Can Shein Be Trusted?

by Kristen

The trend has spoken. Shein apparel with its international domain continues to set the trends for the youth or men and women whose heart never outgrows the world of fashion and trends. Classic-worthy pieces that set trends and cross borders of time are offered on the website. With a few clicks, the perfect fashion is right at your doorsteps. While its promise is enticing, one question remains.

Can Shein be trusted?

Trust requires knowledge, therefore, knowing what it is, what it offers, and what are its terms and conditions the first steps towards finding the answer to the main question. 

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What is Shein Apparel?

Shein apparel is a fashion retailer based in China that first set foot in the world of business in the year 2008. Its dominance in the online market which, because of the advent of the pandemic became the main shopping platform for shoppers who wants to shop while staying in the comforts of their homes. 

The rise of the online market led to the eventual dominance of Shein in the market which attracts shoppers like me because of its grab-worthy pieces at a reasonable and affordable price. Though most of the advertisements feature women’s apparel offered by Shein, Shein offers clothes and accessories for men and children also making it a good avenue for family shoppers who wants to escape the stress of long lines in physical stores and malls. 

Also, Shein offers numerous variations of designs in different colors that will surely look on different skin tones. The first time I visited the website, a surge of emotions took over me because of the overwhelming choices of designs from which I could choose. Looking at the prices makes the offer sound “too good to be true”. But the moment I read the customer reviews and the Instagram influencers rave about it, I then realized that “Yes, Shein is too good and it’s true!”

What countries does Shein ship to?

Because of its demands from different parts of the world, the platform and its power to reach places have evolved also. As of 2021, Shein ships to 220 countries all over the world. The website supports different continents and different places like United States, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Australia, and the Middle East. 

A warehouse that was once just situated in China grows to build warehouses into different areas for faster shipping and better customer service. 

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Countries like South Africa, Venezuela, Brazil, Morocco, India, Mexico, Bolivia, Japan, Botswana, Ukraine, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Canada, Argentina, Paraguay, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Libya, Germany, Myanmar, and of course, Philippines are some of the 220 countries SHEIN apparel has reached.

For such countries to open their door for Shein tells a lot about its legitimacy. After all, experience is what teaches us best. Truly, Shein is going places. I believe in the ability of fashion to cross cultural borders, conquer the different time zones, represent distinct personalities, express ourselves, and foster a culture of tolerance. And SHEIN with its good reviews stands up for that. 

How does Shein dominate the fashion industry?

can shein be trusted

The rise of Shein is to be applauded for its slow yet sure way of reaching out and grabbing our hearts. Usually, they send products to Instagram influencers with numerous f followers. These influencers then introduce the products to their audience who at first is expected to get hesitant about the legitimacy of the website.

These influencers with their large audiences possess the power to assure the people of their legitimacy and this is when SHEIN started to become a household name, in recent times. 

Also, we might browse through our feeds and notice how most of the ads are about Shein. The effort of Shein to establish their image on different platforms and sign different advertising companies to market their brand has been proven effective because of the rise of their number of customers.

I can still remember how the first time the brand was mentioned, it raised eyebrows because it is an unfamiliar one and the prices below it seem too good for the designs and quality, it promises. But with online resellers posting on different sites and friends joining the trend, I finally decided to take a second look at the brand. 

Eventually, Shein has gained the acceptance of people from all walks of life who wants to have the latest fashion trends while not damaging our bank accounts or our parents. Shein then represents the chance for us to upgrade our styles and choose freely at their website while not having an eye-sore because of the price. Shein destroyed the stereotype of good products having eye-sore prices for me!

What does customers say about Shein’s?

The constant raving of my friends about this brand caused a part of me to get curious about it. Because since we were asked to stay in the comforts of our home and online selling became a trend, Shein has been a household name that possess the image of being a reliable brand and a price-worthy purchase. However, not everyone is impressed with its quality.

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Others give a fair review of Shein justifying its price because, for a low cost, Shein is quite a catch. Though, according to some, it does not offer long-lasting pieces. Despite the adverse feedbacks critics and customers have given to the brand, most of the customers continue to hype the brand up which according to them is like their “holy grail”. 

Shein, for some, answers the prayers of fashionistas who want to invest in different fashion pieces at a relatively low price. Because of Shein, the vision of an affordable fashion becomes possible and for this, the positive feedbacks continue to dominate over the negative ones.

Others commend the overwhelming number of designs offered by the fashion retailer which fit different outings and events. Formal dresses, casual beach tops and skirts, sexy bikinis, and fashionable sportswear for kids, and adults are offered.  

Does Shein steal information from customers?

Despite the hype, what proves to be the biggest question for me that goes with its trustworthiness is if it steals information from the customers? Is it vulnerable to hackers and are bank accounts protected? One of the nature of these online platforms is their vulnerability to professional hackers who could either exploit my personal information or hack my bank accounts.

Both of which, I do not want to happen. According to my research, Shein in 2018 was hacked. Since then, the company has upgraded and keeps on upgrading its security to protect its clients from any worst possible scenario.

Though cautious measures need to be done by the customer, the confidentiality of the information and the experts of the company have worked towards its security to ensure safe shopping so there is nothing to worry about!

One tip to ensure that important details won’t be taken if ever an unwanted hacking takes place is to not input all the details. Bank accounts submitted should not contain all of our savings so that if hacking happens, then we will be left with something. Though it is recommended to buy from online resellers because it does not require any personal information from us, some might prefer direct buying so that we can choose what we exactly want. And if you prefer the latter like me, then make sure to follow the pre-caution mentioned.

Can you return an item on Shein?

In case the level of satisfaction for the products is not met, Shein offers a return policy for its valued customers within 30 days of the receipt. However, at one’s own cost because Shein does not fund the shipping fee of the product back to their warehouse.

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They will issue the refund within five business days through our Shein wallets or the preferred form of payment chosen by the customer during the ordering process.  Products subject for return should be unworn, undamaged, and with the tags attached. 

The fairness of Shein’s return policy weighs heavier than paying for the shipping fee if the product does not live up to its promise to attract more customers. Unlike stores and platforms that sell products from anonymous sellers, Shein offers a platform that is open for queries, issues, and returns. Shein takes accountability for flaws to be blamed on them and with this, we have only learned to love the brand more. 

Can you trust Shein’s Manufacturing and Quality?

shein quality

Like a double-edged sword, Shein comes with disadvantages. And it includes the inconsistency in the quality and the sizes. Nevertheless, the return policy makes up for it that allows us to not lose our money for clothes we do not want to wear.

Also, the clothes and accessories are intricately manufactured in their factories. They are subject to quality inspections to make sure that they passed the standard set by the management. After, the products are reviewed again. 

“Everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion”, living up to its philosophy, Shein has made every girl’s dream, like mine, a reality. With a high vision, there is only so much more that lies ahead and from what I can see, it’s all bright places.

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