33 EASY Nail Design Ideas 2020 – Good for Beginners

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With a little effort, you can completely transform the looks of your nails and make them look fabulous. So why not turn them into a masterpiece? The world of nails has become very creative and is constantly coming up with new designs every day to transform the looks of your nails. Everything is available in this world, right from something sleek and simple to quirky and 3D designs that are eye-catching.

You can either DIY these ultra-cool nails or take the help of a nail technician to give you those beautiful nails. Here are some of the top ideas to help you get those fabulous fingertips.

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Nail Design Ideas for Beginners 2020

nail designs 2019

#1 – Let the wired nails wrap you around

One of the latest trends in the world of nail designs is wired nails. Creating these nails at home could get a little tricky, and hence, it is advised that you take the help of a nail technician to get these classy looking nails. These nails truly are a work of art that will be appreciated by everyone around you. You can choose a bold design or something simple and elegant.

nails truly are a work of art

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#2 – Art under the nails

If you are one of those unique ladies who love something different from the rest, this design is definitely for you. This is the perfect nail design for office and formal event. You can easily create this nail look at home. All you have to do is paint your nails one color and paint the underside of the nails with a contrasting color to create a wonderful accent.

best nail look

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#3 – One Strike, Two Strikes

Most of the nail art designs that we see today are not just simple but look absolutely stunning and artistic. One of these wonderful nail designs is this one. These lines on the nails look simple, but at the same time are very classy. For the weekend, you can opt for bright hues with darker stripes. For the subdued weekdays, you can opt for a subtle shade that goes with all your formal wears.

classy nail design

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#4 – Studs, for your nails

You can give your nails a little extra edge with the help of these studs that you can apply on your nails. These dramatic designs go very well with winter shades such as burgundy, plum, and oxblood. Why not try them out and watch people admire them again and again?

studs nail design

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#5 – Let the squares be simple!

Have you ever wondered why most curtains in quaint cafeterias have squares on them in pretty hues? It’s because the squares look very classy and beautiful. This year, bring these squares onto your nails and let the creative juices flow. For a classy and coordinated look, try using two shades of the same color.

square nail design

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#6 – Wanna take a bite of your nails?

One of the hottest trends of 2020 was nailed by Shay Mitchell, the Pretty Little Liars star. The trend lets you visually enjoy fast food whenever and wherever you want. You can opt for your comfort foods such as fries and pizzas. For the summers, you can try making colorful ice creams to give your nails a summery feeling.

bright nail design

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#7 – Sculptures

Nail art is not only about painting a few stripes or flowers on your nails; the nail art designs have reached new heights today. One of the trends today that is extremely glamorous is sculptural designs. These nails are perfect for making a bold statement.

flower nail design

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#8 – Round the Outside

One of the trends that you can create easily at home, without shelling out tons of money is the “Round the Outside” look. All you have to do to create this look is to first paint your nails completely in one basic shade such as grey.

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Once it has dried completely, use a bold color such as red to carefully trace around the edge of your nails.

Use these brushed for the perfect outlines.

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#9 – Use some pearls

Who doesn’t love pearls? Take these beautiful pieces to new levels by using them to glamorize your nails. The mini pearl beads can easily be purchased online. They are also easy to attach onto your nails.

All you have to do is paint your nails in one color and then use some transparent nail paint. Press the bead down slowly while the paint is still wet. For a classy look, use the bead on each of your nails.

pearl for nail design

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#10 – Newspaper Nails

Newspaper nails have been one of the coolest trends for quite some time now. You can either use stamps or real paper to imprint the words on your nails. You can also imprint pictures on your nails. You will surely be a hot-read for the entire time that you sport these nails, though.

newspaper design nails

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#11 – Negative Space Designs

This is one of the chicest nail designs. You can create this look at home by only partially painting the nails with one color. As a bonus, you will also save on your nail polish.

chicest nail designs
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#12 – The Modern Moon

The famous half-moon design is still here, but with a slight twist. Instead of a rounded design that depicts a moon, this design features a sharp, triangular shape that gives a contemporary feel. This is a super cool style that you can easily create at home, without having to visit a nail technician.

contemporary nail design

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#13 – Minimal Outline

One of the best manicures for office is the Minimal Outline nails. For these nails, you need to paint your nails in one color and then add the chic edge around it. For the base, you can use a Matte nail paint, while the line can be drawn out using glossy nail paint.

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#14 – Sugar on your nails

This is a seriously sweet nail design that you may want to avoid if you have a nail-biting habit and want to get rid of it. This is a candy-inspired design and the end product of this looks like delicious gummy bears. Color your nails in bright paints and then add sugar on top.

Do not forget to seal the deal with a top coat. Enjoy these gummy bears whenever and wherever!

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Cute Nail Designs 2020

#15 – Spell it out using your nails

This nail design is uber cool and can be used to spell out anything from your name to simple instructions. Katy Perry, in 2017, used this nail design to say “find me”. Why not try this out for yourself?

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#16 – Stained with Ink

The “ink-stained” nail design looks seriously artistic and cool. This is one look you can carry anywhere with you – perfect both for office and outside it. The minimalistic color palette and the boldness of it make the look absolutely perfect. This look can be created both at home or in a salon. Use a dry-brushing technique to master this look.

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#17 – Everything Holographic

The newest obsession in the nail market is the holographic trend. These stunning looking nails can be created at home. All you have to do is get some holographic nail powder and apply it on top of a gel base coat. These nails are sure to get you a lot of attention.

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#18 – Get your nails a 3D accent

Ombre nails look pretty cool. You can opt for bright colors or something subtle for your everyday office look. You can make these nails look cooler by adding a 3D accent. Add a skull or anything of your choice to create that stunning design and to make heads turn.

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#19 – A half and half

This nail design can be created quite easily even by someone who is a beginner at doing nail art. All you need are two different nail paints that go well together and nail art tape. You can split your nails horizontally, vertically, or horizontally. You will surely be left with nails that are fresh and chic.

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#20 – Geode nails

The latest obsession among women these days is Geode nails. These nails look beautiful and look perfect for both formal and informal events. Try creating this look yourself using black and purple glitter nail colors. You can make this design on all your nails or only on one nail to create an accent. Either way, you are going to rock it.

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#21 – Splatter some gold flakes on your nails

Do you have a party to attend tonight and want to look your best? Why not try splattering some gold flakes on your nails? Paint your nails one color, black or red, or anything of your choice. After that, simply put the gold fakes – be creative while doing this. The result is going to be striking. This nail design is perfect for a night out.

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#22 – Give your nails some geometry lessons

Geometry is no longer just a topic from your Maths book. Geometric nails are a rocking trend that looks playful yet quite subtle for a workday. You can use neutral colors such as white, nude, and black with an accent.

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#23 – Pretty gold stripes

There are numerous nail art accessories that you can buy in the market today. The extensive range of accessories make doing nail art fun and easy, even for beginners. One of these accessories that you are going to love for the numerous things it can do is the striping tape.

This tape transforms even the most basic colors into red carpet ready. Use the gold striping tape on basic colors such as black or white and get the stunning look without much effort. You can place the tape any way you want – diagonally, horizontally, vertically, or just let them crisscross.

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#24 – Let the paint drip down

Have you ever seen how paint splatters and drips down? Does it not look magnificent and artistic? You can now bring that magic onto your nails. These nails are perfect for a fun weekend or when you want more than one color on your nails.

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#25 – Be creative with the tips

We all love French manicures, but this nail design takes the traditional look to a whole new level. Instead of using white to color the tips, use something bold such as blue. You also do not have to stick to the regular rectangular shape. Go for something different such as rounded, asymmetrical, or off-center curve – anything works.

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#26 – Chevrons

If you want something fashionable but do not want to go for something bold and crazy, this may just be for you. You can create this look at home. Use contrasting colors so that the stripes remain clear and visible.

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#27 – Cartoon characters

There must be a cartoon that you love so much that you want to show off your immense love for it? Why not get them on your nails and let the world know how much you love them? Simpson, Mickey, or the Powerpuff Girls, get them on your nails and get a bright smile on your face each time you look at them.

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#28 – Bows, bows, everywhere

Do you like something fun and flirty? Then get on the train and reach the “Bow” destination. Nail artists everywhere are creating quirky and cute nails by attaching small plastic bows to the nails. Why not try this for yourself?

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#29 – Artistic outlines

Outlines are a huge trend right now. This simple trick can help elevate your look and make your nails look classy and sassy. Keeping your nails nude and outlining using dotted lines surely do the trick. This is quite a playful and unique way of upping your nails. It is also easy enough for you to try at home.

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#30 – Abstract

Being abstract is being artistic. Bring your inner artist out by creating abstract designs on your nails. Go out of the box and use bold colors. Have fun while playing with your nails and you are surely going to enjoy the end result.

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#31 – Color Blocking

Color blocking is not just for clothes. Bring this trend on your nails as well. Use colors that go together to create a simple yet wonderful design. You can make squares, rectangles, anything you like.

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#32 – Upside down manicure

Why keep doing the same old manicure when you can twist it up? Instead of painting the tip of your nails, try doing this on the base of your manicure. Use black nail paint to color your entire nail and use glitter nail paint to manicure the base of your nails for that oomph look.

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#33 – Summer Fruits

Why not bring the happy, summery vibes to your nails by painting delicious fruits on them? Try making watermelons, strawberries, kiwis, and more on your nails to give them a vibrant touch. You do not even have to visit a nail parlor to get these nails done.

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Best Nail Design Ideas 2020

These were some of the best nail design ideas for 2020. Why not try them out and make heads turn every day? Have fun nailing your nails!

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