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by Jessica Peterson

The clothing website, Shein, has been gaining popularity for almost all women across the globe. If you really love shopping for clothes, then it is impossible that you haven’t heard about Shein. Shein is honestly a very good website that offers fashionable clothes at a very reasonable price. So, what’s not to love, right?

If you have been splurging your money over Shein clothing, you might want to read on through this article because we will be talking about show Shein points work! If you have been spending so much money while online shopping on Shein, you might as well learn more about how these points work so you can save some bucks and shop more for your wardrobe.

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What are Shein Points?

shein points this 2021

The points that you can get from Shein can be used to get discounts for your purchased items. You can save a few bucks on your orders with just some simple steps that you need to do when shopping at Shein. All you need to remember is that 100 points = US$1. Now, you get to have 1 point in every dollar that you spend on Shein products.

It’s simple, right? So, if you want more discounts, you should be getting enough points every time you use the website or application. I know you’re very excited about knowing how these points work and let’s get to it straight away!

How to Get Points at Shein?

Now that you know that 100 points are equivalent to US$1, the next question is how do you get to have these points? There’s nothing to worry about, there are various ways in which you can collect these points on your favorite clothing website.

how to get shein points

Registering your email

Registering your email is one of the easiest ways to get Shein points instantly. As soon as you register a valid email address on the Shein newsletter, you can instantly get 100 points that are valid for 4 months.  You are also entitled to some discounts for your first purchase.

Purchasing Shein products

If you’re up for a shopping spree for a new set of clothes for your wardrobe, you have the advantage of getting Shein points too! Just like what was stated above, you can get 1 point for every dollar that you purchase on Shein. The more you buy, the more points you earn.

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Review the products

If you have been very happy with your Shein purchases, you might as well leave some comments about your experience. After you have received the product you ordered, you can get 10 points by simply leaving a comment on the product itself.

You can also get 20 points once you leave a comment with a photo. If you want an additional 5 points, you can leave some thoughts about the size and fitting of the item on you. Once your comment is validated, you can get the points that you have been waiting for!

One thing you have to take note of is that you can receive a maximum of 2000 points daily by commenting on Shein’s products.

Downloading the Shein app

If you still don’t have the Shein application on your smartphone, you can download it on Apple App Store or Google Playstore. All you need to do is log in to the application with your username and password so you can get the points quickly.

Daily Check-in

Checking in daily on the application or website every day gives you the privilege of getting more points. The consecutive streak lasts up to 7 days, and you can get your points on the 8th day. Just remember to check-in for 7 days straight. If you miss one day, you’re gonna have to start back to square one to get your points.

To get these points, you just need to enter the Shein PPP points section on your profile every day and click the circles. These circles correspond to the current day that you’re logging in. If you want to ensure that you get the points, I highly suggest putting a reminder on your phone every day. If you’re not going shopping for the day, click on the circles won’t take even a minute for you to get your points.

Join in the Outfit contests

shein contest to get points

When you’re splurging on outfits on Shein, you surely would want to flaunt all of them, right? If you like dressing up and taking cute photos of your OOTD, you might as well post your Shein outfits on the website and join the outfit contests.

The points can be earned once your outfits are chosen by Shein editors. So, you better make a stunning look to save some bucks the next time you’re shopping at Shein! The outfit contests usually have a theme. You can earn 5 points by posting your outfit and you can get up to 10 points per day.

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Once the editors loved and approved your post, you can get as much as 50 points and your OOTD will be featured as an Editor’s Pick or Editor’s Fave. The top 12 looks are the ones who would get the whopping 50 points. How cool is that, right?

Tune in to Shein Live

Every Wednesday, Shen has a live show that shows you the new arrivals. By simply watching the live show, you can earn points by clicking the treasure chests that would appear during the entire show.

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How to Use Shein points?

You might be asking if you can get an item for free by using all the points that you have collected. But is not how Shein’s points work. You can only get up to 70% off of the original price of the item using your points.

Once you’re on the checkout page, you can add how much of the points would you want to use that would be deducted from the total price of all the items that you have purchased.

how to use shein points

Of course, that also excludes the postage, taxes, and insurance that comes along with the product. The website or application will automatically use the points that are near the expiration date, so you don’t need to worry about that.

How to View Shein points?

Now that we have learned everything about how Shein points work, let’s tackle the ways that you can view your Shein points.

1. Log in to your Shein account or open your Shein application:

shein points 2021

2. On your profile icon, you would see the Shein points on the dropdown menu.

how to use shein points 2021

3. Once you click “My Points”, all received points and their expiry date will be shown.

shein points

How long is Shein points valid?

The validity of the points would depend on the category where you have received the points. These categories would let you know how long the points are valid. In general, the expiration dates can run at about 7 days up to 3 months. They can also be longer than 3 months depending on the activity or category where you got the points from.

Just remember that as soon as the points have expired, you cannot file a dispute to get them back. So, make sure to be mindful of the expiry dates and use them as soon as you purchase new items from Shein.

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Can you return your used Shein points?

Here are some of the scenarios where Shein points can be returned:

1. If you cancel your order (which is unpaid), the points will automatically be refunded on your main profile.

2. If you received a damaged or wrong item and you request for a return of the item, the points used for the item concerned will be refunded back along with your payment. If you have requested a partial refund, the points will be returned according to the percentage of the item’s original price.

3. If you have confirmed the receipt of your product already, but you need to file a return, the points from your original item order will be refunded back.

What are the daily limits of Shein points?

When it comes to Shein points, there is a maximum point system that you can get daily. This would all depend on the category of event, and here is the guideline for the daily maximum point system at Shein:

  • All user profiles can get a maximum of 8000 Shein points daily
  • All user profiles can get a maximum of 2000 Shein points daily from comments
  • All user profiles can receive a maximum of 100 Shein points daily from checking in
  • All user profiles can receive a maximum of 500 points daily from events
  • All user profiles can receive a maximum of 200 Shein points daily from surveys

Are Shein Points Worth it?

There is no argument needed for this question because all Shein points are 100% worth it! Amid the pandemic, Shein gives you access to all fashion items without ever leaving your house. Shein offers a wide range of clothing line that comes with a very affordable price, and the addition of points makes it more alluring to customers because who doesn’t want to save extra bucks, right?

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