How to wear Maxi Dresses for Short Ladies

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Short girls are diamonds who radiate and shine in their true brilliance. There are so many benefits of being short that it gets to the point of being envious. However, there is one thing that really kills the buzz for short girls. Know what that problem is, my fellow gorgeous ladies? Sometimes, finding the trend that works perfectly for you can be quite a hassle. You really need to find a style that compliments your height and makes you look stunning and chic.

How to wear maxi dresses if your short and chubby

If you have been wearing certain types of dresses but think they do not look right on you, then it is quite possible that you have not chosen the right style for your height. But fret no more, gorgeous ladies, we have the answer to your woes. There are a few fashion tips and types of long dresses that would completely remove that pain of finding the dresses in the longing of wanting to look elongated.

Long Maxi Dresses for Short and Chubby Girls

We have found some great long dresses for you lovely short girls to help you look tall and elegant without having to do a great deal of work. Read on to find your perfect mates!

#1 – The Perfect Silhouette

For short girls, it is important to give the illusion of being tall. A long dress like this can surely help provide that illusion and help you in so many ways. The best thing about the dress is the fluid cloth material that it is made up of; such material helps make you look tall and elongated. The deep V-neck of the dress adds on to the illusion, making your neck look longer, which makes your overall figure look taller.

We also love the deep back of the dress; it adds a lot of chicness to the whole look and makes you look elegant. The slit on the side of the dress also makes the legs look longer. What more? The dress comes in various solid shades that you can choose from.

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#2 – The Patterned High-waisted Beauty

We know horizontal stripes are a big no-no when it comes to looking taller, but trust us when we say that this dress is not going to take away any inch from your height. The one feature that helps your height look elongated is the high-waisted look. The patterned skirt part starts way above your waist making your legs look longer, which automatically hints towards a taller figure.

The top part hugs the body tightly giving a slimming and elongated look. The full sleeves also help in creating this illusion. All in all, this is quite a pretty and elegant dress that will surely help you look taller.

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#3 – Leopard Print for the win

Who said leopard prints will not make this list? The fashion world (and us, of course) are going completely gaga over this print and so, we had to include this in our list. The best thing about this dress is, of course, the leopard print, however, that is not all. This one is our favorite for many reasons.

Firstly, this long dress accentuates and cinches the waist in the right spot; the skirt is quite flowy, which helps to hide away the belly fat and bulges. It also helps in giving the legs a longer look. The deep neck adds further dimensions to the dress and makes your neck appear longer. All the features of this long dress help you look taller and more elongated. It is our favorite and we are sure it will be yours too.

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#4 – Deep back floral print

Floral is feminine, floral is beauty, but this floral is so much more than just these two things. This deep neck soft dress with a beautiful floral pattern is definitely going to add a lot of elegance and chicness to your overall look.

It cinches the waist right below where the breast ends and the lovely skirt flows beautifully from there. This design makes sure that your bulges are well hidden and makes sure that your legs appear to be longer. Do not forget to wear high heels for an added effect.

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#5 – Elegant and calm

Yes, we have heard that short women should not wear dresses that touch their calves. But this dress is going to change all those notions and rules. It is a dress that falls gracefully in a soft and fluid manner. The cinched and accentuated waist helps make you look slimmer and taller.

The part of your legs that remain uncovered help give the illusion of longer legs. So, although it is believed that such dresses make you look shorter, we are sure this dress will prove out to be just the opposite. Do not forget to add heels to help you style this dress the right way.

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#6 – Off-shoulder with a high slit

We cannot ignore patterned dresses since it is found in abundance in the market. However, when choosing patterns, we have to be quite sure to choose the ones that help us look taller, instead of the other way around. If you choose dresses that have big sized patterns, it would make you look shorter and plumper. However, this dress is absolutely perfect. The patterns cover the entire dress and are tiny and fulfilling; this helps add that extra inch.

We love that this dress is an off-shoulder and the slit on the skirt is just the right length. When wearing this dress, do not forget to accessorize it with a belt right around the waist. You could wear this with gladiators or ankle boots with block heels.

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#7 – Shirtdress

This is the dress for people who love shirts as well as dresses and cannot decide between the two. This shirtdress is the perfect amount of chicness and elegance. Not only will this lovely dress help you rock the fashion world, but it will also help you look taller than you are.

Being a shirtdress, it gives you complete control over the neckline; you can choose to button up totally or give a little peek-a-boo for that tiny bit of spicy and sensual touch. We also love the slit right in the front of the skirt that only just gives a glimpse of your legs. The belt at the right place is just a cherry on the top. All of these things working together is surely going to heighten your experience.

Do not forget to add heels to this look.

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#8 – Floral beauty

You may think that we have done too many florals, but how can there ever be too much of pretty flowers! This dress is dazzling and stunning with an exquisite pattern of flowers. The skirt flows down beautifully and gives an impression of longer legs and a taller figure.

Go for white or black variants when choosing the colors as these basic colors help add more height to a figure. We are sure you are going to love wearing this when going out for a Sunday brunch with your girlfriends. Pair this up with strappy heels for the perfect look.

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#9 – Elegant in woolen

Why should short girls have fun only during the summer months when winters can be just as striking and adorable? We are completely digging this magnificent sweater dress that serves a dual purpose; it not only keeps you warm and cozy, it also adds some height to your short figure. Also, choose monochromatic colors of black and white since they are known to make your figure look elevated.

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This body-hugging sweater dress has a round neck and long sleeves. The figure-hugging dress flows down in one flow and creates some ruffles at the bottom of the skirt. This look really helps in accentuating your height and making you look taller and slimmer.

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#10 – Casual and chic

If there was one dress we had to choose for a special day, we would choose this one. Firstly, we love black (there are other colors available too if you are not into black) and secondly, this dress is gorgeous and looks impeccable and flawless. There is just the right amount of casualness and chicness mixed together in this dress to create that seamless look.

This dress accentuates the waist beautifully and the skirt flows down right from there. This feature of the dress really makes you look taller.

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What to wear if you are short and chubby?

There may be a million problem, but choosing the right dress isn’t one of them anymore!

Short girls often think they have a lot of problems when it comes to finding the perfect fashion style and trends that would drape them in the most flattering way. For you, we brought this extensive list to help you in your quest.

These were some of the best long dresses for short women who think they cannot wear dresses without looking shorter than they are. These dresses will compliment your height and make you look elongated and chic, without taking away any height.

We know every shape, size, and height is perfect in itself, but it is a truth universally acknowledged that we humans are known to desire things we do not have. Therefore, there is no shame or harm in wanting to look taller than we are.

We hope these different dresses (that are so splendidly gorgeous) will help you achieve that dream of yours in the chicest way possible.

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