Top Selling Products on Alibaba 2021

by Felicia Tan

AliBaba is one of the best online platforms that there is. It helps bring together sellers and buyers, and so, is a great way to find some amazing and unique products.

Today, I have brought to you the best selling products on AliBaba that you can get to stay on trend.

How to find best selling products on Alibaba 2021?

With 20 million products on the Chinese platform, how can you determine what and which sell well?

Take a look below…

Under each category, there is a category called top-ranked products. Click on and you can find some of the top orders and top views as seen in image screenshot below.

Question when come to sourcing for products: Do more orders translate into popular?

Well it may seemed so. These listings are legit and not based on paid ads on the portal itself.

Take a peek on how to search for top trending products on Alibaba.

Continue reading to find the best list for your inspiration.

#1 iPhone Case

Choosing a phone case can be a bit difficult for some people. With all the qualities that can help protect your iPhone from surface marks and lines, here is a silicon case for the best protection.

what kind of product on alibaba sell well

We are all clumsy beings, which means there are times when we accidentally drop our phones and as a result, damage the screen and body of the phone. To solve that issue and keep you away from the loss, this silicone case for iPhone is one of the finest products. It is made using the uppermost quality material with worthwhile reviews and best ratings.

Silicone cases are best because of their flexibility, light weight, and soft nature. They also give you a tight grip, hence fewer chances of the phone slipping from your hands.

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#2 Headphones

Listening to music can help boost your soul to concentrate and focus on your work deeply. It is like a food to your soul on your bad days. To get that excellent experience of music into your ears, headphones are a big YES!

does headphone sell well for a profit

If you want to escape the problems of the world and have a quality experience in your own space, then go for these headphones. The pair is one of the highly rated and popular ranges. With this standard quality product, you also get features like noise cancellation, Bluetooth, and hands-free calling.

You can enter your own zone once you plug it in and get lost in its awesomeness. Talking about the looks, the headphones just look stunning. They are comfortable to wear and durable, lasting you quite a long time. Let us also not miss out on the affordable price it can be purchased in.

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#3 Makeup Brushes

Love makeup? Like to experiment with different looks and trends that are going on in the fashion industry? If yes, then a set of makeup brushes is a must-have in your kit. Enjoy the professional experience with makeup brushes now!

makeup brushes supplier alibaba

This one is an amazing deal and is also popular for its quantity as well as quality. This is a set of 29 pieces with all the required brushes for quality and finished makeup look. The set contains brushes for all your needs, right from foundation, blush, and eyeshadow to eyebrow.

The brushes are made using synthetic hair, goat hair, and pony hair. It is one of the most selling ranges in makeup brushes and the reason for that is its cheap price. They are quite sturdy and easy to use and come with a wooden handle.

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#4 iPhone Tempered Glass

To keep the mobile’s screen safe and secure, tempered glass is an important accessory. This best selling one is made with thermal and chemical treatments, which makes it stand out of the box. I love this highly rated product. This iPhone tempered glass is sure to keep your screen protected.

good tempered glass supplier alibaba

This tempered glass for iPhone users is the best as it has bagged itself many positive reviews which makes it one of the most high-rated products. With this tempered glass, you can roam around freely without worrying about scratches and damages to the screen.

It is thick enough to protect your phone and also comes with heat-resisting properties. It is shock-free and gets stuck to the screen quite easily. One other benefit of this tempered glass is that the construction does not allow it to break easily and the glass will not crack and cause you injuries.

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#5 Necklace

Necklaces add a nice touch to the outfits and help to create a statement. There are different types of necklace varieties made with good quality material. These pieces look simple, yet elegant and give a pretty outlook.

necklace supplier alibaba

This broken heart necklace is the top most selling product because it fulfills all the requirements of an excellent piece. I love the appearance, simplicity, and affordability of this necklace. Accessories do not need to be hyped with stones and beads, they can be subtle, sober and pretty. This necklace is proof to that; it is also one of the products that have attracted a lot of customers.

The fact that it is inexpensive while being amazing in quality also garners a lot of attention. It is light-weighted and can prove to be a great gift for your loved ones. As the name suggests, it is an awesome gift for your best friends!

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#6 Nail Stickers

Nail paints and nail arts are famous as they help enhance your look. Nail stickers are the easy and quick version of nail paints. If you do not want to apply nail paints, you can simply stick one of these and get a quick manicure. These stickers are free of chemicals, making it safe for your nails.

nail sticker seller alibaba

With fine 3D designs, these nail stickers have become one of the best selling products. These are cheap and come in beautiful designs with high-quality polish. Quite handy in nature, the product has great positive feedback and has the highest rating of all. You get all the shapes and sizes, right from stickers for your toenails to fingernails.

You can use these nail stickers to add a charming effect to your beauty. They also have good stretchability and come with floral 3D designs as well. Also, the stickers can be removed without any hassle so you don’t have to worry about that.

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#7 Teeth Whitening Powder

Self-confidence, self-worth, and self-love are some very strong competencies for an amazingly strong personality. Smile is a key to success and also plays an essential role in personality development.

Smile wide with confidence with the best-selling teeth whitening powder.

teeth whitening powder alibaba

Do you also face embarrassment while smiling with yellowish teeth? Are you hesitant to smile freely? If you also feel the same, then you must try this product which works miraculously for your teeth! Charcoal has some great properties such as detoxifying ability.

It can also be used anywhere on your body. For yellowish teeth, it is a wonderful product as it fights bacteria, stains, germs, and discoloration. Eventually, when this powder is used regularly, you will get brighter teeth and fresher breath, which is definitely going to enhance your appearance. This product is one of the best-rated and has positive feedback from many!

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#8 Long Sleeve Top

Want a party look but not in a mood for a dress? Then go for something classy and sassy, like this shirt-styled top. It gives you confidence and changes the entire look in a beautiful way.

boutique clothing seller alibaba

With good reviews from the customers and excellent rating overall, this long sleeve top in polyester material is a great choice for party wear. If you are looking for something with long sleeves to keep you warm and cozy, and also to accentuate your other features, then this top is a perfect match.

With more than thousand sold pieces, this has become one of the most affordable ways to look alluring. Pair it with denim and boots to look more stylish in appearance.

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#9 Eyelashes

Eyelashes are the best part to create and enhance the look naturally. Long lashes make your eyes look bigger and add more dimensions to them. In the process of makeup, most people wear mascara to give a thick look.

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But mascara alone cannot give that voluminous look to your lashes, which is why, I recommend these false lashes. They add a nice volume and length to your lashes and make your eyes appear beautiful. eyelashes alibaba seller

These dense and thick eyelashes have caught a large amount of attention of the consumers in terms of the price and quality. These are best for a daily look. These are also great to be used by brides for longer and thicker lashes. With good maintenance, they last long. It is also extremely easy to clean these.

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#10 Lipstick

Lipsticks are fun. Aren’t they? With a number of varieties and an ample amount of shades, lipsticks have become one of the most basic makeups nowadays. In the case of pencil lipsticks or lip liners, the application is mess-free. Lip liners are the go-to option of many, always!

lipstick seller alibaba

This pencil lipstick, which is waterproof in nature, comes in a variety of colors. It is an excellent lipstick with an easy application. The end result is also quite smooth and pretty. Available in a total of twelve shades, you get an opportunity to choose the shade that you love.

The colors are quite pretty. These are the best lipstick pencils for daily wear and you can flaunt it your way. For a natural look, you can just go for a single coat, and for a more bold look, go for a double layer.

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Buying from Alibaba

These were some of the best selling products on AliBaba that you can get today. I hope you enjoyed these products and found some inspiration for your next purchase. Get these products today and enjoy a trendy life!

If you would like to order smaller MOQ, we would recommend you to try out Aliexpress. Grab a product, try it out to see if it fits what you can do a reseller in your country.


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