosing to buy cheap items to help you get the most out of every dollar you have. It’s human nature to look for cheap items and expect it to live up to your standards. 

If morality is what you’re concerned about knowing that Shein is not very vocal about its manufacturing processes and working conditions, you can always choose not to buy from this Chinese website. 

Talking about money, “cheap” doesn’t always account for inferior things. You can get a really great deal from shopping at Shein, and it won’t feel too bad on your side. You can score hundreds of fashionable items without spending so much. After all, not every person would ask you if your clothes are expensive or not, right?

Buying Cheap Clothes from Shein

It is not entirely bad to purchase affordable clothes from Shein, because it actually does more good than thinking about the bad side. It is great that a big company like Shein still lives up to its promise which is to give accessible fashion to all men and women across the world.

After all, purchasing clothes and other fashion items from Shein are all according to your standards and of course, budget! These cheap yet fancy clothing will surely bring your closet with colors, style, and beauty!

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